General Knowledge



  1. Theory of mutation was propounded by Hygo de Vries.

  2. A theory of acquired character was given by Lamark.

  3. Charles Darwin is famous for his theory of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest.

  4. Sigmund Freud is called as the father of modern psychiatry and psychology.

  5. Energy stored in stretched spring is Elastic Potential energy

  6. Energy stored in fossil fuels is chemical energy

  7. Radio waves are Electromagnetic waves

  8. A.C voltage is analogue quantity

  9. Optical fibers work on polarization of electromagnetic waves

  10. Condenser is used to collect the charge

  11. In diesel engine ignition takes place by compression

  12. A radar uses radio waves to detect enemy aircraft

  13. Law of floating bodies was given by Archimedes

  14. Particle with +ve charge but mass equal to electron is positron

  15. Nucleus of an atom has +ve charge.

  16. Bosons are Photons and Mesons

  17. There is no neutron in the atom of hydrogen

  18. Quark is an atomic particle. Scientists think that proton and neutrons are themselves made of still smaller particles called quarks

  19. Muttons are particles of atom

  20. John Dalton, an English scientist, gave Atomic Theory in 1803 describing atom as the smallest unit of an element

  21. Gas in children’ s balloon is Helium

  22. Weight of electron = 9.1 x 10 power -31 kg

  23. Charge on electron = 1.6 x 10 power -19 coulomb

  24. Weight of proton = 1.66 x 10 power -27 kg

  25. Charge on proton = 1.6 x 10 power -19 coulomb

  26. A proton is 1836 times heavier than an electron

  27. Ordinarily and atom is a neutral particle

  28. Ernest Rutherford, a New Zealander, in 1908 discovered Atomic Nucleus

  29. Speed of sound is faster in hot air than in cold air

  30. Ultrasonic are sound waves of high frequency = 12000 cycles/sec and higher

  31. Sound travels faster in moist air than in dry air

  32. Sound travels more rapidly in solids

  33. Maximum limit of sound beyond which a man can become deaf is 129 decibel

  34. Audible sound is 20-20,000 cycles/second

  35. Inaudible sound >20,000 cycles/second

  36. Velocity of sound at 0 deg: C is 331.7 m/s

  37. Echo can only be produces when the distance of the obstacle is at least 17 meters

  38. When we hear a sound, its impressions remain in our ear for 1/10th of a second

  39. Image persists for about 1/10th of second in our eye

  40. For creating a persistence of vision, pictures are projected at the rate of 10 or more/sec

  41. Nuclear Energy is not a source of alternative energy.

  42. Videotape used in camcorders to record audio and video signal employee fine grains of iron oxide.

  43. Temperature inside a refrigerator is 40 deg: F

  44. The laws of reflection were first discovered by a al- Hazen

  45. 0.200 grams are equal to one carat.

  46. One million cycles per second is called Megahertz.

  47. Carbon fiber is made by heating textile fibers. These are used in tennis rackets and racing yacht

  48. Catalytic converter reduce the harmful fumes the engine emits

  49. If you double the voltage you double the current (Ohm’s law)

  50. What product uses the most silver-Camera Film

  51. The speed of sound depends on the medium through which the waves are passing. The speed of sound in gases depends on what? Density

  52. Two or more molecules of carbohydrates are linked together through glycosidic bond

  53. peptide bond b\w amino acids, joined to form proteins, is the linkage b/w N and C

  54. An android is any robot that: has the ability to make decisions and formulate plans

  55. Semaphores were used between sailors for many years to communicate between ships

  56. One of the first long distance communication system invented in 1790 was the semaphores towers

  57. Telegraph was invented in 1821

  58. Telephone was invented in1876

  59. Us inventor Samuel More developed the system of dots and dashes of telegraph that was known as Morse Code

  60. Scientist now think that protons and Neutrons are themselves made of still smaller particles called quarks.

  61. Portable gadgets = Mobile phones and portable TVs.

  62. Derailleur gears are used in Bicycles.

  63. Motor – cross race is for motor cycles.

  64. Cantilever brake used in Bicycle.

  65. Speed of light 300,000 kilometers per second.

  66. Engineers use electronic theodolite and range-finder to measure the distance and angle to calibrated staff.

  67. Centigrade and Celsius temperatures are same below freezing point.

  68. which instrument is used to measure pressure? Manometer

  69. the velocity of light was first measured by Olaf Roemer

  70. centigrade and fahrenheit scales gives same readings at 32 degrees

  71. The first European scientist who refuted the belief that the earth was the centre of the universe was Copernicus.

  72. Mobile phones transmit message using radio-type waves called microwaves

  73. Super conductors are also strong diamagnetic this means they strongly repel magnets.

  74. Super conductors are used in very fast computers and also in trains like Maglevs.

  75. Electronic theodolite and range finder measures and distance and angle.

  76. A fluorescent light is a glass tube containing gas which produces UV light when current passed trough it. Tube is coated with phosphor which glows when UV hits it.

  77. Some of the chemicals from the recycle of old cells are used by liver to make bile which is stored in gall bladder.

  78. Which is lighter, gold or plastic? Plastic

  79. Lasers are a special source of light called coherent light this means all the light waves are in step with each other and travel in same direction

  80. Laser produce light of one particular wavelength and it is s single, pure color.

  81. The first hologram was make in 1962

  82. Laser = Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

  83. Quartz-halogen bulbs are used in overhead projectors and spotlights

  84. Helium is uses to fill airships and balloons

  85. Helium is used to pressurize hydrogen fuel in rockets and the air in diver’s air tanks

  86. Apart from radon, which is radioactive, the noble gases are used in lighting.

  87. The noble gases have very low boiling points.

  88. Liquid helium is the coldest substance.

  89. A gas only becomes liquid at -268.9 deg: C

  90. Combustion is a kind of oxidation reaction.

  91. At room temperature the particles in air travel at around 1800 km/h the same speed as a bullet fires from a rifle.

  92. Generators convert mechanical energy into electrical energy.

  93. The principle behind the generator is electromagnetic induction. It was discovered by Michael Faraday.

  94. Lovell telescope is at Jodrell Bank the site for space observatory

  95. Nicolous Copernicus (1473-1543) was born in Poland and was the first to explain the solar system.

  96. Derailleur gear are used in bicycles

  97. Cantilever brake is also used in bicycles

  98. Static electricity makes a balloon stick to the wall after you have rubbed it on your hair.

  99. John Bardeen, Walter Brattain and William Shockley in 1947 used a semiconductor called germanium to make the world’s first transistor.

  100. A diode conducts electricity easily in one direction but resists the flow of electricity in the other.

  101. A capacitor stores electric charge. Capacitors are important components for making timers.

  102. Capacitors are used in filtering circuits like treble and bass in hi-fi

  103. Transistors can be used as logic gates

  104. Energy value of food items is expressed in kilojoules (kj) or thousands of joules.

  105. British scientist James Prescott Joule discovered the principle of conservation of energy.

  106. Which one of the following statements regarding sound is true? Its source is always a vibrating material.

  107. Weight of an object put in a satellite orbiting in space around the earth is reduced to zero

  108. Movie camera take pictures at rate of 24 pictures per second

  109. Density of water is 1

  110. Water expands as it freezes to ice. This makes ice less dense than water which causes ice to float.

  111. Heat flows in three ways conduction, convection and radiation

  112. A concave lens is used for the correction of the Hyperphobia

  113. Silver metal has the highest electrical conductivity.

  114. Mohr’s scale hardest substance is diamond - what's the softest: Talc

  115. Ambati Balamyrali is the youngest (17-years old) doctor of Indian origin in the world who received his medical degree from Mount Sinai, New York.

  116. Ambedkar, B.R is known as the architect of the Indian Constitution.

  117. Apsra is the first nuclear reactor of India.

  118. Aquaculture refers to fish-farming or fish culture.

  119. Baku is famous for the production of petroleum.

  120. Blue revolution relates to fish farming.

  121. Borlaug, Norman Ernest was American agricultural scientist t and winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1970. He was one of those who laid the groundwork of the Green Revolution.

  122. Buoy stands for a man serving in any hotel for luggage transportation or as a guide.

  123. Chakmas are refugees from Bangladesh settled in India.

  124. Charar-e-Sharief is the Dargah of Sufi saint Sheikh Nooruddin Wali in Kashmir.

  125. Charminar is located in Hyderabad (India).

  126. Chernobayl is a Russian city having a nuclear power plant where a tank of readioactive waste exploded in April, 1993. This explosion is known as “Chernobyl Disaster”.

  127. Chris Patten was the last British Governor of Hong Kong.

  128. It is summer season in Australia during Christmas.

  129. Churchill was PM of U.K during WWII. He is known to have said “ I have nothing to offer except blood, sweat and tears.”

  130. Conditioned Reflex is the term mainly discussed in Psychology.

  131. Cross-breeding is to be done for achieving quick increase in milk production.

  132. Crystal oscillator is in electric watch, the component corresponding to pendulum of a pendulum clock.

  133. The production of cultured pearls is an important cottage industry of Japan.

  134. Debenture is a certificate issued by a company promising the payment of a specified amount at a fixed rate of interest after a specified period.

  135. A deflector is a technique of adjusting for changes in price level.

  136. Desdemona is a character in the Shakespeare’s play Othello.

  137. Dicky Dolma is the youngest woman climber of Mt. Everest.

  138. Dr. Watson is a fictional character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

  139. Dunkel Draft relates to international trade.

  140. Dzongkha is the official language of Bhutan.

  141. E.T.A is a terrorist organization in Spain.

  142. Elephant’s tusks are called enlarged cartilaginous bones.

  143. Erasmus was a Dutch writher. His Praise of Folly is still read.

  144. Esperanto is an artificial international language created to act as world language.

  145. Euro is the name of New Single European Currency launched on January 1, 1999.

  146. Every Street is paved with Gold was authored by Kim Woo-Chung, founder of Daewoo.

  147. Exfoliation is a type of weathering common both in the cold and in the hot climate regions.

  148. Exit Poll is a term used to denote a post-election survey of voters regarding the candidate in whose favour they had exercised their franchise.

  149. The readings of a Fahrenheit and a Centigrade temperature is the same at -40°.

  150. Gregory Mendel is called the Father of Genetics.

  151. Fenugreek seeds can benefit a patient of diabetes mellitus by normalizing his blood sugar level.

  152. Powder-type fire extinguisher is used for petroleum fire.

  153. India occupies first position in the world in the production of tea.

  154. It is the President and not the PM who presides over the cabinet meetings in France.

  155. Sigmund Freud founded the technique of pshychoaralysis.

  156. Guemica is a painting by Pablo Picasso.

  157. Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement.

  158. Inflation means an increase in the amount of paper money which tends to raise general price level of commodities. It is a comparative figure showing cost of living, production prices, etc as compared with a base year. Debtors are likely to benefit by Inflation.

  159. Zero Rate Inflation obtains necessarily in a year where the annual rate of inflation is constant in every week of the year.

  160. ISBN: International Standard Book Numbering is an internation system by which a distinct identifying number is assigned to each book.

  161. Jain Commission was associated with probing the conspiracy angle of the Rajiv Gandhi assassination.

  162. James Bond is a character in the novels written by Ian Fleming.

  163. Jana-gana-mana is India’s National Anthem.

  164. Jantar Mantar is an observatory in Delhi constructed in 1724 during the days of Maharaja Jai Singh II of Amber.

  165. Thomas Jefferson authored American Declaration of Independence.

  166. Jurassic Park was directed by Steven Spielberg.

  167. Kabalega is a National Park of Uganda.

  168. Kalidas was the greatest of the Sanskrit daramatist. He authored Shakukntala, etc.

  169. Kalinga Prize is awarded for popularization of science each year by UNESCO.

  170. Gary Kasparov is associated with Chess.

  171. Dr. V. Kurein is associated with Dairy Farming.

  172. Bhutan is called the “Land of Thunder Dragon”.

  173. Laos is the only land-locked country in South-East Asia.

  174. Last Supper is a famous Renaissance painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

  175. Leningrad is a famous town in Russia situated on the bank of river Neva.

  176. LIBOR is the basic interest rate on interbank loans in London.

  177. Lifeline Express is the world’s first hospital on rails operated in India.

  178. G.J. Mendel is known as founder of genetics.

  179. Meri Ekyaven Kavitayen is collection of poems of Atal Behari Vajpayee.

  180. Milk is an example of emulsion.

  181. Missionaries of Charity is the religious order established by Mother Teresa.

  182. Montesquieu gave the theory of separation of power.

  183. Mother Teresa was born in Albania in 1910.

  184. New Moore Island is situated in the Bay of Bengal.

  185. Parliament of Switzerland is known as Federal Assembly.

  186. Pasumpatinath temple is in Nepal.

  187. Photolysis is dissociation of water molecule in the chemical reaction of photosynthesis.

  188. Pierry Cardin is famous fashion designer.

  189. Pondicherry is the Union Territory of India which has a legislature.

  190. India has 16% of world’s population.

  191. Postal Zone is indicated by the first two digits from left of the Pincode.

  192. Eyes of potato are used for vegetative propagation.

  193. Prunning is associated with the cultivation of tea.

  194. The concept of Public Interest Litigation originated in UK.

  195. Pulitzer Prizes are awarded to Americans for excellence in journalism.

  196. Quill feathers are on the wing and tail of birds and are helpful during their flight.

  197. Red Cross Movement was launched by J.H. Dunant.

  198. Saw-scaled viper is the only snake that builds a nest.

  199. Scenes from a writer’s life is the autobiography of Ruskin Bond.

  200. The average salinity of sea water is 3.5%.

  201. Gram, Pea and Soyabean group of seeds are richer in protein than Rice and Maize.

  202. A team of men in opposition to take over the different portfolios in case the party is able to wrest power is known as Shadow Cabinet.

