PPSC IB Paper 2012

  • Number of SAARC member countries?
  • Ban Ki-moon belongs to which country?
  • UN Security council has its HQ in which city ?
  • OIC headquarter is situated in which city?
  • What is the capital of Libya London Olympic hockey champion
  • When will US forces withdrawn from Afghanistan, announced by Obama
  • Bashar Hafez al-Assad is the current what of Syria ?
  • What is the national flower of Pakistan?
  • The name of the park where Lahore Resolution was passed ?
  • Who was the main person in ALLAHABAD address?
  • Pakistan.Iran.India pipeline Name?
  • First constitution of Pakistan was passed in which year ?
  • Sindh ML passed what resolution in 1938?
  • Pakistan Resolution in Punjab Assembly was seconded by?
  • Highest civilian award of Pakistan?
  • Naval head quarter in which city
  • Last constitutional amendment
    a) 21,
    b) 18
    c) 20
  • Acting president in absence of president?
  • Diamier Basha Dam is builted on
    a) Indus
    b) Channab
    c) Jehlum
    d) None of above
  • Head of State bank is called?
  • 7 NFC AWARD in which year ?
  • The mega project to irrigate Baluchistan is
    a) Kachi Canal
    b) Gomal dam
  • Gawadar built with the collaboration of which country?
  • Petroleum sector regulate by
    a) PEMRA
    b) OGRA
    c) NEPRA
  • Result of 1937 elections for Muslim league?
  • First mughal emperor was?
  • Muslim League formed in
  • In Pakistan main source of power is
    a) Thermal
    b) hydral
    c) Coal
    d) None of these
  • Friction is not present in
    a) Swimming
    b) Walking,
    c) Slipping on ice,
    d) None of these
  • What is protecting earth from radiations of sun?
  • Instrument to measure humidity of atmosphere is?
  • Branch of science that deals with study of sound etc?
  • History is study of
  • The environment friendly energy resources are?
  • Prism splits Light into _______ colours
  • Effect of heat on the temperature of boiling water?
  • Natural way of keeping the soil fertile is _____
    a) Crop rotation
    b) Growing same crop
  • In respiration process during night time plants
    a) take carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen
    b) take oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide
  • For burning which agent is necessary?
  • Device which doesn’t store data
    a) Hard disk,
    b) CD
    c) Microprocessor
  • Which is not a good insulator of heat
    a) Wood
    b) Iron
    c) Wool
  • Fish respire through?
    a) Fins
    b) Gills
  • Main gases of green house
  • How do the planets stay in orbit around the sun?
  • Which is the hottest planet of the solar system?
  • Heart Rate of normal Human Being is?
  • Light year is unit of
  • Deficiency of iodine causes?
  • First written constitution in history was?
  • Number of hudood mentioned in Holy Quran are?
  • Total books of sahi sita?
  • Who is called Ravi
  • Usul-e-Fiqah was first written by?
  • Al Hidaya was written by
  • City which is known as home of Hadith.
    a) Makkah
    b) Madina
    c) Baghdad
  • Shrimps are found in the market which are great source of Foreign Exchange
  • The word round in “He took round in” is—-parts of speech?
    a) Noun
    b) Adjective
    c) Verb
  • Afridi is one of those who never submits to the miseries of his life.
  • Brian prevailed of his friend to sell his car to me…
  • Where————his books?
  • One of the player score highest goals in the tournament.
  • In the absence of facts we can ——– from facts
    a) Conclude
    b) Deduce
    c) Infer
  • Due to the shortage of fuel the government has asked the public to—— consumption
    a) Exclude
    b) Reject
    c) Economize
  • Police had to —- to another road as there was terrible riots going on
    a) Divert
    b) Desert
    c) Delude
    d) Derive
  • He sets two alarm clocks so as to —– that he did not oversleep
    a) Assure
    b) Confirm
    c) Reassure
    d) Ensure
  • As the clouds darkened, it soon became obvious that a storm was —-
    a) Prominent
    b) Eminent
    c) Imminent
  • He —- that it was 5’o clock
    a) Recognized
    b) Realized
    c) Resolved
  • She was—- the people present?
    a) Between
    b) In
    c) Besides
    d) Among
  • I can’t even thin —-borrowing money
    a) Of
    b) For
    c) With
  • Where —– his books?
    a) He puts
    b) Did he put
  • The word “hoping to enter the university” is a
    a) Clause
    b) Phrase
    c) Sentence
  • His book —– next week
    a) Will be published
    b) Will publish
  • Diamond is
    a) Noun
    b) Proper noun
    c) Abstract noun
    d) Material noun
  • A straight fence is to be constructed from posts 6 inches wide and separated by lengths of chain 5 feet long. If a certain fence begins and ends with a post, which of the following could not be the length of the fence in feet? (12 inches = 1 foot).
    a) 17
    b) 28
    c) 35
    d) None of these
  • 2 Cars moving in opposite direction with 8km/h speed difference b/w both covers a total distance of 208 miles in 2hrs. Calculate average velocities
  • Average of multiples from 10 to 190 (10&190 included)
  • Tickets of children are sold at half rate as compared to adults. There are five adults tickets sold and 8 children’s. Find what was rate for adult tickets. If total cost of tickets was 27?
  • What comes next 1,2,3,5,7,11,13,17,…
  • Positive integer whose tenth digit is 5 longer than its unit. Sum of digits is 11.
  • Which one is correct
    a) -5 > -3.1
    b) –l – 23l = 23
    c) 7/0 = 0
    d) None of these
  • How many combinations of word STUDY can be made?
  • There are 78 students enrolled in an exam. 48 have chosen German 24 have chosen French. 09 have chosen both. How many have not enrolled.
  • What percent decrease makes 160 pound to 152 pounds?
  • (-2)^9 + (2)^9
  • If 2x:5y=3:4 then x:y=?
  • f(x)= 3x^2 – 7x + 23 = ? when x = 2
  • Complete the series 012358…
  • What is the 150% of 48?
    a) 56
    b) 72
    c) 96
    d) None of these
  • Which is the prime number?
    a) 2
    b) 3
    c) 7
    d) All of these
  • 2^3 + 2^3 =
    a) 2^6
    b) 2^5
    c) 2^4
    d) None of these


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