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  1. 48 total numbers of Rakats are in Farz prayer.
  2. Namaz-e-Khasoof is offered for Moon Eclipse.
  3. Namaz-e-Kasoof is offered for Solar Eclipse.
  4. Namaz-e-Istasqa is offered for Rain.
  5. Holy Prophet offered Jumma Prayer in 1. A.H.
  6. Namaz-e-Istasqa is offered with backside of hands upward.
  7. Holy prophet offered first Eid Prayer in 2. A.H.
  8. Eid Namaz is Wajib.
  9. Madurak is the person who starts prayer with Immam.
  10. Musbaq is the person who comes after one rakat.
  11. Fajar and Isha were essential in the early period of Islam.
  12. Tahajud mean abandon sleep.
  13. Qaada is to sit straight in Salat.
  14. Jasla is short pause between two sajdas.
  15. Qaumaa is standing straight during Rukus.
  16. A person who performs prayer alone is Munfarid.
  17. Farz in wuzu=4, Sunats=14.
  18. Farz in Ghusual=3, Sunats=5
  19. Types of Sunnah prayer are of two types.
  20. In Fajr, Maghrib & witr no chage in farz rakaat in case of Qasr.
  21. Takbeer-e-Tashreeq is recited in Eid-ul-Uzha.
  22. Jumma prayer is Farz salat.
  23. Conditions of Salat are Seven.
  24. takbeer-e-Tehreema are to be said in the salat: one.
  25. Jasla is wajib.
  26. To sit straight in Salat is called Qa’ada.
  27. Qa’ada is farz.
  28. Two persons are required for a Jamat prayer.
  29. Salat Juma became Farz in Madina.
  30. Five salat made compulsory in 10th Hijri .

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