General Knowledge Mcqs for PPSC one Paper Exam April 30, 2014

  • The result of PAK-SL Test Series 2013-14 held in UAE was:-
  • Current MNA of NA-48 is :-
  • President of Iraq in 2013 is:-
  • Prime minister of Iraq in 2013 is:-
  • Pakistan’s current federal minister for Science & Technology is:-
  • Which political party in joined most recently in Govt Cabinet:-
  • The name of current chief minister of Baluchistan is:-
  • Current Football World Champion is:-
  • Closing ceremony of Kabadi World Cup 2012 was held in:-
  • Women’s Kabbadi world cup 2012 won by:-
  • Runner Up of Women’s Kabbadi world cup 2012 was:-
  • How many teams participated in 2012 Kabadi World Cup:-
  • Who is known as flying Sikh of the world:-
  • Pakistan’s fastest women is:-
  • The name of Chief Justice of Pakistan is:-
  • The First Chief Justice of Pakistan was:-
  • Barak Hussain Obama is ____ President of USA:-
  • 2nd President of USA was:-
  • 1st Century in test cricket was made by:-
  • 1st Century in one day international was made by:-
  • More players who started their cricket at their younger age belongs to:-
  • The youngest MNA of Pakistan is:-
  • Pakistan is world’s _____ largest democracy.
  • General Elections 2013 of Pakistan were held in how much constituencies?
  • In 2013 General elections the registered voters were round about:-
  • According to constitution of Pakistan a person must be _____ years old to become prime minister:-
  • For current prime minister ship, how much parliamentary votes are secured by Nawaz Sharif:-
  • The son of Yousaf Raza Gillani, Ali Haider Gillani was abducted on:-
  • In General Elections 2013 PTI secured round about:-
  • In General Elections 2013 which party secured 3,60,297 vote but even then could not succeeded on a single seat:-

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