Assistant (BS-16) S&GAD past paper 2020

  1. Butterfly stroke term is associated with?
    A) Wrestling
    B) Swimming
    C) Golf
    D) None of these
  2. Name the tribe of Hazrat Haleema Saadia, the foster mother of Holy Prophet PBUH?
    A) Banu Tamim
    B) Banu Adi
    C) Banu Saad
    D) None of these
  3. In Table tennis, the length of the table is?A) 3.74m
    B) 2.74m
    C) 6.62m
    D) None of these
  4. The length of Basketball court according to International Basketball Association is?
    A) 49.2 ft
    B) 91.9 ft
    C) 95.7 ft
    D) None of these
  5. Who was the last king of Afghanistan?
    A) Muhammad Tarkai
    B) Muhammad Zahir shah
    C) Ahmed shah Abdali
    D) None of these
  6. In the first session of the constituent assembly of Pakistan the first bill in the assembly was related to?
    A) To establish State Bank
    B) To build Army
    C) To officially call Muhammad Ali Jinnah “Quaid e Azam”
    D) None of these
  7. Golden Temple of Amritsar is the most sacred temple of?A) Hindus
    B) Sikhs
    C) Jains
    D) None of these
  8. Al-Bidaya wa-n-Nihaya is a book written by?A) Ibn Tabari
    B) Ibn Kathir
    C) Ibn Sina
    D) None of these
  9. A Tale of Two Cities is a famous novel. It was written by?A) Charles Darwin
    B) Charles Dickens
    C) George Elliot
    D) None of these
  10. Opposite of Restive is?
    A) Uneasy
    B) Calm
    C) Thread
    D) None of these
  11. Fallacious means?A) Correct
    B) Misleading
    C) Ruin
    D) None of these
  12. What is synonym of Serene ?
    A) Turmoil
    B) Calm and Peaceful
    C) Rough
    D) None of these
  13. Ambiguous means?
    A) Crystal
    B) Obstacle
    C) Hazy
    D) Obnoxious
  14. First man in cricket history to hit six sixes in an over in One Day Internationals?A) Herschel Gibbs
    B) Shahid Afridi
    C) Garfield Sobers
    D) None of these
  15. Which UN agency works for population?A) UNDP
    B) UNFPA
    D) None of these
  16. Which UN organ gives representation to each nation?
    A) UN General Assembly
    B) UN Social and Economic Council
    C) UN Security Council
    D) None of these
  17. Which civilization belongs to river Tigris and Euphrates?
    A) Indus
    B) Egyptian
    C) Maya
    D) Mesopotamia
  18. The Philosopher and poet Khalil Gibran belongs to?
    A) Israel
    B) Lebanon
    C) Jordon
    D) Egypt
  19. “Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove” is written by?
    A) Shah Mehmood Qureshi
    B) Agha Shahi
    C) Mehmood Kasuri
    D) None of these
  20. Which among the following is the third source of Islamic Law?
    A) Hadith
    B) ljma
    C) Qiyas
    D) Istehsan
  21. Niagara Falls fall is situated in the continent?A) North America
    B) South America
    C) Africa
    D) Asia
  22. Asian Development Bank established in 1996 for Economic development of?
    A) Europe
    B) Asia
    C) America
    D) All of these
  23. Which among the following is the capital of Australia?
    A) Sidney
    B) Melbourne
    C) Perth
    D) Canberra
  24. 16 November on each year is celebrated as?
    A) Tolerance day
    B) Women’s day
    C) Disable day
    D) None of these
  25. Combination of digital and analog computer is?
    A) Main frame computer
    B) Mini computer
    C) Hybrid computer
    D) None of these
  26. Which of the following used for Internet?
    A) Modem
    B) Network card
    C) Both a and b
    D) None of these
  27. What is distance of Junagadh, the state announced annexation to Pakistan, from Karachi?
    A) 310 miles
    B) 350 miles
    C) 290 miles
    D) 366 miles
  28. Italy has become the first developed Economy to sign One Belt One Road on 22 March?
    A) 2018
    B) 2019
    C) 2020
    D) None of these
  29. To be senator in Pakistan minimum age is?
    A) 30 years
    B) 40 years
    C) 45 years
    D) None of these
  30. Virally infected cells in response to the presence of virus produce protein cells?
    A) Interferon
    B) Byferon
    C) Protein
    D) None of these
  31. The play “Arms and the Man” is written by?
    A) Shakespeare
    B) Henrik Ibsen
    C) George Bernard Shaw
    D) None of these
  32. Super Conductor was invented by?
    A) Heike Kimberling
    B) Walter Meissner
    C) Both a and b
    D) None of these
  33. In MS word short Key for font size?
    A) Ctrl + Shift + B
    B) Ctrl +Shift + F
    C) Ctrl + shift + E
    D) None of these
  34. His health has run …..?
    A) Out
    B) Off
    C) Down
    D) Riot
  35. How many times, the word ‘Qul’ has been repeated in the Holy Quran?
    A) 200 times
    B) Under 100 times
    C) More than 200
    D) 400 times
  36. Zakat was completely enforced in?
    A) 2 A.H
    B) 4 A.H
    C) 8 A.H
    D) 9 A.H
  37. “To smell a Rat” means?