  203. Shahtoosh is the finest, warmest and lightest wool in the world produced in Uzbekistan.

  204. If a ship desires to travel the shortest route, it must follow longitude connecting the two joints b/w which travel is to be undertaken.

  205. Vatican is the smallest country in the world in terms of area.

  206. Snake is a limbless reptile.

  207. USA is the world’s principal producer of Soyabean.

  208. Stromboli is a volcano in Sicily.

  209. Tape worm has no digestive system because it is a saprophyte.

  210. The Road Ahead is written by Bill Gates.

  211. Torah is the sacred book of the Parsis.

  212. United Kingdom consists of England, Northern Island, Scotland & Wales.

  213. Wheatstone Bridge is used to measure resistances.

  214. In Lawrence of Arabia Nobel Laureate Pearl S.Buck collaborated.

  215. Length of a terrestrial mile is lesser than that of a nautical mile.

  216. Bhakta Tukaram was a contemporary of Aurangzeb.

  217. Universal Product Code (UPC) is adopted against adulteration in eatables.

  218. Dolby B or Dolby C is printed on tape recorders and other sound systems refers to Noise reduction circuit.

  219. The new administrative capital proposed for Myanmar is Pyinmana.

  220. Bulgaria and Greece are disputing over the historical Macedonian territory.

  221. Historical materialism is a tenet of Marxims- approach to study mankind with respect to society, economy and history.

  222. Lightning is formed when strong opposite charges in different clouds break down the resistance offered by intervening air.

  223. John Locke published a famous pamphlet known as ‘Right of Mass’ and urged the people in England, America and France to fight for their liberty.

  224. Eli Whitney of America invented the cotton gin that separates seeds from cotton three hundred times faster that by hand in 1793.

  225. In terms of the evolution of organism bat is the most advanced among pigeon, shark & vultures.

  226. Large aperture telescopes are used for greater resolution.

  227. Anton van Leeuwenhoek first time saw bacteria through a microscope made by him in 1683.

  228. A seed is a ripened ovule.

  229. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama is America’s 44th President.

  230. Pea can fix nitrogen from air.

  231. Exbiology is the study of life or its possibility on other planets.

  232. Sandy soil is dry in comparison to clay due to Capillary action.

  233. The framers of the Constitution borrowed the idea of judicial review from the Constitution of USA.

  234. Savana grasslands are found in Africa.

  235. The production of cultured pearls is an important cottage industry of Belgium.

  236. When two organisms exit in such a way that only one is benefited by the other, the relationship is called Parasitism.

  237. Qutub Minar made by Iltutmish, Gol Gumbaz made by Mohammad Adil Shah, Buland Darwaza made by Akbar and Moti Masjid made by Aurangzeb

  238. El Nino is associated with world weather.

  239. The Red Fort was built by Shahjehan.

  240. 200th anniversary of the scientist in 2009.... Charles Darwin

  241. BIN is the intelligence agency of.... Indonasia

  242. Silicon valley in California is famous because of Software Industry

  243. In 2008 monarchy ended in a country after 240 years... Nepal

  244. Country celebrating 50th anniversary of communist revolution... Cuba

  245. Pearl Harbor is in the state of USA.... Hawaii

  246. The term Intifada means... Uprising

  247. Hamas was founded by.. Sheikh Ahmad Yasin in 1987.

  248. Likud and Kaldima parties belong to... Israel

  249. Cities of Afghanistan border along with Pakistan border......?????

  250. Which city of Afghanistan produces most opium... Helmand

  251. Transit trade agreement b/w pak and afghan in....1965

  252. Oldest organization among OIC, ECO, SAARC and D8 ........OIC

  253. Tamils are fighting in which are of Srilanka... Jaffana

  254. Naxalite movement is in ... India

  255. Teges is the currency of.... Kazikhstan

  256. Hemmant Thakare was the... Chief of Indian Squad during Mumbai drama

  257. The Idea of AESM meeting organization was given by a person of country...Singapore....?????

  258. World Bank president is .... Zollick

  259. Petticoat government is the government by... Woman

  260. Brain Drain is.. migration of skilled labour

  261. Russia is worried about the Missile defence system of US in.....poland and czech republic.

  262. Russia gives oil to Europe through the route of... Ukraine

  263. Khar is in ... Bajur

  264. The word Philately means.. Stamps collection

  265. Study of Human races.... Ethnology

  266. Marco Polo was.. Traveler

  267. East India Company was established during the period of ... Jehangir

  268. Operation cast lead was the name which killed 1400

  269. Winner of 8-oscar awards movie in 2008....Slum dog Millionaire

  270. Madam Tausand museum is in .. London

  271. 1-metric ton is equal to...1000kgs

  272. UN spends $8-billion every year on........peacekeeping..??????

  273. US under agreement of partnership with Pakistan will give .........opportunity zones Recently Pakistan is aided by 200mw by.. UAE

  274. Oldest anthem in the world is.... Netherlands

  275. Hung Parliament is....No single party has the majority

  276. Country with the largest Kurd population... Iraq

  277. Country recently elected to IAEA.... Afghanistan

  278. Country with which Pakistan is having most of his trade.... USA...?????

  279. Karachi Nuclear Power plant is with the help of ... Canada

  280. A country closed her station for USA... Kyrgyzstan

  281. World economic crisis was due to... Housing and mortgage problem in USA

  282. African Union President.... Moammar Gadhafi

  283. Oil company Aramaco is of.. Saudi Arabia

  284. The country with foreign reserves of above $2 trillion... Japan

  285. Khmer Rouge was attacked by.... combodia's communist party

  286. Statement to combat terrorism by task forces.... Zardari

  287. A place between the seven wonders..???????

  288. Russian News agency.....Itar-Tass

  289. Israel peace process with palestine was stalled....size of palestinian state

  290. A persons name was written and was asked about the organisation... red cross,

  291. scouts, CNN, etc
  292. Obama's convoy to Middle East.... John Mitchel

  293. National Income of the country is...all income earn in year

  294. Petra is a new archaelogical place in the country..... Jordan

  295. Madhya Pradesh is the largest state in India (by area); Uttar Pardesh (by population)

  296. Sigmund Freud, physiologist, medical doctor, psychologist and father of psychoanalysis, is generally recognized as one of the most influential and authoritative thinkers of the twentieth century and the father of modern psychology.

  297. The term digital divide refers to the gap between people with effective access to digital and information technology and those with very limited or no.

  298. Which gas company of Russia supplies gas to European states? Gazprom

  299. Which famous character is produced by J.K Rowling? Harry Potter

  300. Which Railway line connects Pakistan and Iran? The Quetta-Zahedan line connects Pakistan and Iran by railway

  301. In which state of USA Hollywood is located? California.

  302. What is Ivy league? Ivy League is the name generally applied to eight universities (Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale) that over the years have had common interests in scholarship as well as in athletics.

  303. Which female PM served for the longest period of time in the world? Margret Thature.

  304. Which member of Gandhi family died a natural death? None.

  305. Smeary (Dajla & Euphrates), Indian/Mohinjodaro. (Gangies & Sindh) were flourishing at the banks of the mighty rivers.

  306. Which of the Mughal emperor is burried outside the present Pak and India territory? Babur at Bagh-e-Babur (Kabul) (Afghanistan) & Bahadur Shah Zafar (Yangoon).

  307. What is the freezing point of heavy water? Freezing point (°C) 3.82, Boiling point (°C) 101.4

  308. A pariah state is one whose conduct is considered to be out of line with international norms of behavior.

  309. What name is given to the place of 9/11? Ground Zero

  310. Gestapo" was the secret police of which country? Germany.

  311. Khalil Jibran belonged to which country? Lebanon

  312. 79.What it is called when Stock Exchange is going down? Bearish
  313. Akelman desert is in which country? China

  314. When did Greenwich Meridian Watch start to work? 1884

  315. What is Evangelicals?

  316. Which monarchy has recently allowed females to rule?

  317. Which was the native town of Babar? Farghana

  318. Who is considered as the Leader of modern Chinese economy? Deng Xiaoping

  319. When did Crusade begin? 1099

  320. When for the first time 'Doctrine of Necessity" was used in Pakistan? Mulvi Tameez-ud-din case

  321. How many zero'z are in 1 trillion? 12 zero

  322. What Chinese Muslims are called in province ____of China?province= Xinjiang Uygur, muslims named as = Geys' Mazars

  323. The conquest of China, begun under Genghis, was completed 65 years later under KUBLAI KHAN.

  324. How many members were in the UN when it was established? 51

  325. South Pole is in Antactica.

  326. Tallest tree is Redwood.

  327. East Timore got independence from Indonesia.

  328. Kosovo got indidependence from Yogoslavia.

  329. Asia’s population is 58.6% of world population.

  330. Asia size is 29.5% of the world.

  331. Average temp: on siachen is -40 degree Celcius.

  332. Siachen means place of wild roses.

  333. India and Pak: are fighting on Siachen since 1984.

  334. India launched operation Vidhara on Siachen in 1984.

  335. Length of line of control is 720 km.

  336. All parties Huriyat Conference is a party of 23 parties.

  337. % of Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir is 95%.

  338. Afghan ruler at the time of USSR invasion was BArbark Kermal.

  339. Taliban regime came into power in 1996.

  340. Second largest ethinc group in Afghanistan is Tajik.

  341. Intifada means uprising.

  342. PLO established in 1964 its HQ is in Rammalah.

  343. Al-Fateh was established in 1958.

  344. PLO was expelled by Jordon.

  345. Hazbullah means Party of God.

  346. Yasir Arafat passed away in Paris on 11 Nov: 2004.

  347. Hamas was formed in 1987.

  348. Egypet is both in Africa & Asia (Northeastern Africa & Southwestern Asia). Sinai Peninsula is the part of Egypt that lies in Asia.

  349. Only African country that remained independent during colonial rule was Ethiopia.

  350. UAE comprises of 7 states.

  351. Zimbabwe gained independence in 1980.

  352. Protectorate state of world is Bhutan.

  353. Temple of Tooth (Budha’s tooth) is at Kandy.

  354. Napoleon was exiled to St: Helena in Mediterranean in 1814-15.

  355. Leif Eriesson reaced North America.

  356. Columbus discovered South America in 1494.

  357. Sir Hugh Willoighby & Richard Chancellor discovered White Sea and ocean route to Russia.

  358. Wiiliam Janszoon discovered Australia.

  359. Abel Taman discovered Newzealand, Tongo & Fiji in 1642.

  360. Confucianism is found in China & Taiwan.

  361. Jesus Christ was born at Bethalhem, Jerusalem.

  362. Gautam Siddharta Buddha was born in Nepal.

  363. Shintoism is in Japan.

  364. Roman Empire was established in 27 B.C by Octavian.

  365. Mughals ruled India for 331 years.

  366. Opium war waged from 1839-42 b/w China & Britain.

  367. Boston Tea Party event is related to American Independence.

  368. First WW lasted for 4 years.

  369. Germany was defeated by England in a naval fight in 1916 in battle of Jutland.

  370. Shortes ever war fought that lasted for 6 days Arab-Israel war.

  371. First civil war among Muslims was battle of Jamal.

  372. In 1845 British defeated Sikhs and captured Lahore in the battle of Sabraon.

  373. Where can you find London bridge today: USA ( Arizona )

  374. Which animal lays eggs: Duck billed platypus

  375. What do deciduous trees do Lose their leaves in winter

  376. How many feet in a fathom Six

  377. Christopher Columbus sailed in the Nina - Pinta and Santa Maria

  378. Which leader died in St Helena: Napoleon Bonaparte

  379. What does ring a ring a roses refer to: The Black Death

  380. What would you do with a maris piper :Eat it - it’s a potato

  381. What is the currency of Austria: Schilling

  382. What is the Islamic equal to the red cross: Red Crescent

  383. What are Munroes: Mountains in Scotland

  384. What does an alopecia sufferer lack Hair

  385. What is a baby rabbit called Kit or Kitten

  386. Which country had The Dauphin as a ruler France

  387. What is a Winston Churchill Cigar

  388. Who or what lives in a formicarium Ants

  389. It’s a flock of sheep what's a group of owls called Parliament

  390. What animal would you find in a form- Hare

  391. John browe minnoch (1941-83) of USA was the heaviest man. He weighted 635 kgs.

  392. The first product to have a bar code was Wrigley's gum.

  393. The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off.

  394. The cigarette lighter was invented before the match

  395. Every drop of seawater contains approximately 1 billion gold atoms

  396. The US national anthem actually has three verses, but everyone just knows the first one.

  397. The total combined weight of the worlds ant population is heavier than the weight of the human population.

  398. Buckingham Palace in England has over six hundred rooms

  399. The winter of 1932 was so cold that Niagara Falls froze completely solid

  400. Butterflies taste with their feet

  401. One of the countries through which equator passes is: Malaysia

  402. Clocks, which moves with the velocities comparable with the velocity of light, run: with zero velocity

  403. Humming bird belongs to a category called: Endotherm

  404. PERT is a technique used for which one of the following? Project Management

  405. Han myung has become the first woman prime minister of south korea.

  406. At which international film festival is the ‘Golden Lion’ awarded to the best film? Venice Film Festival

  407. Which of the following planets takes nearly the same time for a rotation on its own axis as does the Earth? Mars

  408. Who was the founder of the Asiatic Society? William Jones

  409. Fortis Hospitals chain is an enterprise of Ranbaxy

  410. The major natural regions of the world are delineated primarily on the basis of temperature, rainfall and cultivated vegetation

  411. The agreement between India and China, by which both accepted Panchsheel as the basis of their relations, was signed in 1954

