World Political Parties information

  1. United states of America Republican Party, Democratic PartyIraq Bath Party
  2. Israel Labour Party, Likud Party Hamas Party, Shas Party
  3. France Socialist Party, National Front, Union for France Democracy
  4. Australia Liberal Party, Labour Party
  5. Bangladesh Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Awami League, Jatiya Party
  6. Nepal Nepali Communist Party, Nepali Congress party
  7. China Communist Party of China
  8. Sri Lanka United National Party, Freedom Party
  9. South Africa African National Congress, National Party, Inkatha Freedom Party.
  10. United Kingdom Conservative Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party.
  11. Russia Communist Party, Liberal Democratic Party, Russias, Choice
  12. India India National Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, RJD, CPI, CPM, SP, LJP, TDP
  13. Pakistan Muslim League, Pakistan people Party

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