PPSC Agriculture Officer Past Paper 2014

1. TV program by Agri Dept Punjab is: Kisan Time, Zirat Nama, ……
2. Website of agridept Punjab is :agripunjab.gov.pk
3. Extension worker is: Boss, Fellow Farmer, Leader….
4. Participatory approach is when communication is: one way, two way, none, all

5.  Hot Water Treatment for mangoes before export is done to: a. Avoid anthracnose
6. Gram seed Rate is: 30kg/acre, 32kg/acre, 40 kg/acre, 60kg/acre
7 . Lentil Seed Rate is: 8-10kg/acre…..
8. Cotton Seed rate for delinted with 75% germ. Is: 4-6 kg/acre, 6-8 kg/acre,
8-10 kg/acre…
9. Sunflower seed rate: 3-3.5 kg/acre, 4-4.5 kg/acre, 6kg/acre, 8 kg/acre
10. Plant to Plant distance is more than row to row in: a. hexagonal b. square
c. rectangular d. triangular
11. KHET KHET HARYALI is aired at: Radio Multan, Radio Lahore, …..
12. Work of Ext department is to: educate farmer, supply inputs etc….
13. Hectare is: 2.46acres, 2.47acres, 2.48 acres….
14. Pheromone trap attracts: male fly, female fly, both, none
15. Groundnut Variety is: BARI-2016, Lasani, Galaxy-13 etc
16. Trench planting methos is used in: Wheat, Cotton, Sugarcane, …. 
17. Downward movement of water within the soil profile is called: Percolation,
Seepage, ….
18. It is total depth of water required for a crop during the entire period the
crop is in the field is called: Duty, Delta…..
19. Period intervening between first watering and last irrigation is: Base
Period, Irrigation time, Delta…..
20. Dobari Crops: A crop grown on residual moisture after the harvest of rice.
21. Cutting top portion of stem/plant is called: heading back, pruning,
22. Sugarecanepyrilla is an insect: sucking, chewing-biting, 
23. Grasshopper and cricket have mouthpart: chewing-cutting, piercing, sucking,
24. Insects after complete metamorphosis is called: grub, pupa, larva etc
25. Young ones of fly are called: pupa, larva, grub, maggot etc

26. Kinnow is a variety of: Citrus, Orange, Mandarin…..
27. Bacterial Leaf Blight is famous disease of: wheat, cotton, rice, sugarcane
28. Maize Hybrid is: FH-810, …
29. Yellowing of leaves : Chlorosis
30. Fungal disease…
31. A set of permanent atmospheric conditions: Climate, Weather ….
32. Wheat cultivar for Barani areas: Inqlab, Sehar, Pasbaan, Lasani
33. Which soil have highest water holding capacity: Loam, silt, clay, stony
34. A region where total rainfall is lower than evapotranspiration rate is called: desert….
35. PH of most Pakistani soils is: 7-8, 9 , 10, 14….
36. Saline-Sodic and Sodic soils can be corrected by: Gypsum, Sulfer, SufuricAicd, All of the above
37. CIMMYT is working on: Maize and Wheat…..
38. Scientific Periodical of Agri Dept Punjab is: J. of Agri Research, J. of Agri. Research Bulletin
39. Cotton, wheat, rice are examples of plants: C3, C4, none, all
40. Fruit known for its cooling effect:  Falsa, Sweet-lime, Jaman, all
41. Who invented ginning machine? Eli Whitnay USa in 1794
42. Which soil is best for Wheat Production
43. Number of bags of DAP for average fertile soil for onion production is 
44. Zinc Phosphide is  Rodenticide
45. Insects which are active during night are called Nocturnal
46. Smut causes loss to world Wheat Production: 7%. 9%, 10%…….
47. Most serious insect in early stage of maize is…………
48. Dose which kill  50% insect population is called….…. LD50
49. In Holy Quran which fruit are mention , Dates, Grapes, Figs, All of these
50. Citrus, melons, are rich in vitamin……
51. Splice Grafting is done for: Apple, Mango, Both, None
52. Soil age is determined by, watch, tree circle counting, sunlight rays
53. Metamorphic rocks are developed from… igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks,……
54. Grapes cultivation is called ……… Viticulture
55. In THAR AND CHOLISTAN erosion problem is……….. Wind
56. Which pheromone chemical is used for Fruit fly………..
57. Ear cockle disease in wheat is caused by ….. Nematode
58. Seed variety approval body in Punjab is…… PSC, PARC, Punjab Seed Council
59. Latest Approved rice variety is… Basmati, Basmati 515, Basmati Pak
60. APTMA stands for……….… All Pakistan Textile Mills Association

61. What is the Kharif Crop among following: Wheat, Barley, Maize, All
62. In dry areas which tillage system is adopted, Minimum tillage, Zero Tillage, Around Plant Tillage
63. Drip Irrigation irrigation method is suitable for : low rainfall region….
64. Coriander crop is placed in category: condiments
65. Fertigation means: Application of fertilizer with irrigation
66. Hydroponic system doesn’t need: water, fertilizer, soil…
67. High Efficiency Irrigation System (HEIS)
68. Outer layer of seed coat: Coat, Tegumen, Cover, Testa
69. Uptake of water by seed is known as : Imbibition
70. Mono cropping…
71. Mixed cropping, inter cropping…
72. Leguminous crops add …….. in soil: Nitrogen
73. Bacteria convert Nitrite to Nitrate : nitrobacter
74. Phosphorous deficiency symptoms includes: Poor appetite, Anemia, Muscle weakness, Bone pain.
75. Poison produced by plant is called: toxin, toxicant, 
76. Bulb Crops: Garlic, Onion, garlic & onion both, none of the above
77. Pest Scouting is done for : estimate pest population, IPM, All

78. Plant that falls leaves in winter season : Deciduous plant

79. Plant with non-woody stem having climbing nature : Herb, Shrub, Liana, Vine, 

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