  412. Which of the following territories of India was/were invaded by China on November 19, 1962? Ladakh and NEFA

  413. Deflation is contraction in volume of money or credit that results in a decline of price level

  414. Which one of the following is not allied to Geophysical Sciences? Palaeontology

  415. The conservation of hawks and owls is important to mankind chiefly because these birds eat many harmful rodents

  416. the plane of the earth’s equator were not inclined to the plane of

  417. In which city was the famous black hole: Calcutta

  418. If you had rubella what would you have caught: German Measles

  419. La Giaconda is better known as what: Mona Lisa

  420. Eric Arthur Blaire was the real name of which author: George Orwell

  421. Which country do Sinologists study: China

  422. What is Orchesis - either professional or amateur: Art of Dancing

  423. Whose autobiography was The long walk to Freedom: Nelson Mandela

  424. Clyde Tonbaugh discovered what planet in 1930: Pluto

  425. Which chess piece could be a member of the church: Bishop

  426. Which American state is nicknamed The Diamond State: Delaware

  427. What martial arts name means gentle way: Judo

  428. Kimberlite contains what precious item: Diamonds

  429. Which country introduced the worlds first diesel loco in 1912: Germany

  430. What animals name translates as water horse: Hippopotamus

  431. Which two metals are alloyed to make pewter: Tin and Lead

  432. What is the longest river in Italy: Po

  433. Oil seed rape belongs to which plant family: Mustard

  434. Zambia and Zimbabwe used to be called what: Rhodesia

  435. What is the staple food of one third of the worlds population: Rice

  436. What digit does not exist in Roman Numerals: Zero

  437. Who was nicknames The desert Fox (both Names): Erwin Rommel

  438. Which European country is divided into areas called Cantons: Switzerland

  439. Who created Tarzan (all names) in 1914: Edgar Rice Burroughs

  440. Who is the only American president elected unopposed: George Washington

  441. Which countries men use the most deodorant: Japan

  442. What was the first credit card: Diners Club

  443. Which country made the worlds first feature film in 1906: Australia Story of Kelly gang

  444. Where is the worlds largest gold depository: Federal reserve bank Manhattan

  445. What is 6 inches bigger in Summer: Eiffel tower

  446. Which 1956 film caused riots in cinemas: Rock around the clock

  447. From what language does the word alphabet come: Greek -alpha beta

  448. What was the first film made in cinemascope: The robe

  449. A pearmain is what type of fruit: Apple

  450. What did God create on the fifth day (both): Sea creatures and birds

  451. What were the first false teeth made from: Ivory

  452. Which leader lives in the Potola: Dalai Lama

  453. Which country invented the concentration camp: Britain - Boer war

  454. Scotopic people can do what: See in the dark

  455. What is the most critical thing keeping bananas fresh transport: Temperature not below 13 C 55F

  456. What city has Kogoshima as its airport: Tokyo

  457. What is a baby whale called: Calf

  458. On what is the Mona Lisa painted: Wood

  459. Which bird turns it head upside down to eat: Flamingo

  460. Who rode a horse called Bucephalus: Alexander the Great

  461. Who invented popcorn: American Indians

  462. For what is spirits of salt another name: Hydrochloric acid

  463. What flower is the symbol of secrecy: Rose

  464. What is the white trail behind a jet plane made from: Ice Crystals

  465. If you were doing vaccimulgence what doing: Milking a cow

  466. Who was the Greek goddess of love: Aphrodite

  467. What is the only creature that can turn its stomach inside out: Starfish

  468. What is the worlds most popular green vegetable: Lettuce

  469. Which country had the first women MPs 19 in 1907: Finland

  470. Which Mediterranean countries orchestra is bigger than its army Monaco

  471. Where can you buy a copy of Penguin News: Falkland Islands

  472. Which African country was founded by Americans: Liberia

  473. What was Britain called - before it was Britain: Albion

  474. What part of a frog do you rub to hypnotise it: Its belly

  475. What was the first gramophone record made from: Tinfoil

  476. which famous person invented the cat flap: Isaac Newton

  477. What was invented by Dr Albert Southwick in 1881: Electric chair

  478. Where would you find line of Mars - Girdle of Venus: Palm - lines in Palmistry

  479. What do Ombrophobes fear: Rain

  480. Who landed on Timor Island after being cast adrift: Captain Bligh

  481. A C-Curity was the original name of what common object: Zip Fastener

  482. What does ludo mean (literally): I Play

  483. An elephant has 400000 what in its trunk: Muscles

  484. What colour is cerulean: Deep Blue

  485. What does Zip stand for in the American Zip Code: Zone Improvement Plan

  486. Percy Shaw invented what in 1934: Cats eyes

  487. Which acid was first prepared from distilled red ants: Formic acid

  488. Milton lost which sense: Sight

  489. Eiffel designed the Eiffel tower - what was his first name: Gustave

  490. The Koh-i-Nor is a famous diamond - what does the name mean: Mountain of Light

  491. What was Britain's first colony (annexed in 1583): Newfoundland

  492. A skulk is a group of which animals: Foxes

  493. Who was the Goddess of the rainbow: Iris

  494. Who was the first actor to appear on cover of Time magazine: Charlie Chaplin

  495. In which country did the turnip originate: Greece

  496. Which animals can live longest without water: Rats

  497. Which fruit contains the most protein: Avocado

  498. In sailing ship days who often acted as the ships doctor: Cook

  499. A muster is a group of which birds: Peacocks

  500. Which country grew the first Orange: China

  501. Gossima was the original name of what game: Table Tennis

  502. A kindle is the name for a group of what young animals: Kittens

  503. Minerva is the Goddess of what: Wisdom

  504. One person every 6 seconds dies from what: Contaminated water diseases

  505. The length of what is approximately 1/10th circumference of earth: Great wall of China

  506. USA has most airports which country has second most: Australia

  507. In 1829 Walter Hunt invented what common item: Safety Pin

  508. Who invented punched cards used in early computing 1880s: Herman Hollerith

  509. 1500 paces was what Roman measurement: League

  510. Who gave the UN the land in NY to build their HQ: John D Rockerfeller

  511. Which writer coined the word Cyberspace in 1984: William Gibson –Neuromancer

  512. What is the oldest known infectious disease: Leprosy

  513. What was invented in 1855 45 years later than it was needed: Can Opener

  514. Chogori is better know by what boring name: K2

  515. Which country has the worlds biggest (on land) National Park: Canada – Wood Buffalo 17300s ml

  516. What was Edison’s first practical invention: Tick a Tape for stockmarket

  517. Which company invented the transistor radio in 1952: Sony

  518. What metal impurity makes rubies red and emeralds green: Chromium

  519. What is dittology: Double meaning

  520. Which country invented the mariners compass: China

  521. How was Alexander the Greats body preserved: In large jar of honey

  522. What was invented 1903 - patented 1906 G C Beilder: Photocopier

  523. What country consumes the most coal each year: China

  524. What does soviet mean: Workers Council

  525. In which city is the worlds oldest museum - Ashmolian 1679: Oxford

  526. To what family does the hippopotamus belong: Pig

  527. In which city is the worlds oldest tennis court from 1496: Paris

  528. Who said Politics is the art of the possible 11 Aug 1867: Otto Von Bismarck

  529. In which country did Turkeys originate: USA

  530. What colour is worn for funerals in Egypt: Yellow

  531. An Arab horse has less what than other horses: Bones - one vertebra less

  532. In what country did red onions originate: Italy

  533. What job did Ernest Hemmingway do in WW1: Ambulance Driver

  534. What was the name of the Roman God of sleep-Somnos

  535. What is the name of the four holy books of the Hindus-The Vedas

  536. What animal always gives birth to same sex twins-Armadillo

  537. What colour is named after a battle fought in Italy in 1859-Magenta

  538. What does the name Ghengis Khan mean-Very Mighty Ruler

  539. What is the most common disease in the world-Dental Caries

  540. Which country was the first to make seat belts compulsory-Czechoslovakia

  541. A young what is called an Eyas-Hawk

  542. In a Gynocracy - who rules- Women

  543. What type of animal is a markhor-Wild Goat

  544. What is the last book of the Bible-Revelations

  545. What historical event was referred to as Black 47-Irish Potato Famine

  546. Tempera uses water and what to paint with- Egg Yoke

  547. Which company developed the Laser Printer -Cannon

  548. The name of which countries capital means good air-Argentina – Buenos Aires

  549. Which dictator preferred 50,000 rifles to 50,000 votes-Benito Mussolini

  550. What country was once named New France- Canada

  551. In which country were modern banknotes first used-Sweden

  552. What does the syrinx help a bird to do-Sing

  553. What food item in French literally means twice cooked-Biscuit

  554. The Titanic has a sister ship - name it-The Olympic

  555. Halcyon is the poetic name for which bird-Kingfisher

  556. Which country invented French fried potatoes-Belgium

  557. The word bungalow comes from which language-Hindi

  558. What is the Japanese Shinkasen-High speed Train

  559. What is a travelator-Horizontal Escalator

  560. Where was Napoleon born-Ajaccio -Corsican capitol

  561. In the wild what animal pollinates banana plants-Bats

  562. What colour is the Black Box carried in aircraft-Orange

  563. Allium Sativum is better known as what-Garlic

  564. What was Madam Curie's husbands name-Pierre

  565. The USA president lives in the White House - Who Blue House-President South Korea

  566. What does an aronophobe fear -Internet

  567. Which world famous landmark is found on Mount Lee? The Hollywood Sign

  568. The name of which Indian city means Village of Boiled Beans -Bangalore

  569. What county has its map on its flag-Cyprus

  570. Lucknow is a city in India - and what other country-Canada

  571. What invention was nicknamed the Noisy Serpent in 1902-Vacuum Cleaner

  572. What country has a regiment of bicycle mounted soldiers-Switzerland

  573. Which animal has legs but cant walk- Hummingbird

  574. In what city 1985 was the worlds first computer museum opened-Boston

  575. Skeleton is derived from Greek - what is its literal translation-Dried Up

  576. Edward Hunter USA Journalist invented what term Korean war-Brainwashing

  577. What word in English has the most definitions-Set

  578. Desire for more cows is the translation what Sanskrit word-War - same in English

  579. What is the most mentioned name in the Bible-David - Jesus is second

  580. What is a spermologer interested in- Trivia

  581. What is 2000 in Roman Numerals- MM

  582. What is the sacred animal of Thailand-White Elephant

  583. We have all heard Hari Krishna - what does Krishna mean-Dark as a cloud

  584. Feline cats - Bovine Cows - Aquiline what -Eagle

  585. What animal is the symbol of long life in Korea-Deer

  586. What animal was the symbol of freedom in ancient Rome-Cat

  587. Time Magazine named what as the Man of the Year 1982-The Computer

  588. What animals teeth were used as knife blades by the Indians-Beaver

  589. If you were studying Iatrology what would you be studying-Science of Medicine

  590. The United Nations in New York were originally where-San Francisco

  591. In what country is the northernmost point of Africa-Tunisia

  592. In what film - Charlie Chaplain have his first speaking part 1940-The Great Dictator

  593. What Prophet in the Bible had a talking donkey-Balaam

  594. What common word comes from the Latin for who are you-Quiz

  595. Napoleon had a fear of what - Aelurophobia-Cats

  596. If you graduate with a degree in music what colour tassel wear-Pink

  597. In the Bible who built the ancient city of Babylon-Nimrod

  598. What was the first day of the year in the Roman calendar-25th March

  599. What does Karaoke literally mean -Empty Orchestra

  600. In what country did stamp collecting start -France

  601. Where do the White and Blue Niles join-Khartoum - in Sudan

  602. What are young bats called-Pups

  603. What plant has flowers but no leaves-Cactus

  604. Who was the Roman Goddess of peace-Pax

  605. What is a baby squirrel called-Kit or Kitten

  606. If you are born in March what is your Flower-Violet

  607. What is the only word in English that ends in mt-Dreamt

  608. What country has a Bible on its flag-Dominican Republic

  609. What is the only number in English that has letters in alpha order-Forty

  610. What is the name for 100th of a second-A Jiffy

  611. 10% (by weight) of the worlds land animals are what species- Ants

  612. The milk of what creature will not curdle- Camel

  613. What do cockroaches do every fifteen minutes-Fart

  614. Noah's Ark had two of everything including what feature- Windows

  615. The Invisible Empire is better known as what-Klu Klux Klan

  616. The word vinegar come from French meaning what-Sour Wine

  617. In Saudi Arabia by law women may not become what-A Doctor

  618. Most blue eyed cats are what-Deaf

  619. The name of which animal means does not drink-Koala

  620. Collective Nouns - a Convocation of what-Eagles

  621. In proportion which animal has the largest eye-Cat

  622. Collective Nouns - a Cast of what -Falcons

  623. What European countries flag is square-Switzerland

  624. What is an octothrope-The # symbol

  625. Tigers have stripped fur - what colour is their skin-Stripped

  626. What bird has the most feathers per square inch-Penguin

  627. A dog is canine - what animal is ovine-Sheep

  628. A cat is feline - what animal is murine-Mouse or Rat

  629. The Golden Rain is the common name of what tree-Laburnum

  630. What countries nation anthem is Land of Two Rivers-Iraq

  631. Queen Alexandria's is the worlds largest what-Butterfly 1 foot wing

  632. Collective nouns - A train of what -Camels

  633. Who said "The child is the father of the man"-Wordsworth

  634. Collective nouns - a streak of what-Tigers

  635. There are over 130000 species of what on earth-Butterflies

  636. Azote was the original name of what element-Nitrogen

  637. What animals cannot swim-Gorillas

  638. The UIT govern what sport-International shooting union

  639. There are more telephones than people in what city-Washington USA

  640. If you landed at Arlanda airport where would you be-Stockholm Sweden

  641. What country declared itself first atheist state in 1967-Albania – banned religion

  642. What is the Roman numerals for 3000-MMM

  643. What are Jean Bernard, Pierre St-Martin and Berger in France-Worlds deep caves

  644. Dallol Ethiopia has what claim to fame-Worlds hottest

  645. average place 94-Where are Bay of Heats and Bay of Dew Sinus Aestuum – Roris-Near side of Moon

