PPSC Assistant Local Government 2020 Past Paper

PPSC Assistant Local Government 2020 Past Paper

Past Paper 2020 PPSC Assistant Local Government


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1. Salang Tunnel is located in the Hindu Kush mountains. It connects the following cities?

A) Kabul and Herat

B) Kabul and Mazar Sharif

C) Herat and Mazar Sharif

D) Kandahar and Kabul

2. Choose the correct synonym of Ecstasy?

A) Remorse

B) Lugubriousness

  C) Exultation

D) Grimness

3. The draft of the 1956 constitution was passed by the constituent assembly on?

A) 29 March 1956

        B) 29 February 1956

C) 29 January 1956

D) None of these

4. Charter of Democracy was signed between Pakistan People’s Party and Pakistan Muslim League on May 14, 2006 in?

A) Edinburgh

B) London

C) Geneva

D) Berlin

5. Which of the following punishment was introduced by Hazrat Umer R.A during his Caliphate?

A) Flopping

B) Exile

C) Capital Punishment

D) Cutting of hands

6. Which of the following is not essential for plants?

A) Pb

B) K

C) P

D) N

7. Deficit financing is an economic term which implies?

A) Government spends more money than it receives as revenue

B) Government spends less money than it receives as revenue

C) Government spends the same amount of money which it receives in revenue

D) Government borrows from the central bank of the country

8. He hath a wisdom that doth guide his ……?

A) Fortune

B) Valour

C) Bravery

D) Intention

9. Berber Tribe is an ethnic group that is mostly indigenous to?

A) South America

B) South East Asia

C) North Africa

D) Central Asia

10. In the fourteen points presented by the Quiad-e-Azam in 1929, he demanded reforms in which of the following provinces?

A) NWFP and Sindh

B) NWFP and Baluchistan

C) NWFP and Bombay
D) Sindh and Bombay

11. Which batsman among the following scored fastest century in Test Format?

A) Brain Lara

(B) Sachin Tendulkar

C) Brendon McCollum

D) None of these

12.      1.272747 ……. a/an?

A) Rational Number

B) Irrational Number

C) Integer

D) Whole number

13. Who was appointed by the Queen Elizabeth as the designated successor of the Commonwealth?

A) Prince William

B) Prince Charles

C) Prince Harry

D) Prince Phillip

14. The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in?

A) China, Beijing

B) PycongChang, South Korea

C) Sochi, Russia

D) Bangkok, Thailand

15. BRICS is an association of world’s emerging economies. It includes India, Russia, China, South Africa and …….?

A) Bangladesh

B) Brazil

C) Belgium

D) Bulgaria

16. What is the synonym of AMBIGUOUS (مبہم)?

A) Limpid

B) Transparent

C) Lurid

D) Unclear

17. What is the circumference of Earth?

A) 30,000 km

B) 40,000 km

C) 50,000 km

D) 20,000 km

18. Siachen Glacier is in …… mountain range?

A) Hindu Kush

B) Karakorum

C) Himalayas

D) Pamir

19. Siachen conflict was signed between India and Pakistan in?

A) 1984

B) 1985

C) 1986

D) 1987

20. What is the other name of K2?

A) Austen Bigwig

B) Godwin Austen

C) Malaku

D) Karakorum Godwin

21. Who was the captain in the team which won the cricket world cup in 1992?

A) Miandad

B) Wasim Akram

C) Imran Khan

D) Inzmam ul Haq

22. Quaid-e-Azam left congress in?

A) 1913

B) 1920

C) 1906

D) 1919

23. What is the old name of Chennai?

A) Patna

B) Jaipur

C) Madras

D) Daulat Abad

24. Brexit referendum which was about the UK’s exit from European Union was held on?

A) June 23, 2013

B) June 23, 2014

C) June 23, 2015

D) June 23, 2016

25. Mamnoon Hussain was the …… president of Pakistan?

A) 12th

B) 13th

B) 14th

D) 11th

26. Tirich Mir is a mountain range in?

A) Hindu Kush

B) Karakorum

C) Himalayas

D) Pamir

27. How many articles are there in the constitution?

A) 280

B) 270

C) 260

D) 250

28. Abdul Sattar Edhi, who is known for his philanthropist services, was born in a town near?

A) Manawadar

B) Junagarh

C) Madras

D) Daulat Abad

29. Montreal is a city in?

A) Australia

B) Germany

C) Bulgaria

D) Canada

30. Which of the following was the old capital of Japan before Tokyo?

A) Osaka

B) Yokohama

C) Kyoto

D) Nagoya

31. Who among the following chaired the annual meeting of All India Muslim League in 1907?

A) Salim Ullah

B) Viqar ul Mulk

C) Adamjee Peerbhoy

D) Agha Khan

32. Which Mughal King built the Badshahi Mosque?

A) Aurangzeb

B) Jahangir

C) Shah Jahan

D) Akbar

33. DPI Stands for?

A) Dots per index

B) Divide per inch

C) Dots per inch

D) None of these

34. How many senators are directly elected from each province of Pakistan?

A) 24

B) 25

C) 23

D) 22

35. Which of the following is a man-made substance?

A) Timber

B) Leather

C) Plastic

D) None of these

36. Faiz Ahmad Faiz got Lenin award in?

A) 1952

B) 1962

C) 1972

D) None of these

37. What is the boiling point (°C ) of water 1 atm?

A) 70 degrees

B) 90 degrees

C) 100 degrees

D) 110 degrees

38. Who was the last king of Afghanistan?

A) Daud Khan

B) Nur Muhammad Taraki

C) Zahir Shah

D) Hafizullah Amin

39. Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened in ……?

