Assistant Director Population Welfare (BS-17)Past Paper 2020

Assistant Director Population Welfare (BS-17)Past Paper 2020

Past Paper 2020 PPSC Assistant Director Population Welfare (BS-17)



  1. Before giving up singing, Junaid Jamshed was part of which music group?

  2. A) Strings

    B) Vital Signs

    C) Janoon

    D) Fuzon

  3. Which of the following agencies related to UNO was in existence before the World War II?

  4. A) WHO

    B) FAO

    C) ILO

    D) IMF

  5. From which country Pakistan purchased Gawadar?

  6. A) Kuwait

    B) Iran

    C) Oman

    D) Qatar

  7. Importance of “Division of Work” was the first time highlighted in Das Capital. This book was written by:

    A) Machiavelli

    B) Thomas Hardy

    C) Adam Smith

    D) Karl Marx

  8. What is the old name of Zhob?

  9. A) Canton

    B) Fort Sandman

    C) Amir Kot

    D) Suri Nagar

  10. First President of Indian National Congress was?

  11. A) Gopal Krishna Gokhale

    B) Dadabhai Naorojee

    C) Womesh Chandra Bannerjee

    D) Dinshaw Edulji Wacha

  12. What is called the reduction in the rate of currency?

  13. A) Devolution

    B) Devaluation

    C) Price cap

    D) Cut-rate

  14. Babar Azam is a famous in the field of?

  15. A) Films

    B) Singing

    C) Cricket

    D) Journalism

  16. What is the meaning of “Ex-post facto”?

  17. A) A comfortable thing as fact

    B) With retrospective action or force

    C) A suitable environment to work

    D) An unwelcome event

  18. Bob Dylan got the Nobel Prize in the field of?

  19. A) Medicine

    B) Literature

    C) Physics

    D) None of these

  20. Amir Khusro was the famous poet in the Court of?

  21. A) Zaheer-U-Din Babar

    B) Jalal-U-Din Akbar

    C) Ibraheem Lodhi

    D) Alauddin Khalji

  22. Commonwealth games 2018 was hosted by?

  23. A) China

    B) Canada

    C) France

    D) Australia

  24. Which kind of Tax is Federal subject?

  25. A) Excise Tax

    B) Property Tax

    C) Zakat & Ushar

    D) General Sales Tax

  26. “Just good enough” (کافی بہتر) means?

  27. A) Not sufficient time

    B) An estimated criteria

    C) Good for Circumstances

    D) None of these

  28. “Red Lake” is situated in?

  29. A) Canada

    B) Russia

    C) America

    D) France

  30. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah enrolled in which school?

  31. A) Sindh Jamia High Scool

    B) Darul-Aloom High Scool

    C) Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam

    D) Mission Public School Karachi

  32. Isotopes are atoms of the same element wit different number of?

  33. A) Electrons

    B) Protons

    C) Neutrons

    D) Positrons

  34. When did Pakistan loin International Labour Organization (ILO)?

  35. A) 1945

    B) 1947

    C) 1949

    D) 1950

  36. Fill in the blank: A cat differs ….. a dog?

  37. A) with

    B) from

    C) for

    D) over

  38. Physiotherapy is a curative method of ?

  39. A) Heart Disease

    B) Immobility of Joints

    C) Cirrhosis of the liver

    D) Drug addiction

  40. “Mount Kinabalu” is located in?

  41. A) Indonesia

    B) Malaysia

    C) Kenya

    D) Botswana

  42. What number comes in the series: 5, 4, 9, 13, 22, 35, ?

  43. A) 53

    B) 57

    C) 60

    D) 63

  44. A new Presentation can be created from?

  45. A) Blank Presentation

    B) From existing Presentation

    C) From design template

    D) All of the above

  46. USA purchased “Louisiana” from which country?

  47. A) Russia

    B) France

    C) Argentina

    D) None of these

  48. “The Lighthouse of Alexandria” is situated in which country?

  49. A) Turkey

    B) Egypt

    C) Syria

    D) Jordan

  50. Pakistan is situated in?

  51. A) Asia Minor

    B) Far East Asia

    C) South Asia

    D) South East Asia

  52. “Accolade”(تعریف کرنا) means?

