PPSC Accountant Local Government 2020 Past Paper

Who is the current president of Cuba?

A) Castro

B) Hugo Chavez

C) Miguel Díaz-Canel

D) None of these

2. What is the harm from the depletion of Earth’s ozone layer?

A) The Oxygen content of the surface will increase seriously

B) The Oxygen content of the surface will decrease

C) Increase amount of UV rays will reach Earth’s surface

D) None of these

3. The United State of America at present is the Federation of?

A) 48 States

B) 50 States

C) 52 States

D) 54 States

4. The compound used in anti-malarial drug is?

A) Chloroquin

B) Aspirin

C) Neoprene

D) Isoprene

5. Tonsils in humans are located in which part of the body?

A) Legs

B) Nervous System

C) Throat

D) Kidney

6. “Leukemia” is the disease of the ……?

A) Lungs

B) Blood

C) Kidney

D) Skin

7. The capital of “Somalia” is?

A) Kampuchea

B) Maputo

C) Asmara

D) Mogadishu

8. Who was appointed as the first president of All India Muslim League?

A) Nawab Mohsin-ul-Mulk

B) Nawab Viqar-ul-Mulk

C) Nawab Saleemullah Khan

D) Sir Agha Khan

9. Who is a polymath?

A) Mathimatician

B) Astronomer

C) Inventor of Tools

D) Expert of many

10. Which Surah of the Holy Quran is called Umm-ul-Kitab?

A) Surah Yaseen

B) Surah Rahman

C) Surah Baqara

D) Surah Fateha

11. Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) gave the key of Baitullah permanently to?

A) Hazrat Usman bin Talha R.A

B) Hazrat Abdullah bin Aamir R.A

C) Hazrat Hanzla bin Abi Aamir R.A

D) Hazrat Khalid bin Walid R.A

12. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) went to Syria with Hazrat Abu Talib at the age of?

A) 12 years

C) 15 years

C) 16 years

D) None of these

13. What is the meaning of the expression “En route”?

A) On the way

B) By the way

C) Difficult route

D) Familiar route

14. Antonym of “Static” (جامد) is?

A) Monotonous

B) Uninviting

C) Mobile

D) Constant

15. Complete the Proverb: There is no place like …….?

A) Home

B) House

C) Heaven

D) A forest

16. Fill in the blank: The Roman trumped ……. the Greek?

A) on

B) at

C) over


17. Which city of Pakistan is called the “City of Saints”?

A) Laore

B) Multan

C) Faislabad

D) None of these

18. Which city of Pakistan is called the “City of Saints”?

A) Islamabad

B) Karachi

C) Lahore

D) Multan

19. In MS-Excel 2016, mainly ……. types of Page Orientations are available?

A) 2

B) 3

C) 4

D) 5

20. An email cannot send without?

A) Subject

B) Attachment

C) Receiver’s email Address

D) Message

21. In Medical field computers are used in?

A) Laboratories

B) Patient scanning

C) Monitoring and Pharmacy

D) All of these

22. The process of transferring files from the internet to your computer is called?

A) Downloading

B) Uploading

C) Forwarding


23. Complete the series: 1, 6, 13, 22, 33, …….?

A) 44

B) 45

C) 46

D) 47

24. Solve:If x=3 then, x3 =?

A) 6

B) 9

C) 27

D) 81

25. Ali is twice as old as her youngest brother. If the difference between their ages is 15 years. How old is her youngest brother?

A) 10

B) 15

C) 20

D) 25

26. Microsoft Windows is the great invasion of?

A) Charles Ranlett Flint

B) Paul Allen

C) Bill Gates

D) Both B & C

27. Who was the first woman to travel in space?

A) Saily Ride

B) Valentina Tereshkova

C) Svetlana Savitskaya

D) Ellen Collins

28. “Genoa” is the seaport of?

