PPSC Tehsildar Test Syllabus

General Knowledge Questions for ppsc Tehsildar

    About Islam (Islamic Studies)

  1. Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
  2. About Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Life
  3. Wifies of Hazrat Muhammad PBUH
  4. Important Islamic History Events
  5. Important points of The Holy Quran
  6. Al-Quran MCQs
  8. Namaz
  9. Zakat
  10. Fasting (Roza)
  11. Imortant Article of Faith and Fundamental of ISLAM
  12. Important Islamic terms and Places
  13. Islamic Months of Years
  14. General Knowledge-Heavenly Books
  15. Important Angles
  16. Ashra-e-Mubrashra
  17. Reign Of 4 Caliphates(Khulafa Rashideen)
  18. Famous Islamic Generals
  19. Famous Islamic Battles
  20. Important Personalities and Their Titles in Islam
  21. Famous Muslim Scientists
  22. Important Questions about Islamic Studies

    About World

  1. World Records New
  2. World Records (Guniess Book)
  3. Wonders of the World (7 Medieval- 8 Ancient)
  4. Inventions and Inventors
  5. Important Facts of Worlds
  6. Important Places Of World
  7. Important Awards Of World
  8. Top 10 Languages of World
  9. Highest Military Awards of World
  10. Important Geographical Lines of World
  11. World Imortant National Days
  12. Importnat Religions of World
  13. Important Political terms and concepts
  14. Important News Agency of the World
  15. About UNO
  16. Organs of UNO
  17. Important Specialized agency of the UNO
  18. World Country with Capitals & Currency
  19. Famous Name of Places(Country)

  20. About Paksistan(Pakistan Studies)

  21. Basic Information About Pakistan
  22. Districts of Pakistan
  24. The Largest in Pakistan
  25. The Longest and Tallest in Pakistan
  26. Mountain Passes in Pakistan
  27. Chairman Senate and seats Distibutions of Pakistan
  28. Chief Justices of Pakistan
  29. Pakistan Affairs
  30. Who is First in PAKISTAN
  32. PAKISTAN Presidents
  33. PAKISTAN Prime Ministers
  34. Attorney Generals of Pakistan
  35. State Bank Governors of pakista
  36. Army Chiefs of PAKISTAN
  37. Federal Cabinet of PAKISTAN
  38. Location of important Metalic and Non Metalic Minerals
  39. Constitutional Amedments Since 1973
  40. Army,PAF and Navy Officer Ranks

  41. About Science

  42. Important Geometry Math Defination
  43. Important Units of Measurments
  44. Basic Scientific Questions for Interview

  45. PPSC and FPSC Past Papers

    General Knowledge Questions for PPSC, FPSC and ISSB Test