PPSC Lecturer Economics Past Paper

1. Polulation theory Malthus-
2. Labour planning-
3. Labour welfare does not include= health, edu, home, and quick promotion
4. Micro economics refers to individual unit
5. Proportional tax is flat tax
6. Most regressive is sales tax
7. Capitalism refers to
8. Per capita income formula national income divided by population
9. Canon of equity social justice, porgressive tax, both a and b
10. Index to measure inflation-CPI
11. Propensity to consume
12. Isoquant is convex to origin
13. Inconsistent to notion of profit competition-
14. Assumption indifference curve-
15. Monopsony -one purchaser/buyer
16. Law of demand
17. Depreciation value-capital good
18. Devaluation –official decrease in money
19. Demand curve-ordinary good
20. Difference between economic profit and account profit
21. Central bank-not function: a) loan business and individual
22. Money function-a) medium of exchange and store value
23. Monetary policy- to supply money
24. In marketing selling and buying: primary function
25. Buyer market in which b) supply exceeds demand
26. Transfer of payment:
27. Normative economics

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