Past Papers

Assistant (BS-16) Livestock & Dairy Department past paper 2020

Past Paper 2020 PPSC Assistant (BS-16) Livestock & Dairy Department

  1. Which among the following is the largest ocean of the World ?

  2. A) Atlantic Ocean

    B) Pacific Ocean

    C) Indian Ocean

    D) None of these

  3. Who is believed to the builder of Badshahi Mosque ?

  4. A) Shah Jehan

    B) Aurangzaib

    C) Dara Shikoh

    D) None of these

  5. Terbela Dam is on which river ?

  6. A) Indus

    B) Ravi

    C) Chenab

    D) Jhelum

  7. Which among the following country is divided into two continents ?

  8. A) Poland

    B) Turkey

    C) Iran

    D) USA

  9. Total bones in human body are ?

  10. A) 206

    B) 220

    C) 307

    D) None of these

  11. Gobi Desert is located in which country ?

  12. A) China

    B) Mongolia

    C) Uzbekistan

    D) Both A & B

  13. Tiger wood is player of sport ?

  14. A) Golf

    B) Cricket

    C) Tennis

    D) None of these

  15. Who was the first to invent Airplane ?

  16. A) Aero Brothers

    B) Wright Brothers

    C) William Brothers

    D) None of these

  17. How many Nishan-i-Haider have been awarded to air force ?

  18. A) 1

    B) 2

    C) 3

    D) 4

  19. In which year Muhammad Bin Qasim invaded Sindh ?

  20. A) 712

    B) 714

    C) 716

    D) 718

  21. Prostration is obligatory in the Holy Quran, for how many times ?

  22. A) 13

    B) 14

    C) 18

    D) 20

  23. Where is Waterloo situated ?

  24. A) Italy

    B) France

    C) Spain

    D) Belgium

  25. LCM stands for ?

  26. A) Least count multiple

    B) Less common multiple

    C) Least common multiple

    D) None of these

  27. WHO(World Health Organization) headquarter is located in ?

  28. A) Geneva

    B) London

    C) Bern

    D) None of these

  29. Who was the successor of Zaheer-ud-Din Babar ?

  30. A) Hamayun

    B) Jehangir

    C) Shah Jehan

    D) None of these

  31. Qutb-ud-Din Aibek died in 1210 while playing ?

  32. A) Hockey

    B) Polo

    C) Kabadi

    D) None of these

  33. What is the designation of António Guterres in UN ?

  34. A) Secretary General of UN

    B) Head of UN

    C) President of UN

    D) None of these

  35. Former Secretary General Kofi Anan of United Nations belonged to which country ?

  36. A) Uganda

    B) China

    C) Egypt

    D) None of these

  37. The birds who feed marine food remove salt one of glands ?

  38. A) Rectal salt gland

    B) Endocrine glands

    C) Pituitary glands

    D) None of these

  39. How many years the Grand Father of Holy Prophet assumed the responsibility of the Holy Prophet ?

  40. A) 6 years

    B) 8 years

    C) 2 years

    D) None of these

  41. Which of the gland produces bile ?

  42. A) Liver

    B) Pancreases

    C) Kidney

    D) None of these

  43. What was the name of Mother of Allama lqbal ?

  44. A) Abdi Bano

    B) Bano Begum

    C) Imam Bibi

    D) None of these

  45. Regional Cooperation for Development was renamed in 1985 ?

  46. A) Economic Development Organization

    B) Economic Cooperation Organization

    C) Economic Cooperative Organization

    D) None of these

  47. Who was to develop the design of the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam ?

  48. A) Yahya Bakhtiyar

    B) Yahya Marchant

    C) Irfan ullah khan Marwat

    D) None of these

  49. Which among the following is not member of UNO ?

  50. A) Palestine

    B) Vatican City

    C) Kenya

    D) Both A & B

  51. Where does the United Nation Commission on Human Rights meet and for how long ?

  52. A) Bern for 3 weeks

    B) In German for six weeks

    C) In London for 4 weeks

    D) None of these

  53. Old name of Squash is ?

  54. A) Rackets

    B) Binfel

    C) Steel Hit

    D) None of these

  55. Which river flows under west minister Abbey Bridge.

    B) Tiber