  53. A) To give up completely

    B) Keenness of mind or insight

    C) An Award or Salute

    D) Sharp or Harsh in Language

  54. A firm buys goods on credit, which document does the firm use to record this?

  55. A) Credit Note

    B) Purchase Invoice

    C) Sale Invoice List

    D) Supplier’s Statement

  56. Where is “Bridge of No Return” is located?

  57. A) China

    B) Japan

    C) Korea

    D) France

  58. ‘The Lessons of History’ is a famous book by?

  59. A) Will Durant

    B) Russell

    C) Thomas Power

    D) James Frazer

  60. The Prime function of Accounting is to?

  61. A) Record Economic Data

    B) Provide the informational basis for action

    C) Attain non-economic goals is and objectives

    D) Classify & Record business transaction

  62. Contraband (ناجائز مال کی تجارت ) means?

  63. A) Economic Sanctions

    B) Banned Goods

    C) Family Planning Materials

    D) Temporary stoppage of trade

  64. Slump is?

  65. A) An Economic term

    B) Social Depression

    C) Political Vendetta

    D) Transfer of Criminal

  66. Which of the following is a type of culture?

  67. A) Material Culture

    B) Non-material Culture

    C) Both A & B

    D) None of these

  68. Who is the current President / CEO Google?

  69. A) Larry Page

    B) Satya Nadella

    C) Sundar Pichai

    D) Sergey Brin

  70. In the process of galvanization an iron sheet is coated with?

  71. A) Tin

    B) Zinc

    C) Aluminum

    D) Galena

  72. Which of the following gases is used in extinguish fire?

  73. A) Oxygen

    B) Hydrogen

    C) Water Vapour

    D) Carbon dioxide

  74. Which of the following is a non-metallic mineral?

  75. A) Bauxite

    B) Gypsum

    C) Magnesium

    D) Manganese

  76. World Wide Web (WWW) was invented by?

  77. A) Robert Cailliau

    B) Adam Osborne

    C) Tim Berners-Lee

    D) Robert E. Kahn

  78. Which shortcut key is used to insert an end note in MS-Word 2016?

  79. A) Ctrl+D

    B) Alt+Shift+D

    C) Alt+Ctrl+D

    D) Shift+Ctrl+D

  80. The Karakorum Highway (N-35) starts from?

  81. A) Haripur

    B) Wah

    C) Hassan Abdal

    D) Taxila

  82. Hyperlinks are?

  83. A) Pictures

    B) Drawing Objects

    C) Text

    D) All of these

  84. “Cultural Relativism” was coined by?

  85. A) James Wray Miller

    B) P.E. Griffiths

    C) Joseph le Doux

    D) Russell and Fernendez-Dols

  86. Hazrat Ali (R.A) martyred in?

  87. A) 17 Rajab, 40 Hijri

    B) 21 Shaban, 40 Hijri

    C) 17 Ramazan, 40 Hijri

    D) 21 Ramazan, 40 Hijri

  88. The most important ore of Aluminum is?

  89. A) Bauxite

    B) Magnetite

    C) Hematite

    D) Monazite

  90. Who introduced the conflict perspective in sociology?

  91. A) Friedrich Engels

    B) Ludwig Gumplowicz

    C) Herbert Spencer

    D) Karl Marx

  92. Synonym of “Delete” is?

  93. A) Strange

    B) Efficient

    C) Remove

    D) Nasty

  94. In 1948 UNCIP was established to investigate and mediate the lndo-Pakistan dispute on the future of Kashmir. UNCIP stands for United Nation ….. for India and Pakistan?

