1- Minsk is the capital of? Belarus

2-baht is the currency of? Thailand

3-currency note 1st time used by? China

4-earth revolves around the sun from? West to east

5- The name of world highest waterfall is? Angel

6- Johor strait situated between? Malaysia and Singapore

7- Malacca strait situated between? Malysia & Indonesia

8- Karakum desert located in? Turkmenistan

9- Fleet street is famous for? newspapers

10-Sikandry Azam belong to which country? Macedonia

11-philately is the science of? stamp collection

12-smallest country of the world? Vatican

13-how many kg’s in one metric ton? 1000

14-one square foot is equal to? 144 sq inches

15- hydrometer is used for? specific gravity of liquid

16- which vitamin easily prepared in body? vitamin D

17- scurvy is due to lack of? (vitamin c)

18-which gas is commonly used in balloons? helium

19-the most abundant element in earth curst is? Oxygen (O)46.6%

20- 21- world oldest parliament is? Althing of Iceland

22-seattle is the seaport of? u.s.a

23-land of midnight sun is? Norway

24- land of free people is? Thailand

25- the lowest rainfall area in Pakistan is? nokhundi

26- Interfax is the news agency of? Russia

27- Heathrow is the seaport of? London

28- agro based industry is? poultry, fishery, livestock

29- Stonehenge is in? England

30- largest producer of uranium is? Canada

31- Nikke is the stock exchange of? Tokyo

32- which country is situated below the sea level? Netherlands

33-sharmusheikh is the seaport situated on? red sea

34-wheel is the symbol of? progress

35- who was the painter of Mona Lisa? Leonardo Davinci

36- one horse power is equal to? 746 watt

37-which of the following gas used in fire extinguished? carbon dioxide

38-gulam Muhammad barrage is on? Indus river

39- head marala is on? Chenab

40- Neza e Sultan is an extinct volcano located in Chagai District, Baluchistan, have deep resources of? sulfur

41- old citizen day celebrated on? 1st October

42- in which sea Cyprus present? Mediterranean

43- yellow sea is situated between? china/Korea

44- the largest nuclear plant is located at?

45- which colour phosphorus used in matches? red

46- which gas is used in electric bulb? argon

47- oldest known element? copper

48- which shape of carbon used in lead pencils? graphite

49- basic component of all acid is? hydrogen

50- artificial silk is called? rayon

51- basic component of wood is? paper

52- where Darwin port? Australia

53- bar is the unit of? pressure

54- light year is the unit of? distance

55- Largest library of Pakistan?

56-lion is the emblem of? Sri Lanka

57-temple tree house is the official residence of? pm of Sri Lanka

58- 59-ping pong is the name of which game? table tennis

60- normal heart beat of adult is? 72-80

61-which gas is lightest? hydrogen

62-the important impact of inflation? decrease the value of currency

63-smallest ocean is? Arctic

64- longest land boundary between two countries? u.s.a and Canada

65-cortes is the parliament of? Spain

66- who many time the world zakat come in Quran? 82

67- who many time the word zakat come in Quran with namaz? 32

68- 7th month of Islamic calendar? rajab

69- when the complete orders among zakat announced? 9 hijra

70-sharia announced who many kind of people who are able to get zakat? 8

71-in which sura the orders of zakat described? sura tuba

72-four classes of zakat payer? metals, trading goods, animals, agriculture products

73-who is the writer of kitabul khiraj? imam Abu Yusuf

74-zakat derived from tazkiya meaning? to purify

75-the time period of tehsil committee member is? 3 years

76- which section of constitution of Pakistan gives protection of zakat council?

77- district zakat committee created under which section ? 16

78- who mange the account of federal zakat council? administrative general

79-auditor general gives his report to? parliament

80-total members of local committee? 9

81-when zakat ordinance promulgated? 20 June 1980

82-zakat is applicable on who many goats? 40

83- the usher of artificial land is? 1/20

84- the usher of natural land is? 1/10

85-the criteria of chairman of central council

ex or in service judge of supreme court 86- who many women members in federal council? 2

87-administrator general is also? sectary of religious affairs

88- which people cannot get zakat? parents, children, etc

89- who appointed district chairman? provincial council

90-the people who collect zakat are called? ameeleenv 91-mualafatil quloob are? new and needy Muslim

92- what meant of d-day? day upon which some significant event will occur or has occurred

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