1. Word SALAT is of which language?Arabic
  2. Hazrat Usman R.A belong to Which Tribe?Ummayed
  3. Which is second pillar of Islam is? Salat
  4. Salat is the word of which language? Arabic
  5. Agreement of Hudaibia made for how many years?10
  6. Which is First Revealed Surah?fateha
  7. As per area biggest province of pakistan is?Balochistan
  8. When All Indian National Congress Established?  1885
  9. Which Viceroy of subcontinent has Least Tenure?Mountbatten
  10. When Quaid-e-Azam Joined Muslim League?1913
  11. When right of Separate Electorate given?1919
  12. Who Was the Head Of The Constituent Committe formed by Ayub khan?Justice Shahab 
  13. When Ayub Khan Handed over The power to Yaha?1969
  14. Who forwarded the Pakistan Resolution Lahore?Fazal ul Haq
  15. Who Presided meeting of league in 1940?Qaid e Azam
  16. When Liaqat Ali Khan Was Assassinated?16 Oct 1951
  17. When National Anthem was first played?1954
  18. Partition Plan of subcontinent?3rd June 1947
  19. First Five Year Plan period is?1955-1960
  20. Which political party was founded in 1967?PPP
  21. In tashqand declaration who participated from India?Lal Bahadur Shastri
  22. When Name Of NWFP was changed as KPK in?2010
  23. Who was first chief justice of Pakistan?Mian Abdur Rashid
  24. When Kargil conflict was took place in the year?1999
  25. When Financial year Of Pakistan Ends?30 June
  26. Who Was The P.M At the time of 1958 Martial law?Feroz Khan Noon
  27. When Hindi Urdu Conflict started?1867
  28. How many times Pakistan Has won Hockey world cup?4
  29. When One Unit came inot existence?1955
  30. First constituent assembly abloished in?1954
  31. Partition of Bengal take place in?1905
  32. Which Viceray made partition Of Bengal? Lord Curzon
  33. Line betweenn Pakistan And Afghanistan is called?Durand Line
  34. Which Country in West of Pakistan?Afghanistan
  35. Objective resolution was passed on? 12 March 1949
  36. NRO stands for?National Reconcilation Order
  37. Auditor General Is appointed Byxc?President
  38. Bahardur shah Zafar Burried in?Rangoon
  39. Who was Last Governor General of Pakistan?Sikandar Mirza
  40. Province Having largest coastline?Balochistan
  41. Which is Childern Organization of uno?Unicef
  42. Hazrat Usman R.A belong to Which Tribe?Ummayed
  43. Which is Capital Of India?New Delhi
  44. Which is Capital Of Austrlia?Canberra
  45. When Holy Prophet PBUH was born?571 A.D
  46. Who Wrote Muqadma Shair o shairi? Altaf Hussain Haali
  47. Mado jazr e islam?Altaf Hussain Haali
  48. In 1989 burma’s name changed into?Mynamar
  49. Which is not a part of Personal computer?Modem
  50. Illegally use of other computer through programme?Hacking
  51. Which is An input device?Mouse
  52. Which is Out Put device?Moniter
  53. Din Raat Ek krna?Sakht Mehnat
  54. Kali Kholna?Bhaid Khulna
  55. Aab Aab Hona?Khush Hona
  56. GDP stands for?Gross Domestic Product
  57. ISO stands for?International Standard Organization
  58. USA has how many states?50
  59. Faro ghuzashat?Mazi Mein Kho Jana
  60. Aine Akbari kisne likhi?Akbar
  61. Idioms
  62. Call a  Spade Spade?Speak Plainly
  63. Husband One’e resources?Manage The Means Of Other
  64. Bear The Brunt?Face The Task
  65. Bury The Hatchet?Make Peace
  66. To Fish In Troubled Waters? In Difficulty
  67. An Axe to grind?To Have A Selfish Reason
  68. Prepositions
  69. Annoyed?AT
  70. Sorry ?For
  71. Passes?away
  72. Indebted?To
  73. Hand?Over
  74. Eligible?For
  75. Antonyms
  76. Parity?
  77. Endemic?
  78. Benign?
  79. Mirza Ghalib Ka ziada waqt kahan guzra-?Delhi
  80. Hayat e javaid kisne likhi?Haali
  81. The Age of Holy Prophet PBUH At the Death Of His Mother?6
  82. Which Islamic country has largest population?Indonesia
  83. Contantinople Is the Old name of?Istanbol
  84. Heart Have how many chambers?4
  85. Meeting Of OIC in 1974 was held in? Lahore,Pakistan
  87. Which organization is established in 1955?CENTO
  88. What is Common Name Of Sodium Cholride? Salt(am nimak)
  89. Simla deputation comprised on how many members?35
  90. First SAARC summit was held in?Dhakka
  91. Where Allama Iqbal deliverd his historical address?Allah Abad
  92. In 1969 Muamar Gadafi deposed which king?
  93. Where is Red Cross H.Q?Geneva
  94. When Ghandhi Assassinated?1948
  95. Hujjat Tamam krna ka matlab?Daleel Baqi Na Chorna
  96. 1st Martail Law was imposed on? 7 october 1958
  97. Founder Of Modren Turkey? Kamal Ataturk
  98. Zealot Means? Fanatic
  99. Chlorophyll color is? Green


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