    A) Volga

    C) Thames

    D) None of these

  56. Which among the following is called Pink city ?

  57. A) Hyderabad

    B) Multan

    C) Jaipur

    D) Ali Garh

  58. Which Viceroy is known as penultimate, viceroy of the sub-continent ?

  59. A) Linlithgow

    B) Wavell

    C) Mountbatten

    D) None of these

  60. How many days Hazrat Younis A.S remained in the abdomen of fish ?

  61. A) 30 days

    B) 40 days

    C) 60 days

    D) None of these

  62. How many are great lakes in the world ?

  63. A) 4

    B) 5

    C) 10

    D) 15

  64. Which crop is known as Kharif crop

    A) Wheat

    B) Cotton

    C) Maize

    D) Gram

  65. Among US presidents Donald Trump stands

    A) 42

    B) 43

    C) 44

    D) 45

  66. Which is the longest river of the world ?

  67. A) Amazon

    B) Neil

    C) Yangtze

    D) None of these

  68. Which among the following is correct combination of all three economic growth indicators ?

  69. A) Consumption, Investment, Serving

    B) Capital, Industry, Agriculture

    C) Investment,Saving, Capital

    D) None of these

  70. You cannot have your ….. and eat it ?

  71. A) Apple

    B) Cake

    C) Bun

    D) Biscuit

  72. Abdul Said, it is four O’clock now. Mark the correct indirect ?

  73. A) Abdul told that it has been four O’clock then

    B) Abdul told that it was four O’clock then

    C) Abdul told that it had been four O’clock then

    D) None of these

  74. Kiramin Katbeen means ?

  75. A) Two writers

    B) Wise writer

    C) Illustrious Writer

    D) None of these

  76. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Abu Bakar took refuge during Hijrat in the cave ?

  77. A) Hira

    B) Soar

    C) Kahf

    D) None of these

  78. Santiago is capital of ?

  79. A) Cuba

    B) Argentine

    C) Chile

    D) None of these

  80. Cripps Mission reached in the sub-continent in ?

  81. A) 1942

    B) 1943

    C) 1944

    D) 1945

  82. During Hajj Arfat gathering occurred in ?

  83. A) 8 Zil Hajj

    B) 9 Zil Hajj

    C) 10 Zil Hajj

    D) None of these

  84. Quit India movement started in ?

  85. A) 1941

    B) 1942

    C) 1943

    D) 1944

  86. Muhammad Khan Junejo PM of Pakistan left his office ?

  87. A) 20 May 1988

    B) 29 May 1988

    C) 10 June 1988

    D) None of these

  88. Mid ship man rank of Navy is equal to which rank of army ?

  89. A) Capitan

    B) 2nd Lieutenant

    C) Colonel

    D) None of these

  90. Which Central Asian Country has largest reserves of oil ?

  91. A) Kyrgyzstan

    B) Kazakhstan

    C) Uzbekistan

    D) None of these

  92. The process of applying zinc coating to iron is called ?

  93. A) Smelting

    B) Galvanizing

    C) Sweltering

    D) None of these

  94. Which part of computer used for transfer of data ?

  95. A) Physical part

    B) Software parts

    C) Both A & B

    D) None of these

  96. Official language of Jammu and Kashmir is ?

  97. A) Kashmiri

    B) Urdu

    C) Urdu and Hindi

    D) None of these

  98. How many parties are in All Parties Hurriyat conference ?

  99. A) 21

    B) 22

    C) 26

    D) None of these

  100. Pakistan remained a Britain domino until ?

  101. A) 1950

    B) 1956

    C) 1954

    D) 1965

  102. Which is the largest liberty of Pakistan ?

  103. A) National Library Islamabad

    B) Punjab Public Library

    C) Quaid-e-Azam

    D) None of these

  104. He lived ….. Model Town ….. Lahore ?

  105. A) at at

    B) in at

    C) of at

    D) None of these

  106. Fame of Shamim Ara rests in ?

  107. A) Being Actress

    B) Social Worker

    C) Politician

    D) None of these

  108. Tulbul Navigation water project was built on ?

  109. A) Wullar Lake

    B) Dal Lake

    C) Verinage lake

    D) None of these

  110. Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed accepted Islam on ?

