Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC Lahore PMS General Knowledge Paper 2014

  1. Opposite of servile.
  2. folketing is parliament of?
  3. Cockpit of Europe?
  4. working hours according to factory act 1934?
  5. Equinox means?
  6. Thomas cup?
  7. Who won world cup football 2012?
  8. Brazuca means
  9. Strait of Hormuz between?
  10. Diet parliament of?
  11. Market downfall called?
  12. Broadway street of USA?
  13. Baltic states?
  14. Baikal lake exist in?
  15. “New Deal” written by?
  16. Character of Dracula created by?
  17. In USA election mostly members are elected from which state?
  18. Aeroflot airline belong to?
  19. Yangtze river passes from?
  20. Head quarter of APEC?
  21. Tegel is news agency of?
  22. Kalahari desert located in which country?
  23. Length of china wall?
  24. Nelson Mandela remain in prison for….. years?
  25. “Where money is accumulated men decay there” said by?
  26. The sweetest songs give us saddest part of life. Said by
  27. AREA of Australia?
  28. Hottest planet?
  29. Megabytes equal to 10……..?
  30. Yasir Arfat dies on…. (date)?
  31. Viticulture means?
  32. The largest ethnic group not having a separate state?
  33. Wheel is sign of?
  34. Stone age also called?
  35. Flat bone in human body?
  36. ANSA is news agency of?
  37. Horn of Africa?
  38. City of seven hills?
  39. Currency of Portugal?
  40. Imaginary line with zero longitude crossing Greenwich?
  41. France celebrate Bastille? Date
  42. Bastille belong to which country?
  43. What happened first? Revolution of china ..french revolution or war of American independence?
  44. Mobile works on which waves?
  45. Sunlight provides vitamin?
  46. Decibel is used to measure?
  47. Treaty about fragmentation of Ottoman empire?
  48. Cross of stars at South pole have how many stars?
  49. Military award of Italy?
  50. ASEAN was established in ? Year
  51. Arab league was established in which city?
  52. Eden east written by?

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