  646. What is Canada's oldest city founded in 1608-Quebec

  647. Narcotics comes from the Greek - what it literally mean-Electric eels - put on foreheads

  648. Siddhartha Gautama became better known as who-Buddha

  649. Where was Ice Cream invented- China

  650. What was Socrates wife's name-Xanthippe

  651. What order of insects contains the most species-Beetles

  652. What is Rice Paper made from-A Tree - The Rice Paper Tree pith

  653. What is Nelson Mandela's middle name-Rolihlahla

  654. Tenzin Gyatso became what in 1937-Dali Lama

  655. In what country was Mother Theresa born- Albania

  656. Reykjavik translates into what-Smoky Bay

  657. What is Christmas Disease-Mild Haemophilia

  658. What US state is the magnolia state-Mississippi

  659. 72% of what country is covered by forest- Finland

  660. On what are the worlds smallest paintings painted- Pin Heads

  661. What city used to be known as Bytown-Ottawa

  662. The Red Rose City has what more common name in Jordan-Petra

  663. Who does a Filicide kill-Son or Daughter

  664. What was the first country to recognise the US as independent-Morocco

  665. And what country won it- Sweden

  666. What is the worlds most widely eaten fish- Herring

  667. What was the name of the first presidential aircraft -Sacred Cow

  668. What flower is the symbol of culture-The Lotus

  669. In what prison did Nelson Mandela spend 19 of 27 years in jail-Robben Island

  670. What is Virga-Rain the don’t reach ground

  671. A Pullicologist is an expert in what-Fleas

  672. What colour is caffeine- White powder

  673. In what country would you buy Kingfisher lager-India

  674. Name Australia's highest mountain-Mount Kosciusko

  675. What was Napoleons mothers name-Laticia

  676. In what language was The Communist Manifesto written-German

  677. Monology is the study of what- Stupidity

  678. What country is the worlds oldest functioning democracy-Iceland

  679. What country consumes the most fish per capita-Japan

  680. If you suffered from pyrexia what have you got-Fever

  681. Nine inches in nautical measure is called what- A Span

  682. What country drink the most milk per capita-Iceland

  683. Where was volleyball invented-France

  684. What is mosquitoes main food-Nectar from flowers

  685. What killed half the US soldiers in WW1- 1918 Flu Epidemic

  686. What is the opposite of Plenum-Vacuum

  687. Where was the worlds first oil well drilled-Pennsylvania

  688. Who was the pilot in the first fatal air crash-Orville Wright

  689. There is one gallon of water in every cubic mile of what-Fog

  690. What capital city translates as Capital City in the native tongue-Seoul - South Korea

  691. What food are astronauts prohibited before a mission Beans - Farts damage spacesuits

  692. What does a myrmecologist study-Ants

  693. Women do it twice as often as men - what -Blink

  694. first man to set foot on all five continents- Captain Cook

  695. What gives onions their distinctive smell- Sulphur - taken in when growing

  696. What animals name comes from the Sanskrit to steal-Mouse – Musha

  697. What is a Winter Banana -A variety of Apple

  698. Where are the glasshouse mountains- Queensland Australia

  699. Mesopotamia means- Between two Rivers

  700. Only three Angels are named in Bible Gabriel Michael and who- Lucifer

  701. What animals name translate from Arabic as He who walks fast Giraffe – from Xirapha

  702. What is in the Red Data Book- Endangered Species

  703. Who wrote the book - Call of the Wild-Jack London

  704. What is the name of the scale measuring depth of coma (GCS)- Glasgow Coma Scale

  705. Which 19th century battle UK / USA fought after peace signed- Battle of New Orleans

  706. What place is nicknamed "The City of Lilies"- Florence

  707. In what literary work would you find the yahoos- Gulliver's Travels

  708. What place was nicknamed "The Pearl of the Orient"-Manilla - Philippines

  709. Operation Dracula in WWII freed what city- Rangoon Burma

  710. What countries name translates as lion mountains- Sierra Leone

  711. In WW2 what was the German codename for invasion of Russia- Barberossa

  712. FIDE govern what game -Chess

  713. The density of what is measured on the Rngelmann scale- Smoke

  714. Who would be scored on the Apgar scale- Newborn Babies

  715. geographical dividing line N/S Korea- 38th Parallel

  716. first American state to enter the union 7 Dec 1787- Delaware Pennsylvania second

  717. old man in The Old Man and the Sea named Santiago

  718. unit of sound named after- Alexander Graham Bell - Decibel

  719. What nationality was first person in space not US or Russian Czech – Vladimir Remek Soyuz 28

  720. Inspecting Galvaynes Groove tells you what- Age of horse – it’s on its teeth

  721. first space probe to land on the moon 13 Sept 1959 Luna 2

  722. What fish has its head at right angles to its body- Sea Horse

  723. In what country is the worlds largest pyramid Mexico – Quetzalcoatl

  724. What city was known as Christiana until 1925- Oslo – Sweden

  725. What sea is directly north of Poland- Baltic sea

  726. What is the name of the cranial bone just above your ear Temporal

  727. Who led the Soviets when they invaded Hungary in 1956 Nikita Khruschcev

  728. In astronomy what are rapidly rotating neutron stars called Pulsars

  729. The word Atom comes from the Greek meaning what Indestructible

  730. What part of the body is most bitten by insects The Foot

  731. 90% of bird species are what Monogamous

  732. countries on 2 continents Russia Turkey (Asia Europe) and Egypt - Africa and Asia

