DY Assistant Director FPSC Past Paper

1- Indus river originate from? None, correct I suppose is Tibet

2- Five rivers join each other at? Mithankot

3- The dam under construction on river indus is? Diamir Bhasha

4- Paktika province is which country border with pak? Afghanistan

5- Pakistan’s under construction gas project with which country? iran/IP

6- Pakistan give india MNF status in order to? To Boost bilateral trade

7- Pakistan opposed India on international forum on which issue? UNSC membership.

8- The Tamil rebels in 1980 1990 in which country? Srilanka

9- Pakistan import palm oil and tin from which country? Malaysia

10- The water in tunnels of tarbella is used for? To res for Electricity generation

11- The share of Baitul Mal in spoils (war) is? 1/5

12- Abu Bakr allowed state servants to withdraw salary of which ratio? As per minimum need of an ordinary person.

13- The first mosque built by PBUH was? Quba

14- The product made in U.K means the product is also made in? Scotland

15- Capital of South Africa? None of given

An electric train is travelling east-west at 100km/h. The wind is blowing from the north to south at 60km/h. in which direction would the smoke from the train be blowing? South east South west seemed logical but not given among options

16- Water consists of which elements? Hydrogen, oxygen

17- ASF acts in concert/ collaboration with which force? Police

18- Who is incharge of law and order at district level in Pakistan? DPO

19- Which makes decision on question of important national security policy? Ministry of defense

20- Person who can be subject to checking/body checking in airport premises by 21- ASF staff? Against whom reasonable suspicion of subversion exists
ASF operates under act? 1975 Airports Security Force Act, 1975

22- Neighbor country of India in east, where Muslims being killed? Myanmar

23- Who used chemical weapons against masses in Syria? Govt forces

24- A Partnership where profits and loss shared among the parties is shared? Musharika

25- Other question I think was on mudariba

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