1. Venice stands on what river-The Arno

2. New York is on River Hudson’s bank.

3. Budapest is located on the bank of Danube river.

4. Paris is situated on the river Rhine.

5. River passing through Paris… The Siens

6. Paris is located ont eh bank of Seine river.

7. Agra is on the bank of Jamuna River.

8. On river Danube Budapest is located.

9. On river Siene Paris is located.

10. Montreal is situated on the bank of river Ottawa

11. The city of Bonn is situated in Germany

12. Calcutta is situated on Hoogli River.

13. Belgrade stands on the river Danube.

14. Rome is located beside the river Timber

15. Attock lies on River Indus.

16. Baghdad lies on Tigris.

17. Bahawalpur lies on Sutlej.

18. Basra lies on Shatt-al-Arab.

19. Bedford lies on Danube.

20. Berlin lies on Spree.

21. Bonn (Germany) lies on Rhine.

22. Brussels (Belgium) lies on Senno.

22. Budapest (Hungary) lies on Danube.

23. Cairo lies on Nile.

24. Kolkata lies on Hoogli.

25. Chittagong lies on Karnaphuli.

26. Dhaka lies on Boori Ganga.

27. Damascus lies on Barada.

28. Delhi lies on Jumna.

29.Hyderabad (Sindh) lies on Indus.

30. Jhelum lies on River Jhelum.

31. Kanpur lies on Ganges.

32. Khartoom lies on Blue and white Nile.

33. Lahore lies on Ravi.

35. London lies on Thames.

36. Mosul lies on Tigris

37. Paris lies on Seine.

38. Rohri lies on Indus.

39. Rome lies on Tiber.

40. Tokyo lie on Sumida.

41. Sukkur lies on Indus.

42. Washington lies on Vistula.

43. Wazirabad lies on Chenab.

44. Dublin is situated at the mouth of river Liffey

45. Moscow is situated on the bank of river Moscow.

46. Khartoum is situated on the bank of Nile River.

47. Bhawalpur is situated at the bank of Sutlej.

48. What city is at the mouth of the Menam river- Bangkok

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