  733. What are male crabs known as Jimmies

  734. In WW2 the Germans launched operation Bernhard - what Counterfeit British Notes

  735. Kangaroos and Emus can't do what-Walk backwards

  736. What country had three presidents - in the same day-Mexico

  737. There are 300 distinct different types of what food-Honey

  738. What country has three capital cities Admin Legislate Judicial-South Africa

  739. Countries name means Place where one struggles with God-Israel

  740. Ecuador was named after who / what-The Equator

  741. The Davis Strait lies between Canada and where-Greenland

  742. Children take SATs what does SAT stand for-Standard assessment tasks

  743. A lion and a sword appear on what countries flag-Sri Lanka

  744. What animals are likely to die first from global warming-Polar Bears

  745. In the 19th century what was known as inheritance powder-Arsenic – as poison

  746. What animal has the most taste buds over 27000-Catfish

  747. What is sometimes nicknamed Adams Profession-Gardener

  748. What profession makes regular use of vibrators-Potters - remove air from clay

  749. What part of the body ages the fastest-The Hands

  750. What is the word Taxi short for-Taximeter

  751. In medicine what is nicknamed a blue pipe-A Vein

  752. What sport was called The Royal Sport-Cock Fighting

  753. What cities underground has the most stations-New York

  754. Name the Hong Kong stock exchange-Hang Seng

  755. What is a bandy bandy-A Snake

  756. What is the fastest creature raced for sport-Pigeon

  757. The New Testament originally written in what language-Greek

  758. What is the only Christian country in Asia-The Philippines

  759. A snake has only one lung.

  760. Canaan Banana was the first president of where-Zimbabwe

  761. What hairs are the last to lose their colour with age-Eyelashes

  762. The Black Death came to England from what port-Calais

  763. What is the currency of Egypt-The Pound

  764. The town of Banana in Queensland is named after what-A huge bullock

  765. After English what's the most widely used language on the net-German

  766. Two thirds of the worlds geysers are found where-Yellowstone Park

  767. Where were the worlds first paved streets-Rome 170 bc

  768. The word Angel derives from the Greek meaning what-Messenger

  769. Name the first film to have its sequel released in the same year-King Kong - Son of Kong

  770. What's unusual about the moons of Uranus-Named Shakespeare characters

  771. What colour is the number 10 on 10 Downing street-White

  772. What Olympic event was dropped in 1920-Tug of War -1900 to 1920

  773. The average child wears out 730 by age ten 730 what-Crayons

  774. What nation invented the toilet seat- Egyptian

  775. What is an onychophagist- A nail biter

  776. Woman's are faster than men's, they usually have more - what-Heartbeats

  777. The electric light first available product what's second-Electric Oven

  778. What's the only city today split in two by a wall-Nicosia Cyprus

  779. What is the Latin word for poison-Virus

  780. In medicine what is an Anomaloscope used for-Test for colour blindness

  781. In what sport would you find a Tell Tale-Squash - Tin strip ball can't hit

  782. What is the most redesigned appliance in the world-Telephone Handset

  783. In Tennis where is the Australian Open played-Flinders Park

  784. What was the first sport to be filmed -Boxing by Thomas Edison 1894

  785. What is measured on the Torro scale -Tornados

  786. Satan is Lucifer but what does Lucifer mean -The Light Bearer

  787. What does a Grabatologist collect-Ties

  788. What country has two AK47 assault rifles on it's flag -Mozambique

  789. The Arabs call it Al-Maghrib what do we call it-morocco

  790. In what country did tulips originate- Persia

  791. Where would you find a Dry Bible :Heart chamber of a

  792. Ruminant
  793. Which mammal has the fewest teeth- Armadillo - none

  794. An IVP is used to detect what medical condition- Kidney Stones- Intravenuspylorigram

  795. What colour is iridium-Steel Grey

  796. What's the worlds longest rail journey made no train change Moscow Peking

  797. Who was called The Man of Destiny-Napoleon Bonaparte

  798. What word is derived from the Arabic mawsim meaning season Monsoon

  799. Sicily is the traditional source of which element- Sulphur

  800. Who was the first person to wear a wristwatch- Queen Elizabeth 1st

  801. What city is at the mouth of the Menam river- Bangkok

  802. Ireland and New Zealand are the only countries that lack what Native Snakes

  803. Who named a city after his horse Bucephalus Alexander the Great

  804. In Hindu philosophy what does Yoga literally mean- Union

  805. Who was the founder of Judaism-Abraham

  806. Which sea is sometimes called the Euxine Sea- Black Sea

  807. What is a Fata Morgana- Type of Mirage

  808. What is or was the capitol of Hong Kong- Victoria

  809. What creature can live up to one year without eating ( you? ) Bedbug

  810. The word Sofa comes from the Arabic meaning what Bench

  811. Which plant gets its name from the Persian for turban Tulip

  812. What celestial body gets its name from the Greek long haired Comet

  813. What are the Roman numerals for 505- DV

  814. In WW1 what were Lucifer's- Matches

  815. In Animal Farm what was the name of the farm- Manor Farm

  816. Where was pizza first invented Milan

  817. In what country did the Sabines live- Italy

  818. Operation Thunderbolt was the nickname given to which raid: Israeli raid on Entebbe

  819. The cast iron plant is another name for which pot plantn Aspidistra

  820. The word Mongol means what in Mongolian- Brave

  821. In the USA what is Marine One- Presidents Helicopter

  822. Name the first teddy bear in space- Mishka 1980 Olympic mascot

  823. Which acid dissolves glass- Hydrofluoric Acid

  824. What is a half of a half of a half of a half- A Sixteenth

  825. Airman T E Shaw in WW2 was better known as who- T E Laurence of Arabia

  826. Hydrosis is the medical term for what -Sweating

  827. What does per capita literally mean- Per Head

  828. What country used the ringgit as currency- Malaysia

  829. On a standard rainbow what colour is on the inside of the curve Violet

  830. What animal stands for the longest period- African Elephant over 50 years

  831. Who was the father of Alexander the Great- Philip II of Macedon

  832. Which country makes the most films per year- India

  833. In what does a steganographer write messages- Invisible ink

  834. The martial art tai quon do translates literally as what Kick Art Way

  835. Who wrote "To err is human to forgive divine" Alexander Pope essay on criticism

  836. What is the capital of Panama- Panama

  837. Name the Capital of the Ukraine-Kiev

  838. In Bradshaws you would find information about what-Railways

  839. Which countries leader was an extra in Hollywood-Fidel Castro

  840. BOZ was the penname if which writer-Charles Dickens

  841. Which spice comes in hands -Ginger

  842. In the Old Testament what is the first book of Moses-Genesis - first 5 all Moses books

  843. What is the literal meaning of the title Viceroy-In place of the King

  844. What word describes one tenth of a nautical mile-Cable

  845. Men are ten times more likely than women to have what-Colour Blindness

  846. What has 32 panels and 642 stitches-A football (soccer)

  847. Oil is the most traded product in the world what is the second-Coffee

  848. What animals evidence is admissible in US courts-A Bloodhound

  849. Which country in the world produces the most mangos-India

  850. 2.47105 acres is equal to what SI unit-Hectare

  851. The word philosophy comes from Greek literally meaning what Love of wisdom

  852. In computing what does EPOS stand for-Electronic Point of Sale

  853. Vanilla is part of which plant family-Orchids

  854. Name woman set up free birth control clinic in Holloway in 1920 Marie Stopes

  855. The Wright brothers made aircraft but what was their other job: Bicycle manufacturers

  856. Which city is the capital of Tuscany-Florence

  857. What is the opposite of nocturnal -Diurnal

  858. What fruit does not ripen after picking-Pineapple

  859. What country consumes the most coffee per capita 25 Lb-Finland

  860. In the animal kingdom what creatures are in the order—Chiroptera-Bats

  861. What would you do with a wandering sailor-Plant it it’s a plant

  862. Germans call a WW1 sea fight Battle of Skagerrak what in UK Battle of Jutland

  863. Sand, Soda and what are the main ingredients of glass-Limestone

  864. What colour are the seats in the House of Lords-Red - Commons green

  865. If a doctor gave you an Ishihara test what is he testing-for Colour blindness

  866. Only one miracle is mentioned in all four gospels what is it: Feeding of 5000

  867. What is the official language of Cuba-Spanish

  868. What new invention was shown to Queen Victoria 14 Jan 1878:The telephone

  869. A horses height is measured from the ground to what part :Withers - base of neck crest line

  870. Who was the last Emperor of France-Napoleon III

  871. What country does China have its longest land border with: Mongolia

  872. Where are a whales nipples -On its back

  873. What is measured in units called jnd-Sensitivity Just Noticeable difference

  874. A napiform thing is shaped like what-A turnip

  875. What was the first country in 1824 to legalise Trade Unions-Britain

  876. What is the worlds longest insect-Borneo stick insect

  877. The angel shark has what other name-The monkfish

  878. Which creatures communicate by touch, smell and dance-Bees

  879. In which country did the study of geometry originate -Egypt

  880. What was the capitol of Russia before Moscow-Saint Petersburg

  881. And who designed it-Michelangelo

  882. What does the DIN number mean on photographic film-Speed of film

  883. In the body what do the Islets of Langerhans do-Secrete Insulin

  884. What capitol is on the slopes of the volcano Pichincha-Quito Ecuador

  885. What is embolia-Hesitations in speech

  886. Vitamin B2 has what other name Riboflavin

  887. What is the biggest tourist attraction in Zambia-Victoria falls

  888. In WW2 what kind of aircraft was a horsa-A glider

  889. A newborn bactrian camel has how many humps- None

  890. Where is the worlds largest mine-Carletonville South Africa

  891. In the Sikh religion what is kesh-Uncut hair or beard

  892. At Waterloo who commanded the Prussian troops: Marshal Blucher

  893. Which bird is the symbol of the Royal Society Protection Birds Avocet

  894. Which microbe produces alcohol-Yeast - alcohol is yeast piss

  895. In WW2 in what French city did the Germans surrender Reims

  896. What was Ghandi's profession- Lawyer

  897. Which is the oldest walled city in the world- Jericho

  898. What does Magna Carta literally mean- Great Charter

  899. Who built the worlds first film studio- Thomas Alva Edison

  900. The word nylon is made up from what- New York – London

  901. What country is coffee originally from- Ethiopia

  902. What is the currency of Turkey- Lira

  903. What does CMOS stand for in a computer- Complimentary metalOxide semi-conductor

  904. Which worlds city is known as The Golden City: Prague Czech

  905. Which country contains every type of climate in the world:New Zealand

  906. In what country was the paperclip invented-Norway

  907. Where is the only digital rolex watch in the world :Wimbledon centre court

  908. Where were the original loopholes- Castle walls – arrow firing slits

  909. What religious leaders name means Sign of God: Ayatollah

  910. In which country is the Nokia company based- Finland

  911. What is unique about the pistol star- Brightest in sky

  912. The Afghan Taliban use which colour of flag- White

  913. What was Queen Victoria's first name- Alexandria

  914. In Sanskrit it means House of Snow - what does-Himalayas

  915. What was the White House formerly known as - Executive Mansion

  916. Which is the only middle eastern county without a desert Lebanon

  917. Who invented the word pandemonium - John Milton – capitol of hell

  918. Which companies name translates as abundant fields: Toyota

  919. What is the hole in a pencil sharpener called- Chuck

  920. What is the meaning of Ghandi- Grocer

  921. What is the most chemically complex food - over 300 chemicals Chocolate

  922. Which building material gets its name from Arabic for the brick Adobe

  923. Russia has one but the US has at least six – what: Places called Moscow

  924. What was Helen Keller's first word- Water

  925. Which country consumes the most chicken per capita: Saudi Arabia

  926. What was the distress call before SOS- CQD - come quick Danger

  927. What does Honolulu mean in Hawaiian- Sheltered Harbour

  928. Which fruit is the symbol of hospitality- Pineapple

  929. Which city is built on 118 islands- Venice

  930. In WW1 what warning device was on the top of Eiffel Tower: Parrots

  931. What is sometimes referred to as Zulu time- Greenwich mean time

  932. Nylon was invented in 1934 what product first used it: Toothbrush

  933. Before 1687 clocks never had what- Minute hands

  934. What was the most bombed place in WW2- Malta

  935. The word Utopia from Greek means what-Nowhere

  936. Which vegetable is 91% water - Cabbage

  937. Which English word comes from the French for candle: Chandelier

  938. In which European capitol city is a cannon fired at 1.00 pm daily Edinburgh

  939. Worldwide most capitol cities begin with which letter- B

  940. What creature is the symbol of medicine- Snake

  941. Which vegetable is also a flower- Broccoli

  942. What nationality was Cleopatra- Greek

  943. A university has a campus what does it literally mean:A Field

  944. What does the name Dracula mean in Romanian: Son of the Devil

  945. Whose name translates as Emperor of all-Genghis Khan

  946. Which country was the first to issue parking tickets:France

  947. Name the first war submarine invented by David Bushnell it sank Turtle

  948. In which city was Galileo born- Pisa

  949. The most common name in the world is Mohammed

  950. Cats have over one hundred vocal sounds,dogs only have about ten

  951. There was once an undersea post office in the Bahamas

  952. There are more chickens than people in the world

  953. The scientist who designed the first internal combustion engine used to burn low grade fuel. Etienne Lenoir

  954. The scientist who asserted the earth to be a huge magnet: Ben Franklin

  955. The scientist who discovered water.Belinda Mooney

  956. The scientist who asserted the earth to be a huge magnet: William Gilbert

  957. All of the oxygen that you breathe has been produced by the splitting of water during __ Oxidative phosphorylation ___.

  958. Edible part of tomato is whole fruit.

  959. One micron is equal to One-thousandth of a millimeter.

  960. First world war was began on 1914 A.D. and second world war started in 1939 when germany attacked on poland, it is also considered as Greatest war.

  961. Columbus discovered america on 1492 A.D.

  962. The Royal Majesty ship Queen Elizabeth (UK) is the largest pessenger ship in the world.It is 314 metres long and 36 metres wide.

  963. The cambodian language is a language which has a total number of 74 alphabets.

  964. The Sumerian civilization is considered to be the oldest civilization of the world.

  965. Jericho,situated in the Jorden valley is the oldest town of the world.

  966. The maximum ever temperature of 136.4 F was recorded on september 13,1922 in the city Azizia (Libya) and The minimum temperature of -129.6 F was recorded in the town of Vostok near Antarctica on 24th august , 1960.

  967. The highest rainfall for one month was recorded at Indian town of Cherapoonje. 366,14 inches rain fell there during the month of july 1861.

  968. Sierra Leone has the lowest GDP per capita of 510 US dollars and Luxembourg has the highest GDP per capita of 36,400 US dollars.

  969. The Umayyad Dynasty (661-750 A.D) was the first Muslim dynasty.

  970. Light is the fastest thing in the universe.It travels at a phenomenal speed of 187,000 miles per second.

  971. According to the Forbcs magazine, There were 311 individual billionaires in the world.out of these, 108 belonged to USA,44 belonged to germany and 34 were japanese.

  972. The earth is the densest planet of universe .It has density of 5.515 time that of water.

  973. La Paz,capital city of Bolivia (south america), is situated at an altitude of 3631 metres (12087 feet) from the sea level.

  974. The panch pokhri lake situated in the himalaya mountains is the highest lake in the world.

  975. The present palace of sultan of brunei in the capital city of bandar seri begawan consisting of 1788 rooms is the largest palace.

  976. Mahavira(founder of jainism)and gautama buddha (founder of buddism) were contemporaries and flourished in india in the 6th century B.C.

  977. The three pyramids of eqypt were built from 2700 to 2500 B.C.,these are tombs of khufu,khafra and menkaura.

  978. The great wall of china was completed in 204 is 1500 miles long.Its average height is 25 feet and about 12 feet wide at the top.

  979. The city rome was founded in 753 B.C. by romolus.

  980. The muslim rule of spain lasted from 711 to 1492 A.D.

  981. The statue of liberty (newyork) was installed in 1886.It is 151 feet one inch high from the base to torch.

  982. The world is divided into 24 time zones,each 15` longtitude wide. the longitudinal meridian passing through greenwich,England is the starting point and is called the prime meridian.

  983. Christopher columbus discovered bahamas on 12 oct 1492 A.D.

  984. The world famous golden gate bridge is located in San francisco(usa).

  985. Russia invaded afghanistan on dec 27,1979.

  986. Hongkong was returned to china on july 1,1997.

  987. Eritrea became an independent state on may 24,1993.

  988. A billion contain 1000 million. It has 9 zeroes. similarly a trillion has 12 zeroes,a quadrillion 15 zeroes,a quintillion 18 zeroes and a decillion 33 zeroes.

  989. One inch is equal to 2.5400 cms and one mile is equal to 1.6093 kms.

  990. About half of the world population speaks indo-european languages. The Indo-European branch to which english belongs is germanic.

  991. The original inhabitants of USA are known as Red Indians.

  992. Out of the 193 sovereign independent nations of the world 147 are republics and other 46 are under personal rules (14 kings,1 emperor,3 queens,7 hereditary sheikhs,1 grand duke,2 sultans,1 constitutional monarch etc).

  993. Gwadar became a part of pakistan on september 9,1958.

  994. All india mulim league was formulated on december 30,1906 and first president was Sir Agha Khan.

  995. Afghanistan got independence on 19th aug 1919.

  996. Air conditioner invented by "willis H. carrier"U.S. in 1902.

  997. Camera(photographic) has been invented by "Joseph N. Niepce"france in 1822.

  998. Sunlight is composed of seven colours

  999. "Braille system" is used for the education of Blind.

  1000. Lousis Braille of France made it possible for the blind to read and write.

  1001. Blue color has shortest wavelength

  1002. Protein is a natural polymer

  1003. The paper currency first introduce by china

  1004. Redwood or Giant Sempervirens is the tallest tree in the world . It rises up to a height of 111 metres (366 feets).

  1005. Pakistan-Afghanistan border ' Durand line ' was drawn in 1893 by Sir Mortimer Durand and Afghanistan`s ruler Abdur rehman khan.

  1006. Asian Development Bank was established on 16th jan, 1999.

  1007. Radcliff was a lawyer by profession.

  1008. In 1945, Hiroshima was the first city Atom bomb dropped.

  1009. Leo Tolstoy was the political guru of Gandhi.

  1010. South Africa is the country which has three capitals.

  1011. All-india Muslim league was established in 1906 and Quaid-e-azam joined in 1913.

  1012. The lowest per capita income in the Muslim world is of Somalia.

  1013. United Nations spends a lion`s share of its budget on Refugees rehabilitations

  1014. A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides is known as “peninsula ".

  1015. The density of population usually measured in person per sq. km

  1016. The Eifel tower was built by Alexander Eiffel

  1017. The Red Cross was founded by Jean Henri Durant

  1018. The gateway to the Gulf of Iran is Strait of Hormuz

  1019. The first Republican President of America was Abraham Lincoln

  1020. The country famous for Samba dance is Brazil

  1021. The name of Alexander's horse was Beucephalus

  1022. Singapore was founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

  1023. The famous British one-eyed Admiral was Nelson

  1024. The most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was Guermica

  1025. The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was Margaret Thatcher

  1026. The sculptor of the statue of Liberty was Federick Auguste Bartholdi

  1027. John F.Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harry Oswald

  1028. The first British University to admit women for degree courses was London University

  1029. The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is Bhutan

  1030. The literal meaning of Renaissance is Revival

  1031. Julius Caesar was killed by Brutus

  1032. The title of Desert Fox was given to Field Marshal Erwin Rommel

  1033. The word `Quiz' was coined by Jim Daly Irishman

  1034. The original meaning of `Quiz' was Trick

  1035. Adolf Hitler was born in Austria

  1036. In the year 1811,Paraguay became independent from Spain

  1037. The cross word puzzle was invented by Arthur Wynney

  1038. Slavery in America was abolished by Abraham Lincoln

  1039. The famous Island located at the mouth of the Hudson river is Manhattan

  1040. The famous painting `Mona Lisa'is displayed at Louvre museum,Paris

  1041. The earlier name for tomato was Love apple

  1042. The famous words `Veni Vidi Vici'were said by Julius Caesar

  1043. Disneyland is located in California,USA

  1044. Archimedes was born in Sicily

  1045. The famous General Motors company was founded by William Durant

  1046. The country that brings out the FIAT is Italy

  1047. The White House was painted white to Hide fire damage

  1048. "History is Bunk"was said by Henry Ford

  1049. The term ``astrology' literally means Star Speech

  1050. Togo is situated in Africa

  1051. The first ruler who started war games for his soldiers was Genghis Khan

  1052. The first talkie feature film in USA was The Jazz Singer

  1053. The name of the large clock on the tower of the House of Parliament in London is called Big Ben

  1054. Prado museum is located in Madrid

  1055. The number of keys in an ordinary piano is Eighty eight

  1056. `Man is a Tool Making Animal' was said by Benjamin Franklin

  1057. The term 'anesthesia'was coined by Oliver Wendell Holmes

  1058. Number of schools of thoughts is 52.

  1059. Farat valley is in Iraq.

  1060. Notre Dom is located in Paris (France), it is a church.

  1061. Jodrell Bank is located in Great Britain, it is famous for its Space Observatory.

  1062. Micronesia is located in Asia.

  1063. Blue Mosque is in Istanbul.

  1064. Bastille was a jail in Paris, it was destroyed during the French Revolution on 14th July 1789.

  1065. Camp David is famous for Camp David Accord, which took place between Egypt and Israel. It is located in USA.

  1066. Jaffna is the headquarters of LTTE guerillas in Sri Lanka.

  1067. Akal Takht is a place of confession of Penance in the Golden Temple complex, it has been the spiritual and temporal seat of authority of Sikh since 1906.