  111. A) 6 Hijri

    B) 7 Hijri

    C) 8 Hijri

    D) None of these

  112. How many total General Elections were held in Pakistan ?

  113. A) 10

    B) 11

    C) 15

    D) None of these

  114. All Pakistan music conference as organized on ?

  115. A) 15 Sept 1959

    B) 14 Oct. 1959

    C) 11 March 1959

    D) None of these

  116. If Ali get 25% profit by selling an article in 250 rupees what is the original price of the article ?

  117. A) 200

    B) 230

    C) 240

    D) None of these

  118. Ahmed got 25 rupees profit on every article of Rs 250 then how much percentage of profit ?

  119. A) 10%

    B) 20%

    C) 11.11%

    D) None of these

  120. Akram sold a plot at Rs 60,000 and the cost of the plot is Rs 57,000 then the profit he earns is ?

  121. A) 3.23%

    B) 5.23%

    C) 10.32%

    D) 6.32%

  122. If A’s income is 40% less than B’s income, then how much percent is B’s income more than A’s income ?

  123. A) 66.66%

    B) 68.66%

    C) 69.66%

    D) None of these

  124. If number of legs of goats in a grassy field are 3004008 then total number of goats are ?

  125. A) 651002

    B) 751002

    C) 851002

    D) None of these

  126. A horse runs around a ground twice covers a distance of 8 km, one side of square ground is ?

  127. A) 8 km

    B) 4 km

    C) 2 km

    D) 1 km

  128. A train is 130 m long it travels at a speed of 45 km/hr. It crosses a bridge in 30 seconds The Length of Bridge is ?