  95. A) Ceasefire

    B) Committee

    C) Commission

    D) Co-operation

  96. Choose the correct words from the options to complete the sentence correctly: Khalid is ….. taller than Naveed?

  97. A) Not as tall but as

    B) As tall, if not

    C) As if not

    D) As tall as, if not

  98. The gas used in manufacturing of Banaspati ghee is?

  99. A) Helium

    B) Oxygen

    C) Nitrogen

    D) Hydrogen

  100. Choose the correct Antonym of “Liberty”?

  101. A) Freedom

    B) Delivered

    C) Slavery

    D) Scrupulous

  102. Abraham Lincoln was belonged to?

  103. A) Cuba

    B) America

    C) Russia

    D) none of these

  104. Real name of Hazrat Abu Bakar R.A was?

  105. A) Ahmad

    B) Abdullah

    C) Haris

    D) none of these

  106. Statistical calculations and preparation of tables and graphs can be done using?

  107. A) Excel

    B) PowerPoint

    C) Notepad

    D) Adob Photoshop

  108. “Madness and Civilization” was written by?

  109. A) David D. Burns

    B) Michel Foucault

    C) Jonathan Kellerman

    D) Thomas Hale Jr.

  110. “Jinnah of Pakistan” was written by?

  111. A) Jaswant Singh

    B) Stanley Wolpert

    C) Bal Ram Nanda

    D) I.H Qureshi

  112. Gwadar became part of Pakistan in the year?

  113. A). 1960

    B) 1958

    C) 1969

    D) 1972

  114. A culture within a culture is called as?

  115. A) Mini-Culture

    B) Norms

    C) Society

    D) Sub-Culture

  116. Which of the following is not an objective of Millennium Development Goals?

  117. A) Eradicate Poverty

    B) Environment Stability

    C) Reduce HIV

    D) None of the above

  118. A circle touch the triangle from inside is called?

  119. A) Excircle or escribed Circle

    B) Incircle or inscribed Circle

    C) Tangent Line of a circle

    D) Trigonometric Rules

  120. Population Density is a measurement of?

  121. A) Population per town

    B) Population per unit Square

    C) Population per district

    D) Population per unit area

  122. Bronze era started from which country?

  123. A) Syria

    B) Egypt

    C) Turkey

    D) Yemen

  124. Complete the series: 1, 8, 27, 64, 125,__?

  125. A) 144

    B) 225

    C) 256

    D) 216

  126. All Pakistan Women Association (APWA) established for?

  127. A) Social Development of Women

    B) Political Development of Women

    C) Moral Development of Women

    D) All of the above

  128. The number of deaths occurring in any year for every 1000 of the population is referred to?

  129. A) Death Ratio

    B) Death Rate

    C) Casualty Rate

    D) None of these

  130. The United Nations Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC) included in UN in?

  131. A) 1989

    B) 1992

    C) 1993

    D) 1995

  132. MDGs stand for?

  133. A) Million Development Goals

    B) Millennium Development Goals

    C) Maximum Development Goals

    D) Minimum Development Goals

  134. UNODC (United Nation Offices of Drugs and Crime) established in?

  135. A) 1991

    B) 1993

    C) 1997

    D) 1999

  136. European Union suspended Military Alliance to Turkey in 2019 due to attack on?

  137. A) Iraq

    B) Iran

    C) Yemen

    D) Syria

  138. Complete the series: 3, 5, 10, 12, 24, 26, …..?

  139. A) 52

    B) 30

    C) 28

    D) 48

  140. Cabinet Mission was sent to India in?

  141. A) March 1946

    B) April 1946

    C) May 1946

    D) August 1946

  142. World’s Population day is observed every year on?

  143. A) 11 June

    B) 11 July

    C) 27 July

    D) 29 July

  144. United Nations agency with the mandate to protect refugees?

  145. A) UNICEF

    B) UNFPA


    D) UNHCR

  146. Nobel Prize winner Anwar Sadaat belonged to?

  147. A) Turkey

    B) Syria

    C) Egypt

    D) Palestine

  148. “Jinnah: India, Partition, Independence” was written by?

