Islamic General Knowledge , Information About Quran

1)How much surah are there in Quran Pak(114).

2) Tell the number of Makki Surah in Quran(86).

3) Tell the number of Madni Surah in Quran(28).

4) Tell the name of Longest Surah of Quran(Surah Al-Baqrah).

5) Surah Al-Baqra consist of …… Ayats(286).

6) Tell the name of Smallest Surah of Quran(Surah Al-Kausar)

7) Surah Al-Kausar Consist of ……..Ayats(3)

8) Tell the name of 7 Longest Surah of Quran.

(Al-Baqra, Aal-Imran, Al-Nisa, Al-Maida, Al-Inaam, Al-Aaraf, Al-Anfal)

9) What is meant by Mufassil?(It is the name of collection of smallest Surah of Quran)

10) Tell the name of the Surah Which is the beaty of Quran(Surah Rehman)

11) Tell the name of the surah which is the heart of Quran(Surah Yaseen)

12) How many Huroof-e-Muqatiat are there in Quran?(14)

13) How many times huroof-e-muqatiat have been used in Quran?(29 times)

14) The Verses(Ayats) of Quran can be divided into two groups(Muhakimat, Mutashabihat)

15) What is the Present Arrangement of Surah in Quran(Tauqeefi, Which Means by the order of Allah Almighty)

16) Who was appointed to sum up the Holy Quran to make a whole book(Hazrat Zaid bin Sabit Ansari)

17) Who made the copies of Quran and Distriputed them to other countries?(Hazrat Usman)

18) Tell the name of countries to whom copies of Quran was sent(Makkah,Yamen,Behrin,Koofa,Basra, Shaam)

19) In how many stages(Manzalen) Quran has been Divided?(7)

20) How many “Rakoo” are there in Quran?(540)

21) How many “Sajday” are there in Quran?(14)

22) How many non Arabic words has been used in Quran?(More than 100)

23) How many “Ayat-e-waada” has been revealed in Quran?(1000)

24) How many “Ayat-e-waeed” has been revealed in Quran?(1000)

25) How many “Ayat-e-Nahi” has been revealed in Quran?(1000)

26) How many “Ayat-e-Amar” has been revealed in Quran?(1000)

27) How many “Ayat-e-Amsaal” has been revealed in Quran?(1000)

28) How many “Ayat-e-Qasas” has been revealed in Quran?(1000)

29) How many “Ayat about Halal” has been revealed in Quran?(250)

30) How many “Ayat about Haram” has been revealed in Quran?(250)

31) How many “Ayat about Tasbih” has been revealed in Quran?(100)

32) How many “Ayat-e-Mansookh” has been revealed in Quran?(66)

33) How many “Ayat-e-Ahkam” has been revealed in Quran?(150)

34) How much total Ayat regarding Ahkam are there in Quran?(500)

35) In Which Surah, Waqia Meraj has been revealed?(Surah-e-Bani Israil)

36) In which Surah the cave of Thor(Ghar-e-Sor) has been discussed?(Surah-e-Tauba)

37) In Which Surah the incident of migration(Hijrat ka waqia) has been revealed?(Surah Al-Anfaal)

38) In which surah, Battle of Badr has been revealed?(Surah Anfaal and All-Imran)

39) In which surah,”Battle of Ohd” has been revealed?(All-Imran)

40) In which Surah, “Battle of Khandak” has been revelead?(Surah Al-Ahzab)

41) In Which Surah, “Sulah Hudaibia” has been discussed?(Surah Al-Fatteh)

42) In which Surah, “Fatteh Makka” has been discussed?( Surah Al-Fatteh, Surah Al Nasr )

43) In which Surah, “Ghazwa Hunain” has been discussed?(Surah Tauba)

44) In which Surah, “Ghazwa-e-Tabbook” has been discussed?(Surah Tauba)

45) Tell the name of “angles” whose names has been revealed in Quran.

(Jibrail,Mekail,Haroot,Maroot,Raad,Maalik and Malak-ul-mout)

46) Tell the name of Sahabi, Whose name has been revealed in Quran?(Hazrat Zaid bin Harsa)

47) How many Prophet’s names has been discussed in Quran?(25)

48) When and where was first Published Quran?(1113 Hijri, at the place of Hamburg)

49) How many times word “Allah” has been revealed in Quran?(2584)

50) How many Surah has been started with word “Subhan”?(7)

51) Tell the name of birds and insects whose names has been revealed in Quran?

(Machar,Makhi,Shehd ke makhi,Cheonti,makri,tidi,hud hud,Kawa,Ababeel,salwa name hashraat wagaira).


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