  1068. Hanging garden of Babylon is situated in Baghdad and was planted in 603 B.C; this is included in seven wonder of the world.

  1069. Leaning tower of Pisa, it was built in 12th Century, it is located in Italy.

  1070. Aleppo is located in Syria.

  1071. The famous Empire State Building in located in New York.

  1072. Bermuda Triangle is in Caribbean region.

  1073. Bermuda is the colony of UK.

  1074. Eiffel tower of Paris was built in 1887-89 by Gustav Eiffel, 986 feet high, now used as a winders stations.

  1075. Lumbin is the birthplace of Gautam Budh, it is in Nepal.

  1076. Dehro Dun is located in UP (India), it is famous for its military academy.

  1077. Yellow Stone National Park is in USA.

  1078. Golan Heights are located in Syria.

  1079. The Indonesian island Bali is famous for Temples.

  1080. Great Wall of China can be seen from the moon, the total length of the wall is 1684 miles or 6000 kms, it was built in the reign of Shih Huang-ti (246-210) BC.

  1081. Abu Simbal is the famous temple in Egypt.

  1082. Adam’s bridge is 17 miles long line of rock and sand bank between India and Sri Lanka.

  1083. Mermaid Statue is in Copenhagen.

  1084. Temple mount is located in Jerusalem.

  1085. Buland Darwaza is situated near Agra its height is 176 feet.

  1086. Olympia is a place with temple of Zeus and Hera.

  1087. Jordan is an Islamic country which has boundary with many countries.

  1088. Break up of Germany occurred on 1945 and merger on Oct 3, 1990.

  1089. Iraq occupied Kuwait on 2nd Aug 1990.

  1090. Indonesia has 3000 islands.

  1091. Japan is an archipelago.

  1092. Namibia is administrated by South Africa.

  1093. UAE is the federation of 7 Emirates.

  1094. Bosnia Herzegovina became independent on Jan 17, 1996.

  1095. USA president tenure is of 4 years.

  1096. Kosovo mostly consists of Albanian Muslims.

  1097. Baltic States is the name given to the European countries like Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

  1098. Spanish is the official language of Argentina.

  1099. The majority of Japan’s Population is by religion Shinto.

  1100. The term Boxer Rebellion is associated with China.

  1101. Philippines comprises of 7000 tropical islands.

  1102. Aukland and Christ Church are the major cities of New Zealand.

  1103. Melbourne is the capital city of Australian city Victoria.

  1104. Berlin was approved as a capital on 20th June 1991.

  1105. Manchester is the city of Great Britain famous for textile industry.

  1106. Toronto is in North America.

  1107. Sao Paulo is the largest city of South America.

  1108. Alexandria is the famous city of Egypt, it is also an important sea port.

  1109. The criminals of the Second World War were trailed in the city of Nuremburg.

  1110. Kobe is a Japanese city and port heavily bombarded in World War-I, serious earthquake hit in 1997.

  1111. Hague is the city of Holland.

  1112. Mauna Loa (USA) is the largest active volcano of the world.

  1113. Robert Mugabe is the personality of Zimbabwe.

  1114. Newton was of English Origin.

  1115. George Bush is 44th US president and 15th to be elected twice.

  1116. Greatest number of space walk (10) is held by Alexander Serebrov of Russia.

  1117. Goethe was German in origin.

  1118. Hazrat Bullay Shah was a famous Sufi poet of Punjabi language. His tomb is in the city of Kasur.

  1119. Haroon ur Rashid belonged to Abbasid dynasty.

  1120. Shakespeare was of Great Britain.

  1121. Firdusi was a Persian poet.

  1122. President Roosevelt of USA delivered his famous Four Freedoms speech in 1941.

  1123. 1993, Madam Tansu Cillar became prime minister of Tukey.

  1124. Luther King is associated with the reformation movement.

  1125. Duke of Wellington was of England.

  1126. F.D Roosevelt was elected as president for three times.

  1127. Pablo Picasso was born in Spain and settled in Paris.

  1128. Slobodan Milosevic belonged to Yugoslavia.

  1129. Michael Keamay of USA graduated at the age of 10 years.

  1130. The name of American magnate Rockefeller is related to Iron Industry.

  1131. Famous Lady Helen Keller belonged to US.

  1132. The American general who acted as the supreme commander of Allied forces in Europe during the Second World War was D.D Eisenhower.

  1133. Ajmeer is fomous for a sufi saint’s tomb named Khawaja Moin ud Din Chisti.

  1134. Lloyd George of Great Britain represented in treaty of Versailles.

  1135. Germany remained in grip of allied occupation from 1994 to 1952.

  1136. British rules over India about 90 years.

  1137. Shogun period (1603-1867) is related to Japan.

  1138. There are 5 lending religions in the world.

  1139. Christians faced stiff opposition from Romans.

  1140. Worst explosion, Dec 3, 1984 occurred in Bhopal (India).

  1141. 1500- Value colossus was the first programmable computer of the world. It was put to use in Dec 1943 in UK.

  1142. The ancient Chinese were great scientists and invertors; they invented magnetic compass during Hun dynasty.

  1143. On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldren landed on the moon.

  1144. In Opium war Britain fought against China.

  1145. Gulf war Jan 1991 stopped in Feb 28, 1991.

  1146. Iran-Iraq was started in Sep 1980 and ended in Aug1988.

  1147. Soviet Union Officially broke up on Dec 26, 1991.

  1148. At the end of Second World War in 1945, Germany was divided among 4 major powers.

  1149. Fighting broke out between Greeks and the Turks in July 1974.

  1150. Akbar the great ruled the India from 1556-1605 A.D.

  1151. Before Independence East Timor was being ruled by Indonesia.

  1152. Shah Barendra family was assassinated in Nepal 2 June 2001.

  1153. Imam Ayatullah Khumani Brought about an Islamic revolution in Iran by ousting Shah Reza Shah in the year 1979.

  1154. The famous British Naval commander, who defected the French Naval Fleet at Nile in 1788 and at Trafalgar in 1805 was Horatio Nelson.

  1155. Columbia Space shuttle broke up on re-entry to Earth on Feb 1, 2003.

  1156. Doer war fought between South Africa and British.

  1157. Han Dynasty was in China.

  1158. People’s Republic of chine gained its independence in 1949 under the leadership of Mao-Zedong.

  1159. In China the Cultural Revolution lasted from 1966-1969.

  1160. Sumerian Civilization were settled in Euphrates and Tigris regions.

  1161. Hanover dynasty belonged to Great Britain.

  1162. Great Wall of China was built in 204 BC.

  1163. Hapsburg dynasty, Weimer republic, Third Reich belongs to Germany.

  1164. USA dropped an atom bomb on Hiroshima on 6th August 1945.

  1165. Delhi Sultans were of Lodhi Dynasty.

  1166. Civil War of USA lasted from 1861-1865.

  1167. Hong Kong was returned to china on 1 July 1997.

  1168. Glorious Revolution in England took place in 1688. A.D.

  1169. Iraqi general who brought about military revolution in Iraq by ousting kind Faisal on 14th July 1958 was Abdul Karim Qasim.

  1170. A French economist named Francois Quesnay proposed the concept of Laissez-Faire in the 18th Century.

  1171. The name of Mesopotamia was changes to Iraq in the year 1935.

  1172. American war of Independence started in 1776 and came to an end in 1783.

  1173. In 1982 the Falklands war was fought between Britain and Argentina.

  1174. Sadam Hussain Became President in 1979.

  1175. After breakup Grobachev became president of USSR.

  1176. Pearl Harbor incident took place on 7th Dec 1941.

  1177. The currency Euro was launched on 1 Jan 1999.

  1178. In April 1986 the place named CHERNOBYL gained world fame due to accident in Atomic Reactor.

  1179. Alexander died in Babylon in 322 B.C.

  1180. Berlin Wall kept East and West Germany divided for 28 years. It was dismantled by East German Gov. on Nov 18th 1989.

  1181. Mohen jo Daro was founded by Sir John Marshall, also know as mound of dead. The people residing there were traders by profession. There is found of statue of bull, which denotes that people were worshippers of it.

  1182. Taj Mahal is locted in Agra, the white marble mausoleum built by shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal in 1529. It was designed by Shiraz (Iranian Architect) over twenty years.

  1183. Taxilla is the ancient city of the province of Punjab. It is the site of ancient archeological excavation.

  1184. The place named Normandy became worlds famous due to the D.Day landgin during the Second World War on 6th June 1944. Normandy is located in France.

  1185. After the First World War the Dawes Plan was launched in year 1924.

  1186. Industrial Revolution first started in Britain.

  1187. After the first world war (1914-18) the Allies signed a treaty of Sevres in 1920 with Turkey.

  1188. The Marshal Plan was announced on 5th June 1947 at Harvard.

  1189. Statue of liberty is 151 feet tall. It is made of copper, located in the Liberty Island in New York. It was presented by France to US. It unveiled in 1886.

  1190. The original residents of India before the arrival of the Aryan were Dravidians.

  1191. Romulus founded the city of Rome in 753 B.C.

  1192. Buddhism is non-theistic religion.

  1193. Majority of the population of Vietnam comprise of Buddhist.

  1194. Naval Missile Brahmos Cruise Missile is an Indian Missile.

  1195. Cambodian language has 74 Alphabets.

  1196. China’s population is about 1261 million.

  1197. Hellas is the word appears on the postage stamp of Greece.

  1198. A group of Nightingales is called a Watch.

  1199. Young fish is called fingerling.

  1200. Joey is the kid of Kangaroo.

  1201. Gam of Whales.

  1202. Northern Europe is known with Scandinavian Region and Nordic Region.

  1203. Countries Area wise-Russia-Canada-China-USA-Brazil.

  1204. 250 children born every minute.

  1205. AAA, Agricultural Adjustment Act is related to President Roosevelt.

  1206. Currently out of the worlds population the Muslims are one fifth.

  1207. Virtue party belongs to Turkey.

  1208. The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of Nepal.

  1209. Federal system has central and provincial government.

  1210. The international customary laws which allow states to punish as offender are known as criminal Juris Gentium.

  1211. The term “In Camera” is used for the trial of case when case is heard without reporting to public.

  1212. Latin term De Jure means by Law.

  1213. The word Iron Curtain was used by Winston Churchill.

  1214. Reconciliation means when third party investigates and suggests a solution to a dispute.

  1215. In literacy term the dramatic work with aims at exciting laughter is called Farce.

  1216. Aquiline is for eagle.

  1217. Bovine is for cattle.

  1218. Canine is for dog.

  1219. Caprine is for goat.

  1220. Corvine is for crow.

  1221. Equine is for horse.

  1222. Feline is for horse.

  1223. Leonine is for cat.

  1224. Lupine is for wolves.

  1225. Ovine is for sheep.

  1226. Pavonine is for peacock.

  1227. Psittacine is for parrot.

  1228. Simian is for apes, monkey.

  1229. Ursine is for bear.

  1230. Vulpine is for fox.

  1231. Gallup poll is the method of assessing public opinion through representative expression of opinion of cross reaction of the population of a country.

  1232. Tax on import and Export is called Tariff.

  1233. Antwerp is called by the name of key to the common market.

  1234. Stone Age is also known as Paleolithic period.

  1235. Orangutan means man of the woods.

  1236. Sugar Island is the located at the confluence of Ganga and the Bay of Bengal.

  1237. Agraphia means inability to write.

  1238. King Faisal is called “The Islamic Coordinator”.

  1239. The creator of “Mona Lisa” belonged to Italy.

  1240. The Labor party believes in Socialism.

  1241. The US Senate comprises 100 members.

  1242. “Warsak Dam” has been built on the River Kabul.

  1243. 5 June is known as World Environment Day.

  1244. “The Sun also Rises” is written by Earnest Hemingway.

  1245. Black Death reaches England in 1348.

  1246. Intifada denotes Palestinian uprising.

  1247. Caucasus is situated between Caspian and Black Sea.

  1248. Kabul in the largest city of Afghanistan.

  1249. Akbar was died at Agra in 1650.

  1250. In 1783 Britain acknowledged the independence of USA.

  1251. The term cartel refers to Unity of parties, factions or nation in a common cause.

  1252. Term the belief in the “rightness” of rule is legitimacy.

  1253. Tyranny is the form of government in which one person rules arbitrarily.

  1254. Barbers invaded North Africa before Arabs.

  1255. Popular name of Canada is Land of Maple.

  1256. American’s parliament is Congress.

  1257. Largest oil company belong to USA is The Ecxon Corporation.

  1258. New name of Lyallpur is Faisalabad.

  1259. Indian city, Ahmedabad, is associated to textile industry.

  1260. ‘National People’s Assembly’ belongs to Algeria.

  1261. Aeroflot is Russia’s airline.

  1262. Bakhtar is the news agency of Afghanistan.

  1263. Croix de Guerre is the highest military award of France.

  1264. The currency of Syria is pound.

  1265. Som is the currency of Uzbekistan.

  1266. Machiavelli was born in Florence.

  1267. Montesquieu wrote ‘the spirit of laws’.

  1268. Rousseau was born in Geneva.

  1269. Bentham is the father of utilitarianism.

  1270. Lenin was a Bolshevik leader.

  1271. Hitler’s theory of the state is known as National Socialism.

  1272. John Locke advocated basic human rights.

  1273. Montesquieu was a political sociologist.

  1274. Mao joined communist party in 1921.

  1275. Cease fire between Iran and Iraq took place in 1988, by the intervention of U.N.

  1276. 8 furlongs make one mile.