A) 13 April, 1919

B) 19 April, 1920

C) 21 April 1919

D) 29 April, 1919

40. What is the full length of badminton court?

A) 13.4 m

B) 14.3 m

C) 12.3 m

D) 13.2 m

41. Ping Fong is also called?

A) Long Tennis

B) Table Tennis

D) Badminton

D) Basket ball

42.  In a jiffy (ایک لمحے میں) means?

A) A long time

B) A very short time

C) A tensed situation

D) On the horns of dilemma

43. Arfa Karim is famous owing to?

A) Youngest certified Apple Professional

B) Youngest certified Microsoft Professional

C) Youngest Certified Amazon Professional

D) Youngest Certified Windows Professional

44. Food and Agriculture Organization is a UN agency that is fighting hunger and food problems in the world. Its headquarter is in?

A) Rome, Italy

B) Sofia, Bulgaria

C) Budapest, Hungry

D) Bucharest, Romania

45. Shah Abdul Latif was a Sufi poet from?

A) Punjab

B) Sindh

C) Baluchistan

D) Peshawar

46. Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan belongs to which of the following families?

A) Patiala family

B) Senia family

C) Qawwal family

D) Talwandi family

47. Algeria got independence from France in?

A) 1961

B) 1956

C) 1962

D) 1965

48. Which foreign leader among the following addressed the Parliament of Pakistan for the third time?

A) Mahathir Muhammad

B) Tayyip Edrogan

C) King Sulman

D) Hassan Rouhani

49. Which type of cells protect body from infectious diseased and foreign invaders?

A) White Blood cells

B) Red Blood cells

C) Platelets

D) Stem cells

50. Mohenjo Daro is called?

A) Mount of the dead

B) Mound of the dead

C) Heap of the dead

D) Legacy of the dead

51. Nili Ravi is a breed of?

A) Camel

B) Buffalo

C) Sheep

D) Deer

52. Who among the following is the current governor of Balochistan?

A) Muhammad khan achakzai

C) Aman Ullah Khan Yasinzai

D) Zulfiqar Magsi

D) None of these

53. What is the synonym of Profane ?

A) Irreverent

B) Condescending

C) Design

D) All of these

54. What is the synonym of HAUGHTY ?

A) Modest

B) Humble

C) Conceited

D) All of these

55. A is the father of B but B is not A’s son. What is the relationship of B to A??

A) Son

B) Daughter

C) Cousin

D) Sister

56. Find the odd one out from the following?

A) London

B) Lyon

C) Sevilla

D) Belfast

57. What was the name of Pakistan’s submarine used in 1965 and 1971 war against India?

A) Hatf

B) Ghazi

C) Humayun

D) Ghauri

58. Indus Basin Waters treaty was signed in?

A) 1958

B) 1960

C) 1962

D) 1964

59. Kargil war was fought between India and Pakistan in?

A) 1998

B) 2000

C) 1997

D) None of these

60. Hazrat Bilal R.A was a slave and his master was?

A) Ummayah bin Khalaf

B) Ummayah bin Jahim

C) Ummayah bin Jahash

D) Ummayah bin Thaqif

61. What is the height of Nanga Parbat?

A) 8612 m

B) 8126 m

C) 8216 m

D) None of these

62. Do not change …… in midstream?

A) Idea

B) Plans

C) Horses

D) Hounds

63. Which of the following line spacing is invalid in MS office?

A) Multiple

B) Double

C) Triple

D) Single

64. He boasts …… his wealth?

A) in

B) of

C) to

D) by

65. Who was called sword of Allah?

A) Hazrat Umar R.A

B) Hazrat Ali R.A

C) Hazrat Khalid bin Walid R.A

D) None of these

66. Which Caliph of the following launched the postal department?

A) Hazrat Abu Bakr R.A

B) Hazrat Umar R.A

C) Hazrat Usman R.A

D) Hazrat Ali R.A

67. Who among the following was the first woman martyr in Islam?

A) Hazrat Ayesha R.A

B) Hazrat Summaya R.A

C) Hazrat Maria R.A

D) Hazrat Zunaira R.A

68. Hybrid Computers are ……?

A) Analog Computers

B) Digital Computers

C) Analog and Digital Computers

D) None of these

69. The orientation of page in MS Word can be changed from?

A) Design Tab

B) Layout Tab

C) Insert Tab

D) View Tab

70. Vasco da Gana was the first European to reach India through Atlantic Ocean in?

A) 1496

B) 1498

