FPSC Preventive Officer Past Papers



  1. He cast a glance at me.
  2. He has been proved innocent _____ charge. (of)
  3. insensible to
  4. temperate in
  5. To die of hunger is alright, but to live by begging is a shame.
  6. No one took care of him after his wife had died. (corrected sentence)
  7. He talked to me about a writer whom he said he had met in London. (Corr. Sent)
  8. All that glitters is not gold. (corr.sent)
  9. If you don’t stop playing those video games, you’ll miss the bus.
  10. He is the most intelligent of the three. (Corr. Sent)
  11. She & I met 10 years ago.
  12. My parents approved of me playing guitar.
  13. He took leave of his father.
  14. This elephant belongs to my sister and I.
  15. The person who made these cakes have my vote.
  16. If you steal that artichoke from John’s garden you’ll be sorry.
  17. He arranged the flowers and put them on the table.
  18. Reo and Daniel put their bags in their armpit.
  19. He took offence at these words. (Corr. Sent)

Pak Affairs & Current Affairs


  1. Author of Loyal Muhammadans of India. (Sir Syed Ahmed Khan)
  2. ILO stands for ? International Labour Organization
  3. who dissolved assemblies and const in 1958 ayub khan
  4. 2nd Comm. In chief of pak army. (Douglas Gracey).
  5. 2nd PM of pak. (Kh. Nazimud-din)
  6. Name of F.M in Interim Govt. of 1946 ( Mumtaz Doltana)
  7. Who dissolved first constituent assembly. (Gh. Muhammad)
  8. Who became NWFP premier in 1955. (Dr. Khan)
  9. Pak National animal. (Markhor)
  10. Indus Basin treaty. (1960)
  11. Iraqi PM. (Haider al-Abadi)
  12. Kasghar in (China)
  13. Pak-china boundary line. (Redcliffe line)
  14. Australia’s capital. (Canberra)
  15. Burma’s new name. (Myanmar)
  16. Germany Chancellor. (Angela Merkel)
  17. Pak-China connection pass. (Khunjerab Pass)
  18. 1956 constitution. (23rd March)
  19. Who imposed 1977, 3rd Martial Law (Gen. Ziaul Haq)
  20. Saudi King (Shah Salman)
  21. Govt of India Act 1919 (Mont-Chelmsford)
  22. Sindh was separated from Bombay (1935 act)
  23. Strait of Hormuz connects. (Persian gulf & Arabian sea)
  24. Jeddah is a seaport on. (Red Sea)
  25. Muslim League was founded in. (1906)
  26. 1st President of Muslim League. (Nawab Saleem, none)
  27. Simon Commission Report. (1930)
  28. Capital of India separated from Calcutta to Delhi. (1911)
  29. Who dissolved one unit and restored four provinces. ((yahya)
  30. Which one is landlocked country. (Nepal)
  31. Number of SAARC Countries. (Seven)
  32. Current Chairman Senate. (Raza Rabbani)

General Science


  1. Moon is a (Planet, Asteroid, Star, none)
  2. Dry ice solid carbon dioxide.
  3. HARDEST METAL IS carbon
  4. Vit-D deficiency. (Rickets)
  5. Current is the flow of (electrons, protons, neutrons, none)
  6. Non-renewable source of energy. (Natural gas, wind, solar,none)
  7. Blood is cleaned by. (Liver)
  8. Animals eating and praying on other animals. (Predators)
  9. For killing rats and mices. (Rodenticides)
  10. Evolution is a ______ process. (continuous)
  11. Gas in electric bulb. (nitrogen gas)
  12. Between melting and boiling point, a substance is. (solid)
  13. At room temperature which is liquid. (Mercury)
  14. Freezing point of water. (0 c)
  15. Einstein’s equation. (E=mc2)
  16. Thickest layer of earth. (mantle)
  17. Diamond is allotropic form of. (carbon)
  18. Charge on neutron. (neutral)
  19. Which one is most elastic. (glass, rubber, steel, none)
  20. Soap is a (base)



  1. Who accompanied the Prophet during migration to Madinah. (Abu Bakr)
  2. zam zam means “to stop”
  3. Ghazwa e Khandaq fought in (5th hijri)
  4. During Hajj, peebles collection in (Mazdilfah)
  5. Zakat, fasting made compulsory in (2nd Hijri)
  6. Hazrat Ali was martyred by. (ibn e maljam)
  7. Jannat ul Baqeeh is in (Madinah)
  8. Mother of Prophet. (Aaminah bin Wahab)
  9. Surah Al-Baqarah. Baqarah means (cow)
  10. Quran revelation period. (23 years)
  11. Books of Ahadith during 200-300 AH. (six)



  1. Length of square = 4cm, area=16cm
  2. in a test 45% failed. 550 passed. total no?=1000
  3. Length=200 cm. increase=25 %, new length=?? 250
  4. 1,2,4,7,11,16,22 (then 29)
  5. 6 angles. (hexagon)
  6. A quadrilateral having 4 equal sides and 4 right angles. (square)
  7. A quadrilateral having 4 equal sides and pairs of opposite sides parallel.(rhombus)
  8. A triangle whose 2 sides and 2 angles are equal. (Isoceles triangle)
  9. 16 workers can do a job in 10 days. 8 workers will complete the same in . (20 days)
  10. 3% of a number which is 60. The number is.
  11. Income= 500, increase= 20%, new income=
  12. Loss when. C.p= 40rs. S.p= 34
  13. Loss when c.p=45rs, s.p =40
  14. A number greater than 1 and not prime number. (composite number)

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