PPSC Sub Inspector Past Papers

1. Who was known as the “Tiger of Maysore”?

(a)Sultan Haider Ali


(c)Ibrahim Lodhi

(d)Tipu Sultan

2. The congress and The Muslim League boycotted the Simon Commisioin. Who led the breakaway section of the Muslim League, which supported the Simon Commision?

(a)Mian Ejaz Shafi

(b)Mian Muhammad Shafi

(c)Mian Ahmed Ali

(d)Mian Barkat Ali

3. In 1932, the British Prime Minister announced the Communal Award granting separate electorates to the depressed classes. Name the British Prime Minister

(a)Harold McMillan

(b)Winston Churchill

(c)Ramsay Macdonald


4. When Chaudhry Rehmat Ali issued the pamphlet “Now or Never” in 1933, where was he studying?




5. In 1911, on the occasion of this coronation at the Delhi Darbar, King George V announced the

(a)Partition of Bengal

(b)Annulment of partition of Bengal

(c)Separate electorates

(d)Annulment of partition of Bengal

6. Pakistan withdrew from SEATO in





7. The Jallianwala massacre took place in

(a)April 1919

(b)December 1919

(c)April 1921

(d)April 1920

8. An interim government was formed in India in 1946, who was the prime minister of the interim government?

(a)Jawaharlal Nehru

(b)Lord Wavell

(c)Liaqat Ali Khan

9. An interim government was formed in India in 1946, who was the prime minister of the interim government ?

(a)Jawaharlal Nehru
(b)Lord Wavell
(c)Liaqat Ali Khan

10. When was the Kashmir issue taken to the United Nation by India?

(a)1 Jan 1948
(b)11 November 1947
(c)16 December 1947

11. Non-aligned Movement (NAM) was formed in 1961, when did Pakistan join NAM?


12. To which province did Hussain Shaheed Suhrwardy belong to

(c)East Pakistan

13. What is the retirement age of a Judge of the Supreme Court?




14. Qissa “Sohni Mahiwal” was written by:

(a)Hafiz Barkhurdar
(b)Hashim Shah
(c)Fazal Shah

15. Who introduced the system of “Basic Democracy” in Pakistan?

(a)Liaqat Ali Khan
(b)Ayub Khan
(c)Pervez Mushafaraf

16. When for the first time in the world, was human heart transplant conducted?


17. Who was the Secretary General of the United Nations?

(a)Trygve Lie
(b)U Thant
(c)Kurt Waldhiem

18. For galvanizing of iron which of the following metal is used?


19. ESCAP stands for

(a)Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific
(b)European Social Council for Africa and Pacific
(c)Economic and Social Council for Africa and Pacific

20. Firdausi was

(a)A mughal princes
(b)A Persian poet
(c)An Iranian novelist
None of these

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