General Knowledge Mcqs Practice Test 2013

  1. Who drafted constitution of AIML?
  2. Quaid e Azam served as president of AIML for how many years?
  3. Which Act allowed Indians to join Civil Service?
  4. Which women participated in all 3 Round Table Conferences?
  5. Significance of 1st Round Table Conference?
  6. Holy Prophet participated in how many Ghazwas?
  7. 1st Ghazwa of Islam?
  8. 1st Punjabi Poet?
  9. Monometer is used to measure?
  10. Contraband means?
  11. Which daily use itom is used as antiseptic?
  12. Increasing stock exchange index refers to?
  13. Baglihar dam is constructed on which river?
  14. khyber pass connects?
  15. PM of Pakistan at the time of 1956 constitution?
  16. Significance of Liaqat-Nehru pact 1950?
  17. The name of Prophet used 1st in Quran?
  18. Orders of covering body parts of females in which Surah?
  19. Who died last From Ashra e Mubashra?
  20. Reuters is news agency of?
  21. Which organization Pakistan joined in 1950?
  22. Who headed the committe which prepared Objectives Resolution?
  23. Founder of Dar ul Uloom Deoband?
  24. Who was called as cowboy of congress by Quaid e Azam?
  25. Duration of National Anthem of Pakistan?
  26. Trible agencies of Pakistan?
  27. Largest agency by population?
  28. Where is siachen glacier?
  29. Length of Karakrm High Way?
  30. Subway means?
  31. First revealed Surah?
  32. Qarn al Manazil refers to?
  33. When Quaid e Azam parted as Muslim India and Hindu India?
  34. How many Kgs in one metric tonne?
  35. Total Masaraf e zakat according to Quran?
  36. Parliament of Russia?
  37. Revolution started in middle east is called?
  38. Arab spring started from?
  39. Total alphabets in Urdu?

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