FPSC CSS 2014 Exam Preparation Indo-Pak History Mcqs

  1. Bahmani Kingdom was founded by:

Ans. Imad-ud-Mulk Bahmani in 1437.

  1. Muhammad Taghluq ruled in Indian during the period of:

Ans. 1325-1351.

  1. Bahlol Lodi died in:

Ans. 1489.

  1. The Arab conquest of Sindh was temporary event without any permanent effect. Commented by:

Ans. V.A.Smith.

  1. The author of Maasir-e-Jahangiri is:

Ans. M. Saqi Mustaid Khan.

  1. Qutb-ud-Din was conferred the title of Sultan of Delhi by:

Ans. Ghiyas-ud-Din Mahmud.

  1. Shahjehan died in:

Ans. 1666.

  1. The Lovely Moti Masjid is located at:

Ans. Agra.

  1. Francois Bernier was an/a:

Ans. French Physician.

  1. Which city was named as Shah Jehanabad?
  2. Agra b. Delhi c. Ajmer d. None of these.

Ans. Delhi.

  1. Mahmud Ghaznavi is described as “the first pioneer and path-finder for Islam in this country” by:

Ans. V.A.Smith.

  1. Sikandar Lodi sent expedition to Malva in:

Ans. 1513.

  1. Babur adopted the title of Padshah in:
  2. 1504 b. 1506 c. 1507 d. None of these.

Ans. 1507.

  1. Shah Husain Arghurl takes Multan in:
  2. 1521 b. 1525 c. 1524 d. None of these.

Ans. 1524.

  1. Hamayun ascended the throne in 1530 at the age of:
  2. 20 b. 21 c. 22 d. None of these.

Ans. 22.

  1. Buland Darwaza commemorates Akbar‟s conquest of:

Ans. Gujrat.

  1. Behzad was a famous Persian:

Ans. Painter.

  1. Ranthambhor was surrendered in 1528 by:

Ans. d. None of these.

  1. Sher Shah was proclaimed King in:

Ans. 1540.

  1. The Battle of Kanauj was fought between:

Ans. Hamayun and Sher Khan.


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