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Syllabus of PPSC Canal Patwari Paper

Latest PPSC Canal Patwari Jobs MCQs Papers   Written Test Syllabus of Patwari in Irrigation Department Prepare   PPSC Test Syllabus of Written Test:  

PPSC Patwari Past Paper

PPSC Patwari Paper   1.The West Pakistan Land revenue Act enforced on Dec 07,1967 The Punjab Land Revenue act is divided in to chapters. 15 The Sections

PPSC Agriculture Officer old papers

PPSC Agriculture Old Paper Battle of plasssey fought in? 1757 Quaid-e- Azam resigned from Congress in? 1920 Quaid-e-Azam joined Muslim League in? 1913 Why Quaid-e-Azam

PPSC Agriculture Officer Past Paper 2014

1. TV program by Agri Dept Punjab is: Kisan Time, Zirat Nama, ……2. Website of agridept Punjab is :agripunjab.gov.pk3. Extension worker is: Boss, Fellow Farmer,

PPSC Junior Clerk Past Papers 2019

PPSC Junior Clerk 2019 Paper 1. Sicily is the largest island in which Sea? (A) Red Sea (B) Caspian Sea (C) Arabian Sea (D) Mediterranean

general knlowledge about ummul momineen

General Knowledge Questions About Wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Umat-ul-Momineen is called to Wives of Holy prophet. Zainab bint Khazeema is known as Ummal Masakeen.

Knowledge Questions about COMPUTER

COMPUTER MCQs for PPSC, NTS, FPSC, & CSS   “We brings to you all PPSC, FPSC, CSS Test Preparation for Test notes with answers which

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    General Knowledge

    Information About Mountains Ranges

    Andes South America 7,200mHimalayas-Karakoram-Hindukush South Central Asia 5,000m Rockies North America 4,800m Great Dividing Range East Australia 3,600m Atlas North West Africa 1,930m Western Ghats

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    News Agencies of some countries

    United states of America Assocciated Press (AP) United Kingdom Reuters Russia Telegraph Agency of the Sovereign States (TASS) Malaysia Malaysian National News Agency (MNNA) Italy

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    Famous Lakes of The World

    Largest Lake Caspian Sea Largest saline water lake Caspian Sea Largest fresh water lake Lake Superior Highest lake Lake Titicaca Deepest lake Lake Baikal Indias

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