• Mount Olympus is in Greece.
  • The mountain range in Russia that is regarded as the boundary b/w Europe & Asia is Urals.
  • Margalla Hills of Islamabad are extension of Himaliya range.
  • Ural mountains separate Asia from Europe.
  • Ordovician are oldest rocks.
  • Oldest mountain system are Araveli.
  • Youngest mountain system are Himaliyas.
  • Andes Mountains are in South America.
  • Ring of Fire are volcanoes in Circum-Pacific Seismic belt.
  • Alps are Europe’s largest mountain system.
  • Atlas are North Africa’s mountain range. Atlas Mountains are in Morocco.
  • The Himalaya mountain range (Asia) is the greatest mountain range in the world.
  • Ayers Rock is the largest single rock in the world.
  • Mauna kea volcano is in Hawaii
  • What is the world’s longest mountain range-The Andes
  • Black forest is a mountain in Germany.
  • Rocky or Rockies Mountains is the largest mountain system of North America.
  • Koh-i-Sultan is in Pakistan.
  • Highest mountain system in the world is Himalayas.
  • Sefid Koh is mountain range in Afghanistan.
  • Blue Mountains are in Australia.
  • Mauna Kea volcano is in Hawaii.
  • What is the name of the second highest mountain in Africa-Mount Kenya
  • In what modern country is mount Ararat-Turkey
  • Most active volcano Italiana is situated in Hawaii.
  • Mount Everest is in Himalaya range with height 29,028 feet first ascent made on May 29, 1953.
  • K2 named Godwin Austin or Chagori is in Karakoram Range with 28,250 ft height. First ascent made on July 31, 1954.
  • Nanga Parbat is in Himalaya range is known as Killer Mountain with height 26,660 ft. First ascent was made on July 3, 1953.
  • Broad Peak I is in Karakoram range with height 26,470.
  • Tirich Mir is in Hindu Kush mountain.
  • Prince Charles is mountain range in Antarctica.
  • Zardak is the highest peak of Kirthar range.
  • Where are the glasshouse mountains- Queensland Australia


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