PPSC Assistant (BS-16) S&GAD past paper 2020

  1. Butterfly stroke term is associated with?
    A) Wrestling
    B) Swimming
    C) Golf
    D) None of these
  2. Name the tribe of Hazrat Haleema Saadia, the foster mother of Holy Prophet PBUH?
    A) Banu Tamim
    B) Banu Adi
    C) Banu Saad
    D) None of these
  3. In Table tennis, the length of the table is?A) 3.74m
    B) 2.74m
    C) 6.62m
    D) None of these
  4. The length of Basketball court according to International Basketball Association is?
    A) 49.2 ft
    B) 91.9 ft
    C) 95.7 ft
    D) None of these
  5. Who was the last king of Afghanistan?
    A) Muhammad Tarkai
    B) Muhammad Zahir shah
    C) Ahmed shah Abdali
    D) None of these
  6. In the first session of the constituent assembly of Pakistan the first bill in the assembly was related to?
    A) To establish State Bank
    B) To build Army
    C) To officially call Muhammad Ali Jinnah “Quaid e Azam”
    D) None of these
  7. Golden Temple of Amritsar is the most sacred temple of?A) Hindus
    B) Sikhs
    C) Jains
    D) None of these
  8. Al-Bidaya wa-n-Nihaya is a book written by?A) Ibn Tabari
    B) Ibn Kathir
    C) Ibn Sina
    D) None of these
  9. A Tale of Two Cities is a famous novel. It was written by?A) Charles Darwin
    B) Charles Dickens
    C) George Elliot
    D) None of these
  10. Opposite of Restive is?
    A) Uneasy
    B) Calm
    C) Thread
    D) None of these
  11. Fallacious means?A) Correct
    B) Misleading
    C) Ruin
    D) None of these
  12. What is synonym of Serene ?
    A) Turmoil
    B) Calm and Peaceful
    C) Rough
    D) None of these
  13. Ambiguous means?
    A) Crystal
    B) Obstacle
    C) Hazy
    D) Obnoxious
  14. First man in cricket history to hit six sixes in an over in One Day Internationals?A) Herschel Gibbs
    B) Shahid Afridi
    C) Garfield Sobers
    D) None of these
  15. Which UN agency works for population?A) UNDP
    B) UNFPA
    D) None of these
  16. Which UN organ gives representation to each nation?
    A) UN General Assembly
    B) UN Social and Economic Council
    C) UN Security Council
    D) None of these
  17. Which civilization belongs to river Tigris and Euphrates?
    A) Indus
    B) Egyptian
    C) Maya
    D) Mesopotamia
  18. The Philosopher and poet Khalil Gibran belongs to?
    A) Israel
    B) Lebanon
    C) Jordon
    D) Egypt
  19. “Neither a Hawk Nor a Dove” is written by?
    A) Shah Mehmood Qureshi
    B) Agha Shahi
    C) Mehmood Kasuri
    D) None of these
  20. Which among the following is the third source of Islamic Law?
    A) Hadith
    B) ljma
    C) Qiyas
    D) Istehsan
  21. Niagara Falls fall is situated in the continent?A) North America
    B) South America
    C) Africa
    D) Asia
  22. Asian Development Bank established in 1996 for Economic development of?
    A) Europe
    B) Asia
    C) America
    D) All of these
  23. Which among the following is the capital of Australia?
    A) Sidney
    B) Melbourne
    C) Perth
    D) Canberra
  24. 16 November on each year is celebrated as?
    A) Tolerance day
    B) Women’s day
    C) Disable day
    D) None of these
  25. Combination of digital and analog computer is?
    A) Main frame computer
    B) Mini computer
    C) Hybrid computer
    D) None of these
  26. Which of the following used for Internet?
    A) Modem
    B) Network card
    C) Both a and b
    D) None of these
  27. What is distance of Junagadh, the state announced annexation to Pakistan, from Karachi?
    A) 310 miles
    B) 350 miles
    C) 290 miles
    D) 366 miles
  28. Italy has become the first developed Economy to sign One Belt One Road on 22 March?
    A) 2018
    B) 2019
    C) 2020
    D) None of these
  29. To be senator in Pakistan minimum age is?
    A) 30 years
    B) 40 years
    C) 45 years
    D) None of these
  30. Virally infected cells in response to the presence of virus produce protein cells?
    A) Interferon
    B) Byferon
    C) Protein
    D) None of these
  31. The play “Arms and the Man” is written by?
    A) Shakespeare
    B) Henrik Ibsen
    C) George Bernard Shaw
    D) None of these
  32. Super Conductor was invented by?
    A) Heike Kimberling
    B) Walter Meissner
    C) Both a and b
    D) None of these
  33. In MS word short Key for font size?
    A) Ctrl + Shift + B
    B) Ctrl +Shift + F
    C) Ctrl + shift + E
    D) None of these
  34. His health has run …..?
    A) Out
    B) Off
    C) Down
    D) Riot

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