  1277. Balloki barrage is located on Ravi.

  1278. Loan to a corporation is ‘debt funding’.

  1279. Khadija Mastoor wrote Angan.

  1280. Imam Ghazali is the author of Ihya-ul-Uloom.

  1281. Boxing is called ‘noble art of self defence’.

  1282. 50 nations are there in Africa.

  1283. Fort Monroe is located at Suleiman hills.

  1284. Derawar fort is located in Cholistan Desert.

  1285. Relli is the name of a game.

  1286. Al Beruni discovered that light travels faster than sound.

  1287. Due to buffer system, human blood has a ph of 7.4.

  1288. General secretariat of the European parliament is in Luxemburg.

  1289. On 2nd August, 1990, Iraq occupied Kuwait.

  1290. The term ‘intifada’ means uprising.

  1291. The city of Jerusalem is known as ‘Al Quran’.

  1292. Headquarter of PLO is in Tunisia.

  1293. In East Jerusalem ‘wailing wall’ is a sacred place of Jews.

  1294. Hindenburg line is a boundary line between Poland and Germany.

  1295. Changa Manga, part of Punjab, is famous for Sheesham Timber forest.

  1296. The shape of the baseball is

  1297. Karl Marx belonged to Germany.

  1298. ‘Bear’ is a symbol of Russia.

  1299. ‘Tripitak’ is the holy book of Buddhists.

  1300. Duke Wellington won the battle of Waterloo.

  1301. King Faisal was shot dead by his nephew in 1975, in the city of Riyadh.

  1302. Nepal is the only Hindu state in the world.

  1303. Indus Valley civilization was destroyed by Aryans.

  1304. Samudar Gupta is called ‘Napoleon of India’.

  1305. The theme of the famous play ‘Caesar and Cleopatra’ by G.B. Shah is a History.

  1306. Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery in America.

  1307. The reign of Razia Sultana lasted for 3 years.

  1308. ‘Gita or Vedas’ are the holy books of Hindus.

  1309. Holy prophet (p.b.u.h.) had been poisoned by a Jewish hostess at the time of the conquest of Khyber.

  1310. Khalid bin Waleed had been titled as ‘saif-ullah’.

  1311. Iraq is called the ‘site of ancient civilization’.

  1312. Uqba-bin-Nafah is called ‘Muslim Alexander’.

  1313. ‘Lords’ is famous a cricket ground in England.

  1314. During the civil war the supporter of the parliament came to be called Roundheads- supporters of OLIVER CROMWELL and the parliamentarians against KING CHARLES 1 during the ENGLISH CIVIL WAR.

  1315. The queen can do no wrong means the queen is immune from the jurisdiction of law.

  1316. The federal government of the USA came into existence on 30th April, 1787.

  1317. In America the residuary powers are vested in the sates.

  1318. Virginia, one of US states, is called the MOTHER OF PRESIDENTS.

  1319. The term of a US senator is 6 years.

  1320. The anti federalists later on assumed new name ‘CAVALIERS’.

  1321. Republican Party was founded by Alexander Hamilton.

  1322. The American president Mr. Roosevelt was elected for four times.

  1323. The American declaration of independence was issued in 1783.

  1324. Waris shah is called the ‘Shakespeare of Punjabi literature’.

  1325. ‘The pharos of Alexandria ‘, an ancient wonder, was situated in an Island near Alexandria was a light house.

  1326. The poetry of Jalal-ud-Din was in Persian language.

  1327. Aibak died while playing game, POLO.

  1328. General Rommel is called ‘desert fox’.

  1329. PM Indira Gandhi was assassinated by Sikhs in 1984.

  1330. Faiz Ahmed Faiz is the only Pakistani poet who got ‘LENIN PRIZE’.

  1331. ‘Blue mosque’, also known as the mosque of ‘Sultan Ahmad’, is the only mosque in the world that has six minarets, and it is situated in Istanbul.

  1332. Omar bin Abdul Aziz was a caliph of Umayyad dynasty.

  1333. Mizzini was known as the ‘the prophet of Italian Unification’.

  1334. Baba Farid Gang Shakar was the first Punjabi poet.

  1335. National game of Switzerland is skiing.

  1336. UAE consists of seven independent states. Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujaira are three of the seven states.

  1337. Safety stock of the grains hold by the government is ‘overhead stock’.

  1338. General sales tax, under the constitution 1973 is a Federal subject.

  1339. Abdur Rasheed was the first chief Justice was the first chief justice of Pakistan.

  1340. Zafarullah khan was the first foreign minister of Pakistan.

  1341. House of lord is the final court of appeal in England.

  1342. Two terms tenure of US parliament was fixed in 1951.

  1343. The federalists later on assumed new name, Republicans.

  1344. The lower house of France consists of National assembly.

  1345. ‘Cherie Blaire’ is the 1st day of England.

  1346. All light waves have same frequency.

  1347. Buddhism accounts for 100% total population in Bhutan.

  1348. Mauritius is the part of the world that is known as ‘star and key of the Indian ocean’.

  1349. Tower of silence is Place where dead remains of followers of Zoroastrian are placed after funeral rituals.

  1350. Who was Bismarck: German Politician and statesman.

  1351. Shale is not a metamorphic rock.

  1352. Shah Jehan is called the ‘master builder’.

  1353. Big Ben is a clock placed on British parliament.

  1354. Pristine is the capital of Kosovo.

  1355. To show the distribution of people of Pakistan we should use ‘Do method’.

  1356. Hieroglyphics is the script of Nile Civilization.

  1357. General Sherman is a living old tree in California State of U.S.

  1358. After persistent decay, radium would be finally changed into Lead.

  1359. World's largest delta is in Bangladesh.

  1360. Grand Canyon National Park in U.S.A. is located in the State of Arizona.

  1361. Marseilles is the seaport of France.

  1362. Robindranath Tagore was A Bengali novelist.

  1363. Who wrote 'Muslim Sufferings under Congress Rule':Maulvi Fazlul Haq.

  1364. Sindh Sagar is between the rivers of: Indus and Jhelum.

  1365. Nanga Parbat is commonly known as: Killer mountain.

  1366. Who invented CD. (Compact Disc: James T. Russell.

  1367. Bio-diesel is prepared: From oilcake.

  1368. Videotape used in camcorders to record audio and video signal employee Fine grains of Iron oxide.

  1369. The real brother of Hazrat Yousuf A.S was Bin-Yamin.

  1370. The founder of Falmid dynasty was Al-Mahdi.

  1371. Insulin drug was discovered by Paul Langerhans.

  1372. Taliban movement in Afghanistan emerged from Kandhar.

  1373. Largest coal deposits have been discovered in which Taluka of Sindh Province: Diplo.

  1374. Kalhora rulers of Sindh were originally Hashmi Sayeds.

  1375. Nubian Monuments are located in Egypt.

  1376. Pakistan's largest oil fields are located in District Badin.

  1377. The first American Astronaut to go into space was Allen Shepherd.

  1378. Annual Census in Pakistan is carried out every 10th year.

  1379. Shaheed Benazir Bhutto became first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan on December 2, 1988.

  1380. The D-Day operation during IInd World War was launched on the coast of Normandy.

  1381. Speed of sound in air is? 1200 KM/Hour

  1382. How many planets are is solar system? 8

  1383. Which cell does not have a nucleus? RBC

  1384. Abusive Drug Which Cells Of Body Most Effected? Brain

  1385. Crime rate is? 1,000 persons per year

  1386. Who killed Abu-Jahal? Maaz & Mauz

  1387. Pakistan Falls in? Golden Triangle

  1388. Major export of Pakistan is? Cotton

  1389. On US map Alaska State is on? Away from mainland

  1390. British occupied Punjab?. 1849

  1391. In English Dictionary Which Word Has Largest Words? S

  1392. What are Capital goods? Goods used for further production

  1393. Winter rains in Pakistan come from Mediterrenian Sea.

  1394. Horse is the Chinese name given to the year 2000.

  1395. Pollen is produced in a part of the flower called the Calyx.

  1396. After drinking contaminated water you would be most apt to develop symptoms of ‘typhoid fever’.

  1397. Panini was a great scholar of Sanskrit language.

  1398. Hundred years war fought between France and Britain during 1338-1453.

  1399. Wenceslas square is in Prague.

  1400. The first Afro-Asian conference held in April 1955.

  1401. Hot money is said for money which moves from one place to another to seek profit or high rate of interest.

  1402. Eritrea gained independence on 24th May, 1993.

  1403. Under an agreement with Italy, Vatican city came into being as a sovereign state on 11th February, 1929.

  1404. Charles K Rhodes developed an X-Ray emitting laser in 1990.

  1405. Son meter is an instrument used to study the behavior of vibrating string.

  1406. Liver receives blood from the alimentary canal through hepatic portal vein.

  1407. At the equator, the equation of the day is 12 hours.

  1408. Singapore city is known as ‘lion city’.

  1409. The instrument used for measuring the velocity of wind is known as anemometer.

  1410. The chemical name of baking soda is sodium bicarbonate.

  1411. Pharaoh is the title of the king of ancient Egypt. They ruled Egypt for 25 centuries.

  1412. National Institute of Oceanography Karachi was established in 1983.

  1413. Lord Chesterfield quoted ‘idleness is only the refuge of weak minds’.

  1414. Dr.Abdussalam was awarded Nobel Prize in 1979.

  1415. The largest city of South Africa is Cape Town.

  1416. Two boundary commissions were appointed to demarcate the boundaries between two new states, Pakistan and India.

  1417. After joining congress, Muslim League joined the interim government in October 1946.

  1418. NPT came into force on 1970.

  1419. The Bofors scandal occurred in India.

  1420. Czar is the title used by the ruler of Russia from 1547 to 1721.

  1421. Gorgon is a terrible monster of Greek mythology.

  1422. Flying foxes are tropical foxes that can fly.

  1423. The reduction or elimination of inflation is called creeping inflation.

  1424. Canada is a leading producer of wood pulp in the world.

  1425. London carnival was first started in 1964.

  1426. Indira Gandhi was the famous PM who first used the popular slogan ‘gharibi hatao’.

  1427. The successful cloning of a sheep was reported by scientist from Roslin Institute Edinburgh (UK) in 1998.

  1428. The new name of Yalamlam is As-Sadiya.

  1429. Czar title was used by the rulers of Russia from 1547 to 1721.

  1430. Gulf Stream is an ocean current named after the Gulf of Mexico.

  1431. Gorgon is a terrible monster of Greek mythology.

  1432. A pair of scissors is an example of a lever.

  1433. Pair of doors belongs to the second class of lever.

  1434. During the winter months 90% of fallen leaves are taken underground by earth worm.

  1435. Dick Turpin was a highway man.

  1436. Jamaica was granted full independence on 6th August, 1962.

  1437. Four US presidents are so far assassinated.

  1438. Sinai Peninsula was vacated and returned to Egypt in 1982.

  1439. Incident ‘Boston Tea Party’ took place in America.

  1440. Initially, Arab league has seven countries.

  1441. Nixon Doctrine was outlined in July 1969.

  1442. King of Malaysia is the only king in the world who is elected for 5 years term.

  1443. Timbola is a kind of lottery.

  1444. The maximum limit of sound beyond which a person can become deaf is 129 lbs.

  1445. Dr. James Watson discovered the structure of DNA in 1953.

  1446. Sir William Howard Russell was the first Great War correspondent.

  1447. A meteorological term for a high pressure is called anticyclone.

  1448. Zenda vesta is a holy book of parsis.

  1449. Islamic summit Minar is erected in Lahore.

  1450. Privatization program began in Pakistan is 1991.

  1451. National anthem of Pakistan was played for the first time on August 13, 1954.

  1452. Spirograph is an apparatus used for recording the movement of the lungs.

  1453. Chomas festival is held in Kalash valley near Chitral.

  1454. Docking means rendezvous and link up of spacecraft.

  1455. Defense day is celebrated in Pakistan since 1966.

  1456. Name of a famous mosque in Beijing is Niujie Mosque.

  1457. Flag flown at half mast means national mourning.

  1458. Maginot line divides France from Germany.

  1459. Declaration of human rights was adopted on 10th December, 1984.

  1460. Olive branch is a sign of peace.

  1461. Cox orange pippen is a biological name of an apple.

  1462. Christopher Wren designed St. Paul’s cathedral in London.

  1463. Afghanistan was known as Ariana.

  1464. Anundsen discovered South Pole in December 14, 1911.

  1465. The first European scientist, who refuted the belief that the earth was the centre of the universe, was Copernicus.

  1466. The hundred year war actually lasted for 114 years.

  1467. Lenin was the founder of the Russian socialist state.

  1468. Prior to independence, Ghana was called ‘Gold Coast’.

  1469. Tanzania was formed by the unification of two countries, Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

  1470. The first atomic power station of Pakistan was installed in Karachi.

  1471. Star fish is not a star fish but a spiny-skin (Echinodermata) marine animal.

  1472. 760 miles/hr is the speed of sound.

  1473. 1480, 00,000 km is the distance from sun to earth.

  1474. Temperature of Sun is 6000 degree C.

  1475. Necent state in which atomic state of an element as a result of chemical reaction in which it a more active than in ordinary molecular state.