A) Italy

B) Spain

C) France

D) Germany

29. Silicon Valley is situated in?

A) New York, USA

B) California, USA

C) Boston, USA

D) Oxford, UK

30. Which of the following country is not part of South Asia?

A) Nepal

B) Bhutan

C) Sri Lanka

D) Brunei Darussalam

31. …….is the longest river of Baluchistan province?

A) Kech

B) Hingol

C) Dasht

D) None of these

32. A famous city of Burma is ……?

A) Agra

B) Bangkok

C) Dhaka

D) Rangoon

33. Railways, Vehicles and aeroplanes are called?

A) Means of communication

B) Means of transport

C) Means of trade

D) Means of Industrial development

34. Civilian Martial Law with president Z.A. Bhutto at the helm of affairs came to end on?

A) April 2, 1972

B) April 21, 1972

C) August 14, 1972

D) August 15, 1972

35. Hazrat Shah Wali Ullah, a great religious scholar, was born during the reign of which Mughal emperor?

A) Akbar

B) ShahJahan

C) Aurangzeb

D) None of these

36. Complete the series: 1, 0, 3, 2, 5, 4, …….?

A) 9

B) 6

C) 7

D) 10

37. …………. is outcome of payment divided by the interest rate?

A) Due perpetuity

B) Deferred value perpetuity

C) Present value of perpetuity

D) Future value of perpetuity

38. ..…… is a strategy that focuses on offering cheapest product in the market?

A) Cost leadership

B) Focus Strategy

C) Differential Strategy

D) none of these

39. Deferred tax payments would be shown as …………….…. while calculating net cash flows:

A) Non-cash charges

B) Non-cash revenues

C) Income expense

D) Current liabilities

40. …….…. is variable that has infinite number of values.

A) Continuous variable

B) Discrete variable

C) Classificatory variable

D) None of these

41. Departmental level goals may be a good synonym of:

A) Corporate level goals

B) Business level goals

C) Operational level goals

D) Financial goals

42. A service firm may have additional segment of marketing mix:

A) People

B) Price

C) Place

D) Promotion

43. ……… are short term, always backed by a reason and either positive or negative.

A) Emotions

B) Moods

C) Both emotions and moods

D) None of these

44. Promotion of an employee to fill a vacant post is a good example of:

A) External recruitment

B) Online recruitment

C) Internal recruitment

D) All of these

45. Job enrichment is ……?

A) Vertical expansion in job

B) Horizontal expansion in job

C) Lateral expansion in job

D) None of these

46. …… is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange?

A) E-commerce

B) E-currency

C) Crypto currency

D) None of these

47. ….……. has a unique origin i.e zero:

A) Nominal scale

B) Ordinal scale

C) Interval scale

D) Ratio scale

48. A strategy where firm tries to expand the market and move to a new market with existing product is called?

A) Market development

B) Diversification

C) Product development

D) Market Penetration

49. ….…… not a form of departmentalization:

A) Geographical based

B) Functional based

C) Product based

D) Quality based

50. If human is an iceberg, the visible pan of human would better be termed as:

A) Attitude

B) Behavior

C) Attitude

D) None of the above

51. لیت و لعل کرنا ‘‘ سے کیا مراد ہے؟ “

A) برا بھلا کہنا

B) شیخی مارنا

C) ٹال مٹول کرنا

D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں

52. ?آتش کدہ” کس مشہور شاعر کا مجموعہ کلام ہے “

A) علامہ اقبال

B) مرزا غالب

C) الطاف حسین حالی

D) ڈاکٹر محمد دین تاثیر

54. ?درج ذیل شعر کس کا ہے
بسکہ دشوار ہے ہر کام کا آساں ہونا
آدمی کو بھی میسر نہیں انساں ہونا

A) علامہ محمد اقبال

B) الطاف حسین حالی

C) مرزا اسد اللہ غالب

D) فیض احمد فیض

55. ?اردو افسانہ” گڈریا “کس کی تخلیق ہے

A) پریم چند

B) غلام عباس

C) اشفاق احمد

D) احمد ندی

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