English Grammar

The Basics of English Language



Interjections are short words which show strong feeling or emotions.


e.g. oh, ah, wow, hurrah, alas, ouch, Oops, aha, hey, etc


Interjections are short exclamations which express strong or sudden feeling of

  • • Joy
  • • Sorrow
  • • Wonder


Exclamation sign is used after interjections.



      Hurrah! We won the competition.
      Ouch ! It hurts.
      Wow! What a nice shirt.
      Hey ! what are you doing?
      Alas! My parents are dead.
      Oh! I forgot to bring my purse.


Besides these specific interjections, a normal word can also be used as interjection if it is used to express feeling or emotion.

     No! Don’t touch it, its hot.
     What! I am selected for the job?
     Help! I am about to fall.
     Well ! I will try my level best.



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