  129. A) 245 m

    B) 230 m

    C) 140 m

    D) None of these

  130. Take a leaf out of someone’s book (کسی کی تقلید کرنا – کسی کو نمونہ بنانا) means ?

  131. A) To snatch something

    B) Imitate or emulate someone in particular way

    C) To cheat

    D) None of these

  132. TAPI stands for ?

  133. A) Tajikistan Afghanistan Pakistan India

    B) Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India

    C) Both A & B

    D) None of these

  134. The latest declaration of Commonwealth is about ?

  135. A) Connectivity agenda of Trade and development

    B) Human trafficking

    C) Narcotic trafficking

    D) None of these

  136. Who is knocking ….. the door ?

  137. A) at

    B) of

    C) by

    D) in

  138. Find the sum of two consecutive even numbers, their difference of whose square is 84 ?

  139. A) 42

    B) 44

    C) 46

    D) None of these

  140. Which type of lens is found in human eye ?

  141. A) Bi-Convex

    B) Concave

    C) Cylindrical

    D) None of these

  142. MAO College was founded by ?

  143. A) Hakeem Ajmal

    B) Syed Ahmed Shaheed

    C) Sir Agha Khan

    D) Syed Ahmed Khan

  144. Complete the series 15, 13, 11, 14, 17, ?

  145. A) 13

    B) 14

    C) 19

    D) None of these

  146. Justice Muhammad Arif and Justice Ali Nawaz Chohan served as Chief Justice in African Country ?

  147. A) Uganda

    B) Gambia

    C) Tanzania

    D) None of these

  148. Which is used for web page and web address ?

  149. A) Search engine

    B) Software

    C) Both A & B

    D) None of these

  150. Which department got functional during Hazrat Bin Omer Bin Abdul Aziz period ?

  151. A) Divan Kharaj

    B) Bait-ul-Mal

    C) Manal Barid

    D) None of these

  152. Synonyms of Blasphemy is ?

  153. A) Irrespective

    B) Irreverence

    C) Unholy

    D) None of these

  154. This work is beyond his ….. ?

  155. A) Capacity

    B) Strength

    C) Worth

    D) None of these

  156. To give up smoking means ?

  157. A) Stop smoking

    B) Arrange smoking

    C) Both A & B

    D) None of these

  158. Asaar-e-Sanadeed was book upon ?

  159. A) Architecture

    B) Books

    C) Personalities

    D) None of these

  160. Harriet Tubman who worked against slavery was from ?

  161. A) UK

    B) USA

    C) Australia

    D) Canada

  162. Living History is a book by ?

  163. A) Bill Clinton

    B) Hillary Clinton

    C) Both A and B

    D) None of these

  164. Thoughts on Pakistan written by ?

  165. A) B.R. Ambedkar

    B) Jyotirao Phule

    C) Savita Ambedkar

    D) None of these

  166. Surah Al Kausar is the shortest Surah of The Holy Quran. The number of its verses is ?

  167. A) Three

    B) Four

    C) Five

    D) Less than three

  168. There is no compulsion in religion is in Surah ?

  169. A) Maida

    B) Noor

    C) Hud

    D) None of these

  170. Which of the following countries is the most winner of FIFA World Cups ?

  171. A) Germany

    B) Brazil

    C) Portugal

    D) None of these

  172. 2020 Summer Olympics are going to be held in ?