    A) To smell something bad
    B) To detect something wrong
    C) Line thickness
    D) None of the above
  38. Who initiated the Silk Letter Movement (Reshmi Rumal Tehreek)?
    A) Mehmood-ul-Hassan
    B) Fakhar-u-Din Nizami
    C) Maulana Zafar Ali khan
    D) Shabeer Ahmad Usmani
  39. Which was the first country to recognize Pakistan as an independent state?
    A) Iran
    B) Turkey
    C) Afghanistan
    D) Saudis Arabia
  40. Thickness of a line is changed in?
    A) Shape Style
    B) Line Thickness
    C) Thickness Styles
    D) Shape Line Thickness
  41. A is the mother of B and C. D is the husband of C What is the relation of A to D?
    A) Sister
    B) Aunt
    D) Mother-in-law
    C) Mother
  42. Which dam in Pakistan has the largest storage capacity?A) Mangla
    B) Gomal zam
    C) Tarbela
    D) Simli Darn
  43. Dokhlam Standoff was between Which of the two countries?
    A) India and Bangladesh
    B) China and Bhutan
    C) India and Nepal
    D) Bhutan and Nepal
  44. ICs (Integrated Circuits) were used in?
    A) Third Generation
    B) Fourth Generation
    C) Second Generation
    D) None of these
  45. If A is to the south of B and C is to the east of B. In which direction is A with respect to C?A North-East
    B) North-West
    C) South-West
    D) South-East
  46. Head Sulemanki is on which of the following rivers?
    A) River Ravi
    B) River Jehlum
    C) River Sutlej
    D) River Chenab
  47. Sakhalin Island dispute involves which of the two countries?
  48. A) Russia & Japan
    B) Japan & North Korea
    C) Russia & China
    D) China & Vietnam
  49. Turkey, Syria, Lebanon and Israel share common border with?
    A) Black Sea
    B) Sea of Azov
    C) Mediterranean Sea
    D) Arabian Sea
  50. What was the reason of Hazrat Usman R.A death?
    A) Rebels
    B) Kufaar
    C) ) Romans
    D) Khawarij
  51. 05 is equal to which of the following fractions?
    A) 1/10
    C) 1/18
    B) 1/15
    D) 1/20
  52. A fruit seller had some mangoes.He sells 30% mangoes and still has 280 mangoes.Find the number of mangoes he had?
    A) 400 mangoes
    B) 588 mangoes
    C) 600 mangoes
    D) 388 mangoes
  53. What is the name of Capital of “Panama”
    A) Caracas City
    B) Quito City
    C) Honolulu City
    D) Panama City
  54. “Montreal” is a famous city of?
    A) Australia
    B) Canada
    C) France
    D) Mexico
  55. Angkor Wat is a temple complex in?
    A) Vietnam
    B) Laos
    C) Cambodia
    D) Thailand
  56. G-7 is a group of countries having advanced economics.It includes which of the following country?
    A) China
    B) India
    C) Turkey
    D) Italy
  57. Which program is used to convert high level programming to low level machine code?A) Assembler
    B) Compiler
    C) Distributor
    D) Tabulator
  58. Pakistan won the ICC T20 World Cup 2009.Who was the Captain?
    A) Shoaib Malik
    B) Younis Khan
    C Misbah-of-Haq
    D) None of these
  59. Who among the following was the first Asian to translate the Holy Quran into English?A) Abdul Majid
    B) Abdullah Yousaf Ali
    C) Mirza Abu Fazal
    D) None of these
  60. …… is a high-speed point-to-point channel for attaching a graphics card to a computer’s motherboard, primarily to assist in the acceleration of 3D computer graphics?
