1. How many articles are to be believed by a Muslim? 5

2. What was the last surah to be revealed? Al-Nasar

3. Which mosque did Holy Prophet (PBUH) ordered to abolish? Zarar

4. In which Hijri wine was prohibited? 5 Hjri

5. Who was the first female Shaheed of Islam? Saamia

6. Who wrote the highest number of Ahadith? Huraira

7. Complete the series: 1, 5, 17, and 85, _? None of these

8. A student needed 35% marks to pass an exam. He secured 235 marks and failed by 29 marks. What were the total marks? 750

9. If 2x + 2x + 2x = 12 then what is the value of x in 2x – 1 3

10. A man invested Rs. 3000 for 4 months and got some profit. How much money should he invest to get such a profit in a month? 12000

11. The average of 8 numbers is 12. If each number is increased by 2, the average of the new set of numbers is? 14

12. When Women Protection Bill was passed. 15 Nov 2006

13. Where is the headquarter of OPEC? Vienna

14. Headquarter of World Young President Organization is in?

15. Who was the first Principal of MAO College?

16. Pakistan left Commonwealth in 1972 when Bangladesh was recognised by Commonwealth. When did Pakistan rejoin Commonwealth as 49th member? 1991

17. Who was the first Secretary General of UNO? Trygve Lie


18. Hindbound

a) Strong willed
b) Open-minded
c) Thin skinned
d) Tender hearted

19. Seedy

a) Elegant
b) Intricate
c) Tranquil
d) Irregular

20. Boggle

a) Disentangle
b) Repudiate
c) Ascertain
d) Remain Unruffled


21. Indolent:Sloth

b)Arrogant : Acuity
c) Covetous : Enigma
d) Gluttony : Loyalty
e) Impatient : Apathy

22. Which of the following gases is used in fire extinguishers?

a) Oxygen
b) Hydrogen
c) Water Vapour
d) Carbon dioxide

23. Cooking gas is a mixture of

a) Methane and Carbon dioxide
b) Oxygen and Nitrogen
c) Bautane and Propane
d) Oxygen and Methane

24. Iron articles rust because of the formation of

a) Ferrous chloride
b) A mixture of ferrous and ferric hydroxide
c) Sodium carbonate
d) Ferric chloride

25. Water is purified through the process of? Chlorination

26). Dry ice is ____ Solid Carbon Dioxide

28). What is amount of income tax to be paid by a person having income of Rs.55, 000.

None of these

29). If 6 men and 14 women complete a work in 10 days, how time will 12 men and 14 women will take to complete the same work

30). If a thing was purchased at ‘x’ rate and sold at the profit of 20 % what would be the selling price

a). 1x b). 2x c) 1.2x d) none of these


31. What meant by Muqtadi

32. Names of Holy Prophets mentioned in the Holy Quran 26

Pak Studies:

33. When Risala-Isbabe-Bagwat-e-Hind was translated into English?
34. When Nehru Report was presented? 28 Aug 1928
35. Number of Muslim Delegates who attended Round Table Conference.
36. Who is the author of book ” “?
37. When Red Cliff Award was announced? 15 Aug 1947
38. Who was the first General in West Bengal after Division of Bengal?
39. Who was Secretary when 1861 act was promulgated?
40. What is Bande Mataram? A song

Everyday Science

41. Which is mixed with the rubber to make it more flexible? Sulphur
42. Cause of Dysantry. Vibrio Coma
43. Soap Fatty Acids and salts

Current Affairs:

44. When IMF was formed.
45. Where UN University is?
46. What Siachin ironically means?
47. From when America is claiming to know that Iran was establishing nuclear plant in violation of NPT?
48. Type of government
a. Autocracy
b. Oligarchy
c. Fascism
d. Balshvikism
49.Who was president of North Korea at the time of nuclear explosion?


50. Five taps fill a tank in 40 minutes if one tap is out of order then in how many minutes tank will be filled? 50 Mins
51. Tea bags None of these


52. Juggernaut: Inexorable
(a). Cosmonaut: worldly  (b). Colossus: gigantic  (c). Demagogue: liberal
53. Ricochet: Bullet
(a). Airm: crossbow  (b). Pierce: dart  (c). Soar: falcon
54. Delicate: Fastidious
(a). Hardworking: diligent  (b). Altruistic: mercenary  (c). Demonstrative: effusive


55. Castigated
     a) Diminish
     b) Imitate
     c) Compare
     d) Rewarde Misjudge

Word Meanings:

56. Montage
57. Docent
58. Tactile
59. Diptych
60. Diorama
61. Name the person who declared Ashabi without seeing Holy prophet (p.b.u.h) Awais Qarni (RA)
62. Holy Quran First Translated in _______ Language Persian
63. ______ Gas is use in Fire Cylinders CO2
64. Name the Acid use in the Laundry Soap.
65. ______ acid is use in the car batteries Sulphuric Acid
66. Statute means? Laws by Parliament
67. What Troika means?
68. Probe in to a murder of someone Inquest
69. Racial extermination of a particular group or people Genocide

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