PPSC Assistant Director Labour Past Paper

1- Which is the largest community in the world without state?Kurds

2- Name of hurricane which touches the Florida in 2012?Hurricane Isaac

3- Who is the president of china? Hu Jintao

4- Who was the opponent of bema in election 2012? Mitt Romney

5- Sylhet District. Was the par of which province?Bangladesh

6- What is the meaning of term Annuity? (Pension-Allowance)

7- Which is the American state with most lakes? Alaska

8- Obama got maximum electoral vote from which stat? Washington D.C. (District of Columbia)

9- National flower of Pakistan? Jasmine

10- Who composed the national anthem of Pakistan? Ahmad G. Chagla

11- Timbuktu city in which African country? Mali

12- Next winter Olympics 2014 will held in which city?Sochi, Russia

13- Who is the winner of snooker world championship held in Sofia, Bulgaria? Muhammad Asif

14- Who is the winner of Wimbledon 2012 men’s single?Roger Federer

15- End of Eden book is written by? Graham Phillips

16- Real name of sher shah suri? Farid Khan

17- X=4 and y=2 then x2-y2=?

18- 5(3x-7) =20 then 3x-8=?

19- If an object moves with speed of 30km/hr then how many meters travel in one second?

20- If temp at the morning was 13 degree and at the afternoon 32 degree then what is the percentage of change in temp?

21- What is the meaning of AASRA? Shelter

22- Yangtze River not passes through from the following country?

23- Capital of Libya? Tripoli

24- Most abundant crust in the earth? Oxygen

25- Who is the special envoy to Syria from us? Masood Khan

26- Capital of Myanmar? Naypyidaw

27- Ordinary mobiles communication from which rays? Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation

28- Currency of South Africa? The rand

29- Who wrote misaq e hudaibyah?

30- Capital of Uzbekistan? Tashkent

31- Southern Cross is in southern region and at night skies how many stars in it? 4 (Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta)

32- Greenwhich time from where calculated? England

33- Zero longitude on the Greenland is known as? Prime Meridian

34- How many disst. In Punjab. 36

35- Latest dist. In the Punjab?(chiniot was not in the option, option was nankana shahib)

36- Which gas has the same chemical composition of CNG?Bio Gas

37- Trachoma disease related to? Blindness

38- Hepatitis C affects the? Liver

39- Which was the capital of Bazyntum Empire?Constantinople

40- Who was the head of Bazymtum Empire at the time of Muhammad (S.A.W.W)? Heraclius (but not sure)

41- Which sahabi’ name is in the Quran? Hazrat Zaid Bin Harith (RA)

42- Yasir Arfat died on the date? 11 November 2004

43- Ghyasudin Balban tenure starts in year? 1266

44- Bastille revolution was in the country? 14 July 1789

45- Head of bank of England is from the country? Canada

46- Who heads the commonwealth meeting?

47- Latin term Sui generio mean? Unique

48- Which gas use in the balloons? Helium or Hydrogen

49- Which is not the work of social security?

50- Which is not the work of labour welfare board?

51- Which is the article of labour law in the constitution?

52- Wages of women are in the act?

53- Acc. To act Age of child labour?

54- In which industry maximum child labour in Pakistan?

55- Child labour is prohibited in which act? ACT 1991

56- Minimum wages in Pakistan? Rs 8,000

57- How many millions child labour in the developing countries according to UN?

58- What is the circumference to radius? 58

59- Green plantation made for the cities, which city is not follow its?

60- What is the term related to Tokyo stock market?

61- Which order made the Gilgat Baltistan as separate province?

62- What is the meaning of fluent?

63- How many no. of peaks in Pakistan out of world highest 14 peaks?

64- Which is the following river in the pothohar platue?

65- 1/1000000=?

66- Where is the head quarter of ILO? Geneva

67- Now what is the status of philistine in UN? Non-Member State (Vaticane)

68- After changes the status of philistine now equal to which country?

69- Latest UNO member? South Sudan

70- In 2003 G. Sec. of UN? Kofi Annan

71- What is the meaning of Hobson’s choice? take it or leave it

72- What is the meaning of term Leading question?

73- Iran, UAE separate by fall?

74- Break____(up, of, down, off)

75- Antonym of enthusing? enthuse

76- Synonym of tentive? Conjectural

77- Synonym of walay? Grain

78- Antonym of disjointed? Disorganized

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