  173. A) Pyongyang

    B) Canton

    C) Tokyo

    D) Doha

  174. Male is the capital city of ?

  175. A) Mali

    B) Maldives

    C) Uganda

    D) None of these

  176. Pakistan won the first and only ICC T20 Cricket World Cup under captaincy of ?

  177. A) Younis Khan

    B) lmran Khan

    C) Shahid Afridi

    D) Rameez Raja

  178. غالب کہاں پیدا ہوئے؟

  179. A) دہلی

    B) آ گرہ

    C) احمد آباد

    D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

  180. رباعی کے کس مصرے کو حاصل رباعی کہتے ہیں؟

  181. A) تیسرے مصرے کو

    B) دوسرے مصرعے کو

    C) پہلے مصرعے کو

    D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

  182. اضطرار کا متضاد کیا ہے؟

  183. A) اصرار

    B) اقرار

    C) قرار

    D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

  184. خاک اور خون کس کا ناول ہے؟

  185. A) نسیم حجازی

    B) بانو قدسیہ

    C) حاجرہ مسرور

    D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

  186. ?مضمون مرید پور کا پیر کے مصنف کا کیا نام ہے

  187. A) رشید احمد صدیقی

    B) پطرس بخاری

    C) امتیاز علی تاج

    D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

  188. بیڑا اٹھانا محاورہ ہے۔اس کا مطلب کیا ہے؟

  189. A) شور مچانا

    B) مشکل کام کے انجام کا دینے کا ذمہ لینا

    C) چوری کرنا

    D) ناک بھوں چڑھانا

  190. اردو شاعری کے علاوہ اصلاح اردو کا کام کس شاعر نے کیا؟

  191. A) ابن انشاء

    B) انشاء اللہ خان

    C) غالب

    D) میر تقی میر

  192. ماتھا ٹھنکنا سے کیا مراد ہے؟

  193. A) کسی کام کے متعلق برے آثار پیدا ہونا

    B) کچھ بھول جانا

    C) افسوس کرنا

    D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

  194. یہ شعر کس شاعر کا ہے؟

    نثار میں تیری گلیوں کے اے وطن کہ جہاں

    چلی ہے رسم کہ کوئی نہ سر اٹھا کے چلے

  195. A) غالب

    B) اقبال

    C) فیض احمد فیض

    D) احمد فراز

  196. مختصر افسانہ کا موجد کون مانا جاتا ہے؟

  197. A) پریم چند

    B) ڈپٹی نذیر احمد

    C) احمد ندیم قاسمی

    D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

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  2. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
  3. General Knowledge About Hazrat Muhammad PBUH Life
  4. Wives of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
  5. Important Islamic History Events
  6. Important points of The Holy Quran
  7. Al-Quran MCQs
  9. Namaz
  10. Zakat
  11. Fasting (Roza)
  12. Imortant Article of Faith and Fundamental of ISLAM
  13. Important Islamic terms and Places
  14. Islamic Months of Years
  15. General Knowledge-Heavenly Books
  16. Important Angles
  17. Ashra-e-Mubrashra
  18. Reign Of 4 Caliphates(Khulafa Rashideen)
  19. Famous Islamic Generals
  20. Famous Islamic Battles
  21. Important Personalities and Their Titles in Islam
  22. Famous Muslim Scientists

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    3. Important Facts of Worlds
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    8. Important Geographical Lines of World
    9. World Imortant National Days
    10. Importnat Religions of World
    11. Important Political terms and concepts
    12. Important News Agency of the World
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    15. Important Specialized agency of the UNO
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    4. The Largest in Pakistan
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    10. Who is First in PAKISTAN
    12. PAKISTAN Presidents
    13. PAKISTAN Prime Ministers
    14. Attorney Generals of Pakistan
    15. State Bank Governors of pakista
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    17. Federal Cabinet of PAKISTAN
    18. Location of important Metalic and Non Metalic Minerals
    19. Constitutional Amedments Since 1973
    20. Army,PAF and Navy Officer Ranks

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    3. OCEANS
    23. About Islam
    24. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
    25. General Knowledge About Hazrat Muhammad PBUH Life
    26. Wifies of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
    27. Important Islamic History Events
    28. Important points of The Holy Quran
    29. Al-Quran MCQs
    30. About SAHABA KARAM
    31. Namaz
    32. Zakat
    33. Fasting (Roza)
    34. Imortant Article of Faith and Fundamental of ISLAM
    35. Important Islamic terms and Places
    36. Islamic Months of Years
    37. General Knowledge-Heavenly Books
    38. Important Angles
    39. Ashra-e-Mubrashra
    40. Reign Of 4 Caliphates(Khulafa Rashideen)
    41. Famous Islamic Generals
    42. Famous Islamic Battles
    43. Important Personalities and Their Titles in Islam
    44. Famous Muslim Scientists
    45. Important Questions about Islamic Studies

    47. PPSC PAST Papers General Knowledge Questions

    48. About World

    49. World Records
    50. World Records (Guniees Book)
    51. 7 Wonders of the World
    52. Inventions and Inventors
    53. Important Facts of Worlds
    54. Important Places Of World
    55. Important Awards Of World
    56. Top 10 Languages of World
    57. Highest Military Awards of World
    58. Important Geographical Lines of World
    59. World Imortant National Days
    60. Importnat Religions of World
    61. Important Political terms and concepts
    62. Important News Agency of the World
    63. About UNO
    64. Organs of UNO
    65. Important Specialized agency of the UNO
    66. World Country with Capitals & Currency
    67. Famous Name of Places(Country)

    68. About Pakistan
    69. Basic Information About Pakistan
    70. Districts of Pakistan
    72. The Largest in Pakistan
    73. The Longest and Tallest in Pakistan
    74. Mountain Passes in Pakistan
    75. Chairman Senate and seats Distibutions of Pakistan
    76. Chief Justices of Pakistan
    77. Pakistan Affairs
    78. Who is First in PAKISTAN
    80. PAKISTAN Presidents
    81. PAKISTAN Prime Ministers
    82. Attorney Generals of Pakistan
    83. State Bank Governors of pakista
    84. Army Chiefs of PAKISTAN
    85. Federal Cabinet of PAKISTAN
    86. Location of important Metalic and Non Metalic Minerals
    87. Constitutional Amedments Since 1973
    88. Army,PAF and Navy Officer Ranks
    89. About Science
    90. Basic Geometry Math Defination
    91. Important Units of Measurments
    92. Basic Scientific Questions