General Knowledge Important Mountain Passes of The World

Chogo Lugma is in?

Answer= Karakoram range.

Hispar glacier is in?


Malaspina glacier is in?

Answer= Alaska (US),

Tasman glacier is in?

Answer= New Zealand.

The highest mountain pass in the world is?

Answer= Alpine

Siachen, batoro and chogo lugma glaciers are in?

Answer= Karakorum.

April 1984, India conducted an Operation known as?

Answer= ‘Operation Meghdoot‘ to capture Siachen.

The World Biggest Glacier is?

Answer= Siachen Glacier

Highest point of Asia is?

Answer= Mount Everest (Nepal-Tibet).

Mount Aconcagua, highest peak in?

Answer= the western hemisphere,

Bodpo La pass is highest pass in Tibet (China) with height?

Answer= 19,412.

Vesuvius is a volcano in?


Swat valley is in the mountain range of?


Saddle peak is highest peak situated in?

Answer= Anandaman & Nicobar islands

Karoko tao is a volcano situated in?

Answer= Indonesia.

Approximately the south west monsoon begins in Pakistan in?

Answer= late July.

Namni Pass is in

Answer= Myanmar.

Khunjerab Pass is highest pas situated in?

Answer= Pakistan.

Alpine Pass is situated in?

Answer= USA.

Lowari Pass is situated in?

Answer= Pakistan.

Khojak tunnel is situated in?

Answer= Balouchistan.

Bolan (Sulaiman range) pass is situated in?

Answer= Baluchistan.


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