C) 1494

D) None of these

71. Tourmaline, a gemstone is found in?

A) Chitral

B) Gilgit Baltistan

C) Kohistan

D) Chaghai

72. According to OAG which of the following routes is the most busiest?

A) Kuala Lumpur to Singapore

B) Singapore to New York

C) New York to Washington

D) Beijing to Shanghai

73. What is the old name of Japan?

A) Tokoyo

B) Nippon

C) Nara

D) Sapporo

74. Ghalib was born in?

A) Delhi

B) Lucknow

C) Agra

D) Daulatabad

75. Shah Abdul Latif Bhitai was from the famous order?

A) Qadria Silsiila

B) Naqshbandia Silsila

C) Syrarwardiya Silsila

D) None of these

76. What is the name of current crown pnrice of Saudi Arabi?

A) Salman bin Muhammad

B) Nayaf bin Muhammad

C) Muhammad bin Nayof

D) None of these

77. Which is the second largest Plant in our Solar system?

A) Jupiter

B) Saturn

C) Uranus

D) None of these

78. He is ignorant …… the whole situation?

A) with

B) of

C) by

D) from

79. The authority failed to carry …… its statutory duties?

A) with

B) on

C) out

D) up

80. When did the Organization of Islamic Conference change its name to Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)?

A) 28 June 2011

B) 27 Dec. 2010

C) 1 Jan 2011

D) 28 June 2012

81. Grameen Bank a pioneer in the field of microfinance was the brainchild of?

A) Dr Riaz Rahman

B) Fazle Hussain Abid

C) Dr. Muhammad Salman Rahman

D) Prof. Muhammad Younus

82. Which of the following is the current capital of Bhutan?

A) Thimphu

B) Manila

C) Naypyidaw

D) Phonem Pheh

83. A train 240 m long passes a pole in 24 seconds. How long will it take to pass a platform 650 m long?

A) 69 seconds

B) 89 seconds

C) 99 Seconds

D) 109 seconds

84. You can activate a cell by?

A) Pressing the tab key

B) Clicking the cell

C) Pressing an arrow key

D) All of these

85. Arch of Janus is present in?

A) Greece

B) Vatican City

C) Rome, Italy

D) Scotland, UK

86. Which Prophet’s nation was destroyed by the rain of stones?

A) Hazrat Salih A.S

B) Hazrat Loot A.S

C) Hazrat Hood A.S

D) Hazrat Yusuf A.S

87. Portrait and Landscape are ……?

A) Page Orientation

B) Paper Size

C) Page Layout

D) None of these

88. What was the name of Hazrat Halima’s tribe?

A) Banu Hashim

B) Banu Taim

C) Banu Saad

D) Banu Adi

89. Arms and the Man is a comedy play written by?

A) Shakespeare

B) G.B. Shaw

C) Oscar Wilde

D) H.G. Wells

90. A tale of two cities is a novel set into two cities during the period of the French revolution. It was written by?

A) Mark Twin

B) Charles Dickens

C) Jane Austen

D) Oscar Wilde

91. شہور ناول’’خدا کے بستی‘‘ کےمصنف کا کیا نام ہے ؟

A) وقارعظیم

B) شوکت صدیقی

C) احمدسرور

D) امجد اسلام امجد

92. ?پاوں تلے زمین نکلنا “کا مفہوم کیا ہے”

A) گرفتار ہو جانا

B) غلط فہمی کا شکار ہونا

C) گر جانا

D) گھبرا جانا

93. ?یہ مشہور شعر کس کا ہے

میں کس کے ہاتھ پر اپنا لہو تلاش کروں

تمام شہر نے پہنے ہیں دستانے

A) مصطفی زیدی

B) غالب

C) پروین شاکر

D) احمد فراز

94. قومی زبان کی ترقی کس ادارے کے ذمہ داری ہے ؟

A) اکادمی ادبیات

B) نیشنل بک فاؤنڈیشن

C) مقتدرو قومی زبان

D) مجلس ترقی ادب

95. آنگن ‘‘ کس کا مشہور ناول ہے؟ “

A) عصمت چغتائی

B) قرۃالعین حیدر

C) خدیجہ مستور

D) بانو قدسیہ

96. ?ماہنامہ ادب لطیف کا پہلا ایڈیٹر کون تھا

A) برکت علی چودھری

B) مولانا ظفر علی خان

C) مولانا محمد علی جوہر

D) ان میں سے کوئی نہیں


97. ?ان میں کونسا لفظ درست ہے

A) السلام علیکم

B) اسلام و علیکم

C) و لسلام علیکم

D) اسلام علیکم

98. ?مشہور ناول “ راجہ گدھ “کی مصنفہ کون ہے

A) بشری رحمن

B) پروین شاکر

C) بانو قدسیہ

D) ہاجرہ مسرور

99. ?دشت سوس “ کس کا ناول ہے “

A) خدیجہ مستور

B) جمیلہ ہاشمی

C) بانو قدسیہ

D) کشور ناہید

100. ?دروست مطلب کا انتخاب کیجیے

” When in Rome do as the Romans do”

A) روم میں وہی کرو جو رومن کرتے ہیں

B) جیسا دیس ویسا بھیس

C) جیسا مالک ویسا نوکر

D) جیسا آقا ویسا نوکر

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