  61. MTCR stands for?A) Missile Technology Control RegimeB) Missile Triple Category Rationalization
    C) Multiple Technology Control Regime
    D) Missile Technology Control Regulation
  62. Choose the incorrect spelling?
    A) Hallucinations
    B) Reverberations
    C) Transpyre
    D) Rejuvenation
  63. A mummy was discovered near Iranian capital was of?
    A) Raza Shah Pehlvi
    B) Ahmad Shah Qajar
    C) Muzaffar-ud-Din
    D) None of these
  64. Iran nuclear deal is also known as?A) JOCPA
    B) JCPOA
    C) P5+1
    D) None of these
  65. The purpose of …… to act as holding area, enabling the CPU to manipulate data before transferring it to a device?
    A) ROM
    B) Compiler
    C) Buffer
    D) Tabulater
  66. Uroos-ul-Quran is another name of?A) Surah Yaseen
    B) Surah Rehman
    C) Surah Kausar
    D) None of these
  67. Which city has the largest Hockey stadium in Pakistan?
    A) Karachi
    B) Peshawar
    C) Lahore
    D) None of these
  68. “A Brief History of the Time” is written by?
    A) Stephen King
    B) Stephen Hawking
    C) Yuval Harari
    D) None of these
  69. How many Olympic records does Usain Bolt have?
    A) 3 titles
    B) 4 titles
    C) 5 titles
    D) 6 titles
  70. Who is called Umar-e-Sani?
    A) Hazrat Umar bin Abdullah R.A
    B) Hazrat Umar bin Khataab R.A
    C) Hazrat Abdullah bin Umarb R.A
    D) Hazrat Umar bin Abdul Azeez R.A
  71. The smallest planet in our solar system is?
    A) Mercury
    B) Mars
    C) Venus
    D) Earth
  72. Which of the following is a political dispute between India and Pakistan?
    A) Actual Control
    B) Sir Creek
    C) MacMohan Line
    D) None of these
  73. How many times do hands of a clock coincide in a day?
    A) 11
    B) 22
    C) 32
    D) 42
  74. Muhammad bin Qasim conquered Sindh during the reigned of dynasty?
    A) Umayyad
    B) Abbassid
    C) Ottoman
    D) Hinduand
  75. Meister Eckhart was?
    A) An Italian Preacher
    B) A German Theologian
    C) A Greek Philosopher
    D) A Chines freedom fighters
  76. The most efficient engine is?
    A) Petrol
    B) Electric
    C) Diesel
    D) Stream
  77. Which Prophet’s Nation committed embezzlement in trusts?
    A) Hazrat Haroon A.S
    B) Hazrat Musa A.S
    C) Hazrat Shoaib A.S
    D) Hazrat Loot A.S
  78. Brahma Samaj was founded in?
    A) 1820
    B) 1828
    C) 1832
    D) None of these
  79. 1 nibble contains?
    A) 4 bits
    B) 6 bits
    C) 8 bits
    D) 16 bits
  80. What will happen if ozone layer disappears?
    A) UV Rays do not reach earth
    B) UV Rays reach earth
    C) X Rays breach the earth’s surface
    D) Alpha Rays damage the Troposphere
  81. Heart attack is caused due to?A) Blood Sugar
    B) Cholesterol
    C) Blood Protein
    D) Vibro Comma
  82. Which Prophet is known as “Shaikh-al-Anbiya”?
    A) Hazrat Adam A.S
    B) Hazrat Abrahim A.S
    C) Hazrat Noah A.S
    D) Hazrat Dawood A.S
  83. When did Gandhi renounce his membership of Congress?
    A) 1934
    B) 1935
    C) 1933
    D) 1932
  84. Summer Olympics 2020 is going to be held in?
    A) Phnom Penh
    B) Pyongyang
    C) Tokyo
    D) Yuncheng
  85. When a person killed by his brother is called as?
    A) Homicide
    B) Matricide
    C) Patricide
    D) Fratricide
  86. X and Y can do a piece of work in 20 days and 12 days respectively. X started the work alone, and then after 4 days, Y joined him until the completion of the work. How long did the work last?
    A) 6 days
    B) 10 days
    C) 15 days
    D) 20 days
  87. Which state of India was struck by lightning more than 36,000 times in 13 hours?
    A) Uttar Pardesh
    B) Central Pardesh
    C) Maharashtra
    D) Andhra PardeshA) Graphic Card
    B) Accelerator Card
    C) AGP (Accelerator Graphics Port)
    D) NVIDIA Graphic Resolution Port
  88. Who was the first woman in space?
    A) Valentina Tereshkova
    B) Jerrie Cobb
    C) Cady Coleman
    D) Peggy Whitson
  89. How many times did Pakistan win Hockey World Cup?
    A) 2 Times
    B) 4 Times
    C) 3 Times
    D) 5 Times
  90. Who was the first captain of Pakistan Women’s ODI and Test Matches?
    A) Bismah Maroof
    B) Shaiza Khan
    C) Sana Mir
    D) None of these
  91. Head Sulemanki is on which of the following rivers?
    A) River Ravi
    B) River Jehlum
    C) River Sutlej
    D) River Chenab

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