  149. A) Hector Bolitho

    B) Jaswant Singh

    C) Stanley Wolpert

    D) Dr. Ayesha Jalal

  150. The study of age, aged and aging is called as?

  151. A) Histology

    B) Cosmology

    C) Gerontology

    D) none of these

  152. Idiom ‘Burn the midnight oil’ (دير تک مطالعہ کرنا ) means?

  153. A) Counting yours days earning in the night

    B) Heat up a place to make a comfortable

    C) Stay awake or study late into the night

    D) Finish all the resources available

  154. Who is investigating Russian involvement in USA Elections 2016?

  155. A) Alexander Bastrykin

    B) Nyrkov Yuri Mikchailovich

    C) Robert Mueller

    D) None of these

  156. Who broke Shahid Afridi’s record of most sixes in international cricket?

  157. A) Harshal Gibbs

    B) Yuvraj Singh

    C) Chris Gayle

    D) None of these

  158. Human eye is sensitive to which colour (light)?

  159. A) Red

    B) Green

    C) Blue

    D) none of these

  160. Monsoons are names of?

  161. A) Rains

    B) Winds

    C) Climate

    D) Weather

  162. MS-Excel is a?

  163. A) Workbook

    B) Design format

    C) Spreadsheet

    D) none of these

  164. How many surah of Quran are on the name of animals?

  165. A) Two

    B) Four

    C) Six

    D) None of these

  166. Fill In the blank with a suitable preposition: There’s an eraser…….the end of my pencil?

  167. A) in

    B) on

    C) at

    D) to

  168. Battery was Invented by?

  169. A) Volta

    B) Excide

    C) Fermi

    D) Maiman

  170. Wind energy is an example of?

  171. A) Potential Energy

    B) Transverse Energy

    C) Kinetic Energy

    D) Chemical Energy

  172. The Reko Diq mine is located near Reko Diq town in Chagai District, Province of?

  173. A) Punjab

    B) Sindh

    C) Baluchistan

    D) None of these

  174. Which gas is predominantly responsible for global warming?

  175. A) Nitrogen peroxide

    B) Carbon dioxide

    C) Nitrous monoxide

    D) Carbon monoxide

  176. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system, located in?

  177. A) Germany

    B) France

    C) Australia

    D) South Africa

  178. “Anorexia Nervosa” is a disease of?

  179. A) Sleeping sickness

    B) Nervous disorder

    C) Eating disorder

    D) Loss of memory

  180. طلسم خیال”ناول کس نے لکھا؟ “

  181. A) اکرم بریلوی

    B) طارق اسماعیل

    C) وہاب الخیر

    D) کرشن چندر

  182. خان بہادر”قواعد کی رو سے کیا ہے؟ “

  183. A) عرف

    B) لقب

    C) خطاب

    D) کنیت

  184. یادوں کی بارات” کس کی آ پ بیتی ہے؟ “

  185. A) شوکت صدیقی

    B) افضل حق

    C) صلاح الدین

    D) جوش ملیح آبادی

  186. اداس نسلیں” کس کی تخلیق ہے؟ “

  187. A) ممتاز مفتی

    B) رضیہ بٹ

    C) عبداللہ حسین

    D) جمیلہ ہاشمی

  188. یہ مشہور شعر کس شاعر کا ہے؟

    اس زلف پہ پھبتی شب دیجور کی سوجھی

    اندھے کو اندھیرے میں بڑی دور کی سوجھی

  189. A) جوش

    B) فیض احمد

    C) انشاء

    D) احمد فراز

  190. دو یا دو سے زیادہ الفاظ جو روزمرہ مجازی معنوں میں استعمال ہوتے ہیں کہلاتے ہیں؟

  191. A) روزمرہ

    B) کہاوت

    C) محاورہ

    D) خاموش تماشائی

  192. عزیمت کے کیا معنی ہیں؟

  193. A) طلسمی دعا

    B) ارادہ

    C) مقصد

    D) تمام درست ہیں

  194. خدا بخشے بہت سی خوبیاں تھیں مرنے والے میں۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔۔ اکبر الہ آ بادی نےکس کی خوبیوں کا اعتراف کیا ہے؟

  195. A) محسن الملک

    B) سر سید احمد

    C) مولوی سمیع اللہ

    D) وقار الملک

  196. خامہ بگوش” کس ادیب کا قلمی نام ہے؟ “

  197. A) مظفر علی سید

    B) مشفق خواجہ

    C) جمیل جالبی

    D) حیدر علی آ تش

  198. گھر کی مرغی”اس تصنیف کا مصنف کون ہے؟ “

  199. A) شبلی نعمانی

    B) کرنل محمد خان

    C) جعفر احمد جعفری

    D) اثر کلیم

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