  1476. Islam was introduced to China in the middle period of the seventh century.

  1477. Drinker’s apparatus is for measuring the amount of Alcohol in the blood.

  1478. Atomic pile is a place where nuclear fission is made.

  1479. Dewar’s flask is called as thermos.

  1480. Atomic weight of chemical compounds is determined by Mass spectroscopy.

  1481. Chief food of mosquito larva is micro organism found in water.

  1482. Chief food of butterfly larva is leaves of plants.

  1483. Corn adds more oxygen to the atmosphere than it removes.

  1484. Euspongia is known as natural bath sponge.

  1485. Live Fluke, biologically called Fasciola, is found in liver of sheep.

  1486. Earthworm is a bi-sexual.

  1487. Eyes of insects are compound.

  1488. Silk is obtained from cocoon of silk worm.

  1489. Clinical thermometer usually measures in Fahrenheit.

  1490. Tube light emits radiation even after it is disconnected. It is due to Fluorescence.

  1491. The conversion of gases into liquid under high pressure and low temperature is called regulation.

  1492. If a green leaf is seen in a red light its color will be black.

  1493. Emerge of VIBGYOR from one side of the prism is due to refraction and dispersion of light.

  1494. Skin does not excrete oil.

  1495. Plants growing in extremely dry condition are called Xerophytes.

  1496. Roots absorb water from soil which is Hygroscopic.

  1497. Legumes increase the fertility of the soil by adding nitrogen to the soil.

  1498. New varieties of organisms can be brought about by hybridization.

  1499. Male child is born if xy chromosomes are united.

  1500. Fertilization is fusion of two game tics of different strains.

  1501. Fruit developed from single ovary is called simple fruit.

  1502. Seeds are developed from Ovule.

  1503. Parthenocarpic fruits are seedless fruits.

  1504. Grains swell in water due to imbibitions.

  1505. Chlorophyll contains magnesium.

  1506. Mahalanobis model laid great emphasis on development of heavy industries.

  1507. Oxidation is the process in which electron is lost.

  1508. The rate of transpiration depends upon frequency of Stomata.

  1509. Light is necessary for photosynthesis because it produce ATP and reducing substance.

  1510. Oxygen liberated from photosynthesis comes from water.

  1511. Red light is most suitable for photosynthesis.

  1512. Respiration means food oxidation and evolution of energy.

  1513. Chemical preservation of dead organisms in liquid is called Cryo-Bilogy.

  1514. The organisms which are the only living membrane of their group and link two major groups are called Living Fossil.

  1515. Mammals cannot be cold blooded.

  1516. Trypanosome a parasite causing sleeping sickness.

  1517. Half-time is a time of radioactive substance taken by that substance to decompose radioactivity to half of its weight.

  1518. Structure of DNA was given by Watson and Crick.

  1519. In Nuclear DNA is concentrated in chromatin.

  1520. Proteins are synthesized by golgi bodies.

  1521. Cellulose respiration is done by Mitochondrion.

  1522. Light energy is stored in the form of chemical energy due to the activity of Chloroplast.

  1523. Protoplasm is a colloidal solution.

  1524. Voltammeter is an electrolytic cell for conducting electrolytic dissociation of electrolyte.

  1525. In cryptograms, the sex organs are primitive and hidden.

  1526. Thallophytia include algae, fungi, and lichens.

  1527. Carl Linneus is famous for binomial system of nomenclature.

  1528. Angiosperm includes the plants which have covered flowers and covered seed.

  1529. Plant cells resembles animal cell because having a cell membrane made up of protoplasm.

  1530. Snake have been evolved from lizard.

  1531. Plants in which seed are outside the fruit are called Gymnosperms.

  1532. 0.200 grams are equal to one carat.

  1533. One million cycles per second is called Megahertz.

  1534. Linseed oil is used while oil painting.

  1535. Smell is the weakest sense in Birds.

  1536. Owl can rotate his head to 180 degrees on either sides.

  1537. Ostrich eat pebbles for helping digestion by grinding up the ingested food.

  1538. The cuckoo sneaks its eggs into other birds’ nest to hatch.

  1539. Dyne is a unit of Force.

  1540. Birds are warm blooded animals.

  1541. Birds bones are hollow.

  1542. Oven birds build strong nests.

  1543. Weaver birds are called to the birds who build their nests.

  1544. Male birds are more colorful than females.

  1545. Birds do not fly are penguins, emus, kiwis, ostriches.

  1546. Breitling orbiter 3 was the first balloon to fly non-stop around the world.

  1547. Aircraft designers test their model of aircraft in with tunnel.

  1548. Flaps are used as air brakes.

  1549. Amphibians were the first vertebrate.

  1550. There are three stages of frog. Egg-tadpole-adult frog.

  1551. Metamorphosis - > a series of changes.

  1552. Konrad Lorenz (1903-1989) was one of the first to study animal behavior.

  1553. Survive very cold weather or very dry weather by going into a deep sleep. Surviving cold condition like this is called hibernation. Sleeping through hot, dry condition is called aestivation.

  1554. A.D means in the year of our Lord.

  1555. Amal is radical Lebanese Shi’ite military force established in 1970 by Musa Sadr.

  1556. Balfour Declaration was issued in 2 Nov: 1917.

  1557. Yugoslavian city Skopije was destroyed by earthquake in 1963.

  1558. Bootlegging is a form of smuggling.

  1559. Religion of Chinese people is Confucianism.

  1560. Frescois a method of painting on plaster (usually a wall) meaning fresh.

  1561. Kleptomania is an irrational urge to steal.

  1562. Intifada is Palestinian uprising.

  1563. Long March was 9600 km journey organized by Mao Tse Tang in the year of 1931-1934.

  1564. Vnukovo Airport is located at Moscow.

  1565. Mercury Project first manned space programme of USA, carry the first American into space lauched on 5th May, 1961.

  1566. Pan-Islam originated in 1880 in Ottomon Empire was a movement for uniting the Islamic Nations.

  1567. Paper was invented in 3500 BC by Chinese.

  1568. Printing was invented by Chinese.

  1569. Unity, faith & discipline was used by Quaid on Dec: 28, 1947.

  1570. Philately is the hobby of stamp collection.

  1571. Oscar Award was introduced by Louis B Mayer of Metro Goldwin-Mayer Academy Award in 1927.

  1572. First black president of South Africa was Nelson Mandela his party was banned in 1961 and he was imprisioned.

  1573. Feminism is the belief that women subordination to men should end.

  1574. Balfour Declaratoin issued in 2 Nov: 1917.

  1575. Yougoslavian city Skopije was destroyed by earthquake in 1963.

  1576. Bootleggin is a form of smuggling.

  1577. River boat Gondola is used in Italy’s city Venice.

  1578. Hydaspes River is now called the Jhelum River.

  1579. Dinosaur means “Terrible” lizard.

  1580. The name of heaviest dinosaur was Branchiosaurus.

  1581. Fresco is a method of painting on plaster it means fresh.

  1582. Kleptomania is an irrational urge to steal.

  1583. Ikhwan as Safa, a secret Arab organization was founded in Basra, Iraq.

  1584. Intifada is Palestinian uprising.

  1585. Long March, a 9600-km journey in 1934 was undertook by Chinese Communists under Mao De Tong.

  1586. Vnukovo airport is in Moscow.

  1587. Pan-Islam, a movement for uniting the Islamic Nations was started in 1880 in Ottoman Empire.

  1588. Paper was invented in 3500 B.C by Chinese.

  1589. Great Pyramid at Giza is the largest Pyramid built in Egypt.

  1590. St. Vitus’s Dance is a disease.

  1591. Resin is sticky liquid that emits from plants.

  1592. Pyramids of Egypt are the oldest and only survived wonder.

  1593. Guru (teacher) Nanak was the founder of Sikhism.

  1594. Silk was made firstly in China.

  1595. Skylab was space laboratory launched in 1973 by USA.

  1596. The first tanks were used in 1916 during WW-I by British.

  1597. Harward University is in USA, Cambridge is in UK

  1598. Titanic sank on 14 April, 1912 on voyage from Southampton to New York City in North Atlantic.

  1599. Tour De France is French cycle race.

  1600. First women in space Valentine Tereshkove went into space in Vostoc 6 on 16 June 1963.

  1601. Watergate scandal involved President Richard Nixon in 1972.

  1602. Parses follow Zoroastrianism.

  1603. Seatle is the seaport of USA.

  1604. Dickson is the seaport of Malaysia.

  1605. At Hyde Park London public meetings are assembled.

  1606. Red Square is in Moscow.

  1607. Eskimos live in Igloo.

  1608. Blitzkrieg means sudden attack.

  1609. Dragon is the symbol of China.

  1610. Bear is the symbol of Russia.

  1611. Christopher Coloumbus belonged to Italy.

  1612. Caspian Sea water is shared by Iran, Russia & Azerbaijan.

  1613. Magna Carta is known as the Bible of English Constitution.

  1614. Russian equivalent of Pentagon is Kremlin.

  1615. East Timore, the Colony of Portugal, was captured by Indonesia in 1975.

  1616. Tiwan separated from China in 1949.

  1617. American Naval Base “Diego Garcia” is in Indian Ocean.

  1618. Ulster Unionists wanted to retain British rule in Northern Ireland.

  1619. Anti-Semitism means animosity towards Jews.

  1620. Lens at the end of the compound microscope is called objective.

  1621. Protoza was first observed in compound microscope.

  1622. Francisco Fernandez introduced Tobacco in Europe.

  1623. Mobile phones started in 1977.

  1624. Penology is the study, theory and practice of prison management & criminal rehabilitation.

  1625. Length of India-China border is 3,380 km.

  1626. Cyprus gained independence from Britain in 1960.

  1627. Cyprus was divided into Turkish Repbublic of Northern Cyprus and Greek Cyprus in 1974.

  1628. Al-Azhar University I located in Cairo, Egypt.

  1629. Fortress of Grenada, known as Alhamra is in Spain.

  1630. Capital of ancient Babylonia was Babylon.

  1631. Hanging gardens were in Babylon.

  1632. Babylon was on the bank of Euphrates.

  1633. Alma-Ata (Father of Apples) is the capital of Kazakhstan.

  1634. Turkey and Russia are both in Europe & Asia.

  1635. Ireland is also called Eire.

  1636. Largest earthquake fatalities occurred in Izmir, Turkey in 1999.

  1637. Pentagon is in Arlington, Virginai state.

  1638. Pentagon was designed by George Burgstrom.

  1639. Takla Makan is in China is the driest desert in Asia.

  1640. Cathy Pacific is an island.

  1641. Among the Seven Wonders, Church of Saint Sophia is located in Istanbul.

  1642. Gamal Abdel Nasser nationalized Suez Canal in 1956.

  1643. Qutub Minar is in New Delhi.

  1644. Shah Jahan built Taj Mehl for Mumtaz Mehal is located in Agra.

  1645. Capital of Tebet is Lhasa.

  1646. White House is in Washington DC.

  1647. Frigid Zone is the area withing the polar circle area around the South Pole.

  1648. Guantanamo Bay is in Cuba.

  1649. Tartus is the seaport of Syria.

  1650. Statue of Liberty was gifted to US by France in 1884

  1651. Voctoria falls are on the border b/w Zimbabwe & South Africa.

  1652. House of U.S Congress in Washington D.C is on Capitol Hill.

  1653. Saddam Hussain executed on 30 Dec: 2006.

  1654. The idea of SAARC originated in the mind of Zia ur Rehman.

  1655. Pakistan left Commonwealth in 1972 and rejoined in 1989.

  1656. Mustafa Kamal Pasha gave 6 Principles of Kemalism.

  1657. Dayton Accord was signed to solve the problem of Bosnia.

  1658. MI-5 is the secret agency of UK.

  1659. The Chinese communist party was founded in 1921.

  1660. After 27 years of imprisonment, Mr. Nelson Mandela was released in 1990.

  1661. Scandinavia constitutes 3 states.

  1662. Karl Mark and Engels presented the Communist Manifesto in 1848.

  1663. Soviet Union was replaced by Russian federation in December, 1991.

  1664. Anti-governmental protests in China by students, workers and some government officials took place: Tiananmen Square, in 1989

  1665. The British Secretary of Foreign Affairs A. Balfour announced British support to establish Jewish state in Palestine in November 2, 1917.

  1666. LAIA stands for Latin American Integration Association.

  1667. World population was one billion in 1803.

  1668. Mani was the Judge of world court.

  1669. The Batista regime in Cuba was overthrown by Fidel Castro in January 1959.

  1670. Rasko mountain is situated in Baluchistan

  1671. Singapore became independent in 1965

  1672. The ‘Aid to Pakistan Consortium’ meets every year in: Paris

  1673. One US barrel is equal to: 159 litres

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  54. Important Places Of World
  55. Important Awards Of World
  56. Top 10 Languages of World
  57. Highest Military Awards of World
  58. Important Geographical Lines of World
  59. World Imortant National Days
  60. Importnat Religions of World
  61. Important Political terms and concepts
  62. Important News Agency of the World
  63. About UNO
  64. Organs of UNO
  65. Important Specialized agency of the UNO
  66. World Country with Capitals & Currency
  67. Famous Name of Places(Country)

  68. About Pakistan
  69. Basic Information About Pakistan
  70. Districts of Pakistan
  72. The Largest in Pakistan
  73. The Longest and Tallest in Pakistan
  74. Mountain Passes in Pakistan
  75. Chairman Senate and seats Distibutions of Pakistan
  76. Chief Justices of Pakistan
  77. Pakistan Affairs
  78. Who is First in PAKISTAN
  80. PAKISTAN Presidents
  81. PAKISTAN Prime Ministers
  82. Attorney Generals of Pakistan
  83. State Bank Governors of pakista
  84. Army Chiefs of PAKISTAN
  85. Federal Cabinet of PAKISTAN
  86. Location of important Metalic and Non Metalic Minerals
  87. Constitutional Amedments Since 1973
  88. Army,PAF and Navy Officer Ranks
  89. About Science
  90. Basic Geometry Math Defination
  91. Important Units of Measurments
  92. Basic Scientific Questions