FPSC, PPSC & NTS Past Papers

PPSC Past Papers

FPSC Past Papers

ISSB Test Preparation Notes

General Knowledge Notes


  1. ISS Bschedule
  2. Screen Out Test
  3. Non-Verbal Test
  4. Analogies Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  5. Series Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  6. Classification Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  7. Butler Pirie Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  8. Psychological Tests
  9. Sentence Completion Test in English
  10. Sentence Completion Test URDU
  11. Solved Sentence Completion Test URDU
  12. Sentence Completion Test URDU-2
  13. Sentence Completion Test URDU-3
  14. ISSB Picture Story
  15. Word Association Test
  16. Group Testing Officer (G.T.O)
  17. ISSB GTO Group Planing Maps
  18. ISSB Interview
  19. Final Interview
  20. Questions in Interview
  21. Basic Scientific Questions for Interview
  22. Common Sense Questions for Interview
  23. Quick Math Questions for Interview
  24. Abbreviations
  25. ISSB 7 key Points

About ISSB

  1. ISSB Selection System
  2. What to bring with you and what are prohibited items?
  3. What does ISSB Test measures?
  4. Ineligibility of ISSB TEST
  5. Guidelines for Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) Test
  6. How many candidates are selected out of a group / batch?
  7. What happens if I become sick or get injured?
  8. Does coaching have any effect in doing well in ISSB?
  9. Can I appear for ISSB tests for two services in the same half of the year?
  10. Female candidates
  11. GTO tests for Female candidates

  1. World Records
  2. 7 Wonders of the World
  3. Inventions and Inventors
  4. Important Facts of Worlds
  5. Important Places Of World
  6. Important Awards Of World
  7. Top 10 Languages of World
  8. Highest Military Awards of World
  9. Important Geographical Lines of World
  10. World Imortant National Days
  11. Importnat Religions of World
  12. Important Political terms and concepts
  13. Important News Agency of the World
  14. About UNO
  15. Organs of UNO
  16. Important Specialized agency of the UNO
  17. World Country with Capitals & Currency
  18. Famous Name of Places(Country)

About Pakistan
  1. Basic Information About Pakistan
  2. Districts of Pakistan
  4. The Largest in Pakistan
  5. The Longest and Tallest in Pakistan
  6. Mountain Passes in Pakistan
  7. Chairman Senate and seats Distibutions of Pakistan
  8. Chief Justices of Pakistan
  9. Pakistan Affairs
  10. Who is First in PAKISTAN
  12. PAKISTAN Presidents
  13. PAKISTAN Prime Ministers
  14. Attorney Generals of Pakistan
  15. State Bank Governors of pakista
  16. Army Chiefs of PAKISTAN
  17. Federal Cabinet of PAKISTAN
  18. Location of important Metalic and Non Metalic Minerals
  19. Constitutional Amedments Since 1973
  20. Army,PAF and Navy Officer Ranks