PPSC Agriculture Officer old papers

PPSC Agriculture Old Paper

  1. Battle of plasssey fought in? 1757
  2. Quaid-e- Azam resigned from Congress in? 1920
  3. Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in? 1913
  4. Why Quaid-e-Azam asked for direct action day? He wanted ‘either a divided India or a destroyed India’.
  5. Founding Objective of Muslim League was?
  6. Arya Samaaj was founded in? April 10, 1875, Girgaon, Mumbai
  7. Pakistan became UNO member in? 30 Sep 1947
  1. Who is foreign Minister of Pakistan? Hina Rabbani Khar
  2. Shortest period of Governor General in Pakistan was of? Maj-Gen (R) Iskandar Mirza
  3. Name of Governor General after Nazim-ud-Din? Ghulam Muhammad
  4. Boundary line b/w Pakistan and Afghanistan called? Durand Line
  5. Which country is in East of Pakistan? India
  6. Founder of Muhammadan educational conference in 1881? Syed Ahmed Khan
  7. Who was viceroy at time of partition of Bengal? Lord Curzon
  8. First Constitution of Pakistan was made in? 23 March 1956
  9. Highest civil award of Pakistan? Nishan-e-Pakistan
  10. Anjuman-i-Hamayat-i-islam was established in ? 1884
  11. Liquat Nehru Pact? 8th April 1950
  12. Mohenjodaro located in? Sindh
  13. Yellowing of leaves : Chlorosis
  14. fourteen Points was presented by Jinnah? 9th March 1929
  15. Who was chairman of the Indo-Pakistan Boundary Commission? Sir Cyril Radcliffe
  16. National Flower of Pakistan? Jasmine
  17. National Animal of Pakistan? Markhor
  18. Gorbachev was the president of which country? USSR
  19. UNO formed in? 24 October 1945
  20. Longest river of world? Nile
  21. Largest Desert of world? Sahara
  22. Largest island of world? Greenland
  23. Largest ocean of world? Pacific Ocean
  24. Capital of Argentina? Buneos Airus
  25. Capital of Australia? Canberra
  26. Nairobi is Capital of ? Kenya
  27. Currency of Indonesia? Sen
  28. Riyal is currency of? Saudi Arabia
  29. CPU is abbreviation of? Central Processing Unit
  30. UK stands for? United Kingdom
  31. NATO stands for? North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  32. ATM stands for? Automated Teller Machine
  33. Who wrote “Hayat Javeed”? Biography of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan by Altaf Hussain Hal
  34. Who wrote “Hamlet”? Shakes pear
  35. Who wrote “Paradise Lost”? John Milton
  36. Who is writer of “Old man and the Sea”? Earnest Hemingway
  37. Shakespeare was a Writer of which Century? 16th Century
  38. Who led Pakistani Cricket Team in World Cup 2011? Shahid Afridi
  39. Old name of Myanmar? Burma
  40. Spain literally mean? Land Of Rabbits
  41. (a) (b) lion (c) lord (d) land of rabbits
  42. Lionel Messy is a famous player of? (Football)
  43. Pakistan lies of the tropic zone of? North
  44. When Barack H. Obama was awarded with Noble Prize for peace? 2009
  45. Cusec is unit for ? water level
  46. Light Year is unit of? Distance
  47. Who presented Law of Falling Bodies? Einstein
  48. One Horse Power is equal to ___ watts? 746
  49. Cathay Pacific is an airline of? Honkong
  50. Which city lies in two continents? Istanbul
  51. which city is called city of canals? Venice
  52. Only country within country? Vatican city
  53. Boxing day is observed on in Australia? 26th Dec
  54. How many Bons are in a human body? 206



  1. Entice Repel
  2. Mettle
  3. Microcosm Macrocosm
  4. Absurd
  5. Modicum small amount


  1. imperious
  2. Luxuriant
  3. Memorable worth remembering
  4. Impose enforce


  1. Conscious of
  2. Comply with
  3. Conferred with
  4. Deaf to
  5. Daily exercise is beneficial _for________ health.

(Correct the spellings)

  1. (a) Schedule (b)
  2. schizophrenia
  3. We __were_____ waiting for two hours. (a) have been (b) was (c) had (d)
  4. We ___visited_______ them yesterday. (a) will meat
  5. See that __he will______ come in meeting.
  6. In beliver of mother, who is called “Umm-ul-Miskeen”? Hazrat Zainab
  7. In believer of mother, who is called “Tahirah”?…….Hazrat Khadija (R.A)
  8. Who was called Sword of Allah? Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed
  9. Who built the kaaba for the first time? Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S)
  10. How old was Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) when his mother died? (6 Years)
  11. What is the name of the first mosque of Islam? (Masjid-e-Quba)
  12. Which is the first Surah of Quran? (Surah Fatiha)
  13. Total number of Chapters and verses in Quran? (30 chapters 6666)
  14. How many Makki Surahs are there in Qur’an? (86)
  15. How many sons Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S) had other than Hazrat yousaf (A.S)?11
  16. Which important event mentioned in the quran occured one year before hijrah in makkah? (Miraj)
  17. How many prophets are mention in Holy Quran? (25)
  18. Name of the sixth kalimah? (Raddi Kufar)
  19. Who was the commander of the infidels in Battle of Uhd? (Abu Sufyan)
  20. The famous book of Fiqh ” Kitab-ul-Kharaj” was written by? Abu Yusuf
  21. When the truce of Hudaibiya took place? Dhu al-Qi’dah, 6 AH ( March 628)
  22. How many Asma-Al-Husna in last two verse of sura ” Al-Hashe”? (10)
  23. Ayat of Quran confirm the Islam Religion is a complete religion? (Surah Nahal)
  24. Important event occur in 2 hjiri in Ramadan? Ghazwa Badar
  25. Insects which are active during night are called Nocturnal

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