PPSC Deputy District Accounts Officer Paper

1. What is Capital of Croatia?

2. What is Currency of Norway?

3. No. of Members countries in NAM?

4. UNO related Organization which established before world war II

5. Where First SAARC Conference was held?

6. Which is the Old Name of Istanbul?

7. Which UNO Organization deals with Childs?

8. What is the name of Bangladesh Parliament?

9. Rusting of Iron is a what a chemical process

10. What is Colour of sky if there was no sun?

11. Karachi Stock Exchange established on?

12. Choronometer is used for?

13. Decibel Unit Measures what?

14. What material is used to convert solar energy?

15. Cyclone renamed to Srilanka on which date?

16. What is second pillar of Islam?

17. Who was first Hafiz Of Quran?

18. Which is first revealed Book?

19. Most important Miracle of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H)?

20. Which Is the Madni Surah from the given?

21. Sura Momin in which Para?

22. Which is 3rd source of Islamic Jurisprudence?

23. What is Literal Meaning of Ijtihad?

24. Khilafat of Hazrat Abu Bakar consisting of how many years?

25. What was Title of Hazrat Ibrahim?

26. Age of Hazrat Ali at time of Death?

27. Karbala Event in which Hijra?

28. Name of Hazrat Umar’s Qabeela?

29. Age of Hazrat Usman at time of Death?

30. Name of Mother of Hazrat Usman?

31. Ch. Rehmat Ali is Burried in ?

32. Earth Quack in Pakistan on which date?

33. What percent of Pak Population speak Baluchi?

34. Islamabad became Capital on which date?

35. Gilgit Abotabad Pass name?

36. Saif Ul Malook is written by?

37. Committee on National Anthem on which date?

38. Viceroy of Hindustan having shortest tenure?

39. Hana Lake Near which City?

40. National Anthem Composition ready for approval on which date?

41. No. Highest peaks in Pakistan out of 14 in Asia?

42. Which Sector is the largest Consumer of Gas?

43. Muqadama By which Writer?

44. Which person from given represented Pakistan in United Nations?

45. How many times Pakistan won World Hockey Cup.?

46.Kala bagh dam is constructed on which river?

47.Which is Currency of Norway…?

48.who was heading Muslim league Jalsa in 1940?

49.Decible is unit of sound

50.Kargil conflict took place in 1999

51.Ibn ul Waqt written by Deputy Nazir Ahmad

52.Mad o jazar Islam written by Altaf hussain hali

53.coversion of water into steam does not chemical reaction.

54.Hazrat Yunus was eaten by fish.

55.hazrat Adam is called Abu al bashar

56.Mekaeel has duty of rain

57.Which country is most